6 Best Laptop Locks to Make Your Laptops More Secure

Best Laptop Locks

With the improvement in technology we have left papers behind and laptops, tablets and smartphones have become our documents, our diaries, our albums, our bank details in short our secret holders. So to ensure our laptops safety from theft is a very important matter and to ease your worries just buy a laptop lock. Laptop locks are nothing complicated they are just security cable that has to have one end attached to the laptop and the other end attached a secure object. In short laptop locks are nothing more than bicycle locks specially made for laptops instead; these locks ensure the safety of laptop from any filthy hands with bad intentions.

Things to consider while buying laptop locks

Kind of lock

Locks come in various forms like the one that can be opened by keys or combinations etc. so buy a laptop lock that is suited to you because if you misplace your key or forget your combination you might be in a pickle.

Lock Slots

Before buying a laptop lock it is very important to check and note the type of lock slot available in your laptop otherwise your purchase will be of waste if the lock doesn’t fit in the slot.


Buy only if it is necessary for you, this can be determined by the type data present in your laptop. If all your important data or information is present in the laptop a lock is much recommended and if the information is shifted to the cloud a lock is not necessary as you information is secure.

Anchor point

Before buying a laptop lock make sure that you have a secure anchor point to attach the other end of the cable to. The necessary qualities of an anchor point is that it secure and unmovable thereby making any attempt at a theft unsuccessful.


Brand is an important aspect to consider while buying any product especially if it is to protect an important and costly device of yours. One of the most well-known brands that manufacture laptop locks is Kensington and most of the laptops come equipped with Kensington Security Slot. They are many other new brands in the market that have introduced some good laptop locks.


While buying a laptop lock make sure that the length of the cable is suitable to your needs.

Best laptop locks to buy

Have a look at the 6 best laptop locks that will secure your laptop and alleviate any fear of theft.

1. Kensington Desk Mount Anchor for Cable Locks

This product has a very efficient and secure design at a very affordable price. This lock comes with a mount anchor with mounting tape of industrial strength thereby reducing your work of finding an anchor to attach the lock to, and the mounting tapes removes any prospect of drilling holes to loosen the anchor. It has a light weight of 0.6 ounces and dimensions of 1 x 6 x 7 inches making it easy to carry in your laptop bag.

To protect your lock from any tampering this lock comes with features like 2 security screws that are one-way and the cable has a construction of full steel thereby preventing the cutting of the cable and the lock is part of the cable. This lock is suitable for laptops that have Kensington Security Slot and this design is most suitable for office use where you can secure the laptop to your desk.

You can buy it at:

2. Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops and Other Devices

This cable lock has simple yet efficient design. It has a lock head of high strength thereby preventing tampering. To unlock the lock you need a four number combination which means there are about 10,000 combinations you can use. This means that the thief will have only 1/10,000 chance of getting it right. You can register you combination in the Kensington website so that in case you forget your combination Kensington website will allow you to retrieve it.

The cable is very thick, made of woven carbon steel thereby preventing anyone from cutting the cable. One of the great advantages of this lock is that it is suitable for any device whether it’s a printers or game consoles or projectors etc. The devices just need to have a Kensington Security Slot. It has a push button design enabling to install the lock easily without much fuss. You just need to find a secure anchor to attach the lock to.

You can buy it at:

3. RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable (PC/Laptop)

This cable comes in a sleek and efficient design. It has universal security cable that is 6.2 ft. long making more mobile. This cable has to be unlocked with a key thereby the security cable comes with 2 keys, one as spare. This lock is most popular for its T-bar mechanism bar that makes it easy to use in a wide range of laptops. This lock works not only for laptops but also for a wide range of products like docking stations, notebooks and desktops. It is very easy to use and this lock is available at very reasonable price making it affordable to all.

You can buy it at:

4. Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock

Another product by Kensington enters our list with its solid, strong body and efficient design. It has a 6 ft. long cable that is manufactured with steel-composite that has a core which is tempered with steel thereby making it resistant to any temperament.

This lock comes with popular and well utilised T-bar mechanism. It doesn’t have any glue or brackets for installation thereby preventing any damage to your laptop or computers. As most of the devices are equipped with Kensington Security slot this security cable will be suitable for a wide range of laptops, monitors etc. This security cable comes with a rubber cable tie that helps in managing the cable and 2 keys (one as spare). This is a very easy to use laptop lock that just needs an anchor to be tied to and this product is available at a very affordable price.

You can buy it at:

5. V7 SLC4000-13NB Portable Security Cable with Combo Lock

This product by V7 has a very basic design and is available in both key and combination format according to your choice with just a little difference in price. The lock has a 2 meter long cable that is made of galvanized steel with vinyl jacket thereby making it cut and tempering resistant. The lock head has a 90 degree swivel making it easy to see the combination and easy to use in tight spaces.

The combination lock has 4 digits that are resettable thereby give you about 10,000 choices to choose from. Locking and unlocking can be done with just a push of the button making fuss free to use. This lock is suitable with almost all type of slots and that includes Kensington Security Slot thereby giving you a choice of wide range of laptops, monitors, projectors, notebooks etc. The price rate of this product is very cheap and affordable.

You can buy it at:

6. Maclocks 13-Inch Lock and Bracket for MacBook Pro Retina Laptop

This is a very good lock but it has gotten the last place in our list due to the lack of versatility of this lock. This lock by Mac locks is made especially for just a single line of laptops which are MacBook Pro Retina laptops. The cable of this lock is 6ft. long and the lock head is to be opened with a key which are provided with the lock in a pair. The screws on the bracket are tamper proof and quite small thereby not allowing easy unscrewing. This lock is not very high profile but it gets the job done quite effectively. Like all Apple related products this lock also has a sky high price range when compared to other locks. But as they are costly, like other costly products they also need costly security.

You can buy it at:

Many feel that laptop locks are unnecessary but keep in mind that this little lock will help protect your costly laptops and other devices. If this is something new that you heard today, you should be happy to have found a new way to keep your laptop safe. So, don’t wait, find the right lock and keep your laptop protected.

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