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Looking for the best wireless mouse but confused about what to buy? We feel for you. There are so many brands having their wireless mouse on online shopping sites, and all of them claim to be the best. So we did some research and found out the 7 best affordable wireless mouse for you.

The wired mouse is outdated now and completely replaced by a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse is a must for a minimalist setup. A cable-free desk looks more organized and clean than with wired components. If you want to move to a wireless mouse to get rid of wires, you will get more accuracy and fast response as additional features. Here will discuss the best wireless mouse that has top-notch performance, high durability and impressive response time. When you pair a wireless mouse with a wireless keyboard, you get an advanced setup to. So, now let know about the best wireless but first look at the main features of a wireless mouse that we have to consider to choose the best ones;

Things To Consider to buy a wireless mouse

Web mouse was invented first whoever thought that one day we would be moving this techno-creature without wires? But now wired mouse has become old technology. This small component of a computer system has changed a lot since its inception. Now, we are more interested in having something compact and more responsive product. Hence, a wireless mouse has become a must-have for an advanced computer setup.

Generally, a user thinks to buy a wireless mouse to upgrade his computer setup. Only a few users know that wireless mouse are faster and more accurate than wired ones. So, they hardly consider these features at the time of buying and buy an average quality product. So, here we have compiled the features that we kept in kind while choosing the 7 best wireless mouse for you;

· Connection

Most of the wireless mouse offer more than one ways to connect them with the computer. The most popular way of connections is to use a radio-based connection that sync with a USB in your PC. Some mouse use Bluetooth to connect with PC. This medium doesn’t require any additional hardware, so it’s feasible to choose and more convenient to use. For a strong connection, you can pick a mouse with a radio base connection as the Bluetooth connection is not stable. If you don’t want any additional hardware, go for Bluetooth supported. However, a few mouse can support in both ways, which is a better choice, especially if your work demands high productivity.

· Batteries and Recharging

As it’s a wireless mouse and doesn’t get any power directly from the CPU, you will have to charge your wireless mouse. Therefore, it is important to check what types of batteries the shortlisted wireless mouse has and how much time it needs to work again. If you need a wireless mouse for high-end games, then this information has become more important. Most mid-range segment wireless mouse have disposable batteries. Their lifetime is longer, but they create carbon waste. So, if you can pick a wireless mouse with a rechargeable battery, you make an environmentally friendly choice. You can easily find a wireless charger with a lithium-ion battery charged with a USB C-type cable.

· Shape

The right shape makes it easier for the user to have a strong and comfy grip on this small techno-tool. Checking the body of a wireless mouse is one of the basic things. If its game wear to you or the user use it for longer hours, then you must check if the shape suits your palm or not. If you are left-handed, then go for a mouse designed for a left-handed person.

· Sensors

An optical sensor is essential in all wired and wireless mouse, so don’t go below this in your new wireless mouse. The mouse must be able to track 5,000 dpi or more which is easy to find. A gaming mouse must be able to track 5K to 8K dpi. Though a high-end wireless mouse can track upto 18K dpi, you need it only if you have to work on various monitors to design some high-end graphics.

Best 7 Wireless Mouse You Would Want to Buy

You know the basic things we have considered while selecting the top 7 wireless mouse for you. Apart from all the mentioned features, we have also kept the wireless mouse price in mind. So, here we have 7 affordable wireless mouse in India available for you online;

1. Portronics POR-015 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse with 2.4GHz Technology (Blue)

With 48% 5 stars, it’s the best affordable wireless mouse in India. It has everything that wireless should have, a good speed, comfortable holding, and comes with 2.4 GHz technology. The high flow design of the mouse makes it comfortable for hands. Its connectivity is reliable, and it remains connected within 10 meters at 360 degrees. Its low power consumption and plug and play feature make it the best choice of wireless mouse.

2. Zebronics Zeb -Dash Wireless Optical Mouse (Black)

So here is another take on wireless mouse online, a dash wireless optical mouse from Zebronics. The mouse gets connected with Bluetooth. It has a nano receiver which enhances its performance. The super comfy design of the mouse gives a different experience to the user. To use it, all you need is to connect it with your device’s Bluetooth. Its available at a very reasonable price.

3. HP 200 Wireless Mouse (Black)

HP is a reliable name in the computer hardware segment. Its HP 200 wireless mouse stay connected for 10 meters. Its design is similar to a wired mouse, but it offers a comfortable grip. The speed of the laptop is really impressive. It needs a 1AA battery to work. It has a laser mouse sensor, and it comes with a receiver plug. The user has to connect the receiver to the USB port, and the mouse is ready to work. It’s a good choice of wireless mouse in India.

4. Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

The wireless mouse from Logitech comes with a USB receiver. Its speed is good, and its connectivity area is wider. Its almost noiseless. The buttons of the mouse are silent with just 90% of noise. It needs 1 AAA battery. The sleep mode of the mouse makes it energy efficient. Finally, you get the wireless mouse with an ambidextrous design that gives comfort to hands.

5. Rapoo M100G Wireless Mouse 

Here again, we have a mouse that works without any wire. It has an optical sensor, and its buttons are noiseless. The range of the mouse is impressive. You can connect it with your PC either with Bluetooth or with a USB connector. The mouse is an anti-fingerprint and sweatproof surface. Its an affordable wireless mouse online that offers quick and accurate response.

6. Dell WM118 Wireless Optical Mouse

If still searching for the best wireless mouse online, then you must check out Dell WM118. The mouse has an optical sensor, and its available online in a reasonable range. It has three buttons, and it claims to have 12 months battery life. You can connect it with your PC with the help of a dongle.

7. HP 280 Wireless Silent Mouse (19U64AA)

The wireless mouse offers easy and quick connectivity, a fast, responsive rate and silent mouse buttons. It comes with a USB connector. The wireless mouse works on batteries. The batteries life depends on the use of the mouse. The sleek design makes the mouse look good and attractive.

The Last Word

So we have shared the best wireless mouse in India. If you have any one of them, then please let us know. If you want to add some of more best affordable wireless mouse in India to the given list, share their names with us. Meanwhile, stay tuned with us to know about other best products available online in India.

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