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Thinking of buying the best printer online? The article will help you to crack a great deal. Now a printer has become an essential gadget like a laptop or computer. The online classes and work from home setup have made printers a must have for students and working professionals. Computer and printer is a perfect duo for students and professionals. We already know that computers have made our lives easier. Making projects on laptops is easy, and with the help of a printer, you can print it at home. So if you have a multi-page report or project, you can get it in hard copy by giving printing command to a laser printer. You can buy the best printer online, but the numbers of available options are enough to confuse you.

Here we have compiled a list of the best printers including inkjet and laser printers to narrow down your options list. The availability of too many options at a reasonable price can make the buyer confuse. Laser printers are the best for official use while inkjets are home friendly. Unlike inkjet printers, the laser printers are quick, and they can print more volumes of pages. The laser printers use laser beams to print the papers, which makes them less fussy. Though they are slightly costlier than the inkjet printers. Their cartilages work for a longer period than inkjet. Make a decision based on your budget and usage. Before sharing the best 5 printers (laser and inkjet) available in India, first look at the features we compare to narrow down the list from 100 to 5 best laser printers.

Things to Consider When Buy a Laser Printer

A laser printer is a hassle-free choice to print lots of papers. Their cartage is long-lasting, and they have very less response time. Moreover, they provide the best printing quality at a minimum per paper cost. While inkjet printers are budget-friendly and can fulfill the home needs. If you are looking for the best laser or inkjet printers and are confused about where to start, then check the following features in a printer;

· Requirements

You can buy an inkjet, it has both the options for color and black and white printout. Whereas, you have two choices in a laser printer; monochrome or color printer. So, first of all, check what kind of printouts you need more frequently. If you are to print invoices, reports, or some project reports, you can go for a monochrome laser printer. If you need to print colored pictures and graphs regularly, a laser color printer will help you.

· Connectivity

Check what kind of connectivity you need to connect the printer with other devices. It can be Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or through a USB cable. For an office setup, we recommend going for Ethernet connectivity. For this, you will have to install the printer’s driver on all the computers attached to the Ethernet. For a small office setup or WHF setup, you can go for wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity. When you choose Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, you choose to connect your phone with the printer.

· Cost of Toner

Cost of toner is a key deciding factor when buying a printer. Laser printers are economically best when it’s about the per paper print cost. Toner replacement or part replacement is also cheap in a laser printer, and this is why laser printers are more preferred for offices. Toner replacement of a laser printer depends on the per-day volume of printouts, but it affects toner’s overall cost. So, as you are looking for the best laser printer, check the toner replacement cost. Normally, laser printer cartridges last longer than inkjet cartridges, but their lives differ based on the typical duct cycle of the printer. Inkjet cartridges are cheaper as compared to laser cartridges, but as laser cartridges last longer, the toner cost on a per-page basis becomes lower than the ink cost for inkjets.

·  Functions

A printer cannot only take the printouts, but it can also scan documents, make photocopies, and work as a fax machine. So, if you need any of these functions with your printer, search for a multipurpose laser or inkjet printer.

·   Paper handling

Generally, the users need a printout on an A4 size paper sheet, but if you need some printouts on an A3 paper sheet, check if the printer supports it. Some printers have the option to choose the paper size or envelop printing option. But not all printers offer this function, so check it before adding one to your cart.

5 Best Printers That you can buy online

Online shopping sites like Amazon has made it easy for the buyers to choose the best product as per their needs. The buyers can find many products on one screen and buy them on tap of a button from any corner of their home. But the availability of various products eliminates the joy of shopping. So here we have the 5 best printers that make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one in less time. So, scroll down to know our pick on the best printers;

1.  HP Deskjet 2331 Colour Printer, Scanner, and Copier

HP Deskjet 2331 is one of the most selling printers from HP. If you are looking for a compact printer for your home, small office, or WFH, this one is the best. The printer offers scanning and photocopy functions as well. Moreover, it is available at a very good price. You can connect it with your PC or laptop through a USB cable. You will also have to install the app from the HP Smart app. It’s a color printer that costs you 8 rupees per copy for a colored printout.

2. Canon LBP6230DN Printer (Image Class)

This one is again an all-in-one compact printer that needs a very small place on your desk. Canon LBP6230DN image class laser printer can connect with your devices through USB, or you can also make it a network printer. The printer works well for the offices as its daily printout efficiency is impressive. It’s a fast and reliable printer, and it takes approx 1 minute to release 25 black and white printouts. The printer is one solution for printing, scanning, and photocopying the pages. You can print A4, B5, letters, envelopes, and whatnot in this printer.

3. HP Laserjet 108A Monochrome Printer

HP is a reliable name in printers. The company offers the latest printing technology, and its after-sale service is also good. So another laser printer in our list of best laser printers is from HP. HP laserjet printer 108A monochrome printer is perfect for home and small offices for its compact size, and it’s an affordable printer with a USB connection.

4. Canon imageCLASS MF445dw

Looking for a laser printer for office use, you should pick Canon image CLASS MF445dw. It’s an all-in-one printer that offers scanning, copying, and printing functions. You can add extra paper trey in this printer to take the printouts on A5 pages. It’s a perfect printer for small offices. You can connect it through USB or Ethernet, and you can also connect your smart phone with this printer.

5. Brother HL-L2366DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Laser printing technology is much better than inkjet ones. It’s more reliable, durable, and faster, so it’s expensive too. If you want a laser printer in your budget, Brother HL-L2366DW must be on your wish list. The printer is efficient enough to give more than 100 printouts in a day. You can connect it through a USB connection, Wi-Fi, and Network. It supports a single function only; printing. It supports A4, A5, A6 Executive, and legal pages. It can print on both sides of pages, and its toner lasts longer.

The Last Word

If you are looking for a printer, it’s better to make a right choice. From school to work everything is running from home and printers have become a need. You can go for laser printer or an inkjet based on your needs and the budget. Laser printers use a laser beam to print the pages or images. So we get better quality print out in less time. While inkjets don’t hurt your pocket much and are compact in size. We hope the best printers must be helpful for you to make the right choice.

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