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Virtual reality is one of the best inventions of technology. It looks fascinating and appealing to both kinds of users; gamers and non-gamers. The top VR headsets take you to another virtual world. It makes you travel in a different world without moving anywhere. Technology plays a clever part in controlling our senses and shows something which is not real. VR with motion tracking has brought a revolution in the gaming industry. However, the technology has the potential to change many things, but at present its ruling only the gaming industry.

If you are a game lover and think of buying the best VR headset, you will get plenty of options. Virtual reality is gaining popularity because of interesting games. It has been using in promotion as well, and soon, it is expected to be used in education and other sectors. Despite all the popularity, there is scope for VR technology to be better. New headsets with better technology hit the market occasionally. That’s why choosing the five best VR headsets is not easy.

You must be eager to know the top 5 VR headsets so you can add one to your cart. We will discuss them also but first, have a look at the specifications of a VR headset. If you are planning to buy a VR headset In India, you must keep the following information in mind;

Things to consider before buying Best VR Headsets

Virtual reality doesn’t sound like an escape way from the real world? The technology does it. It takes you to a different world with the help of a VR headset and a set of software. The combination of hardware and software works so effectively that you forget what is happening in the physical world.

VR is the best tool in virtual gaming and now in marketing too. Companies are using technology to show their products more effectively to their customers. If you are planning to buy a VR headset in India, you must consider the following thinking before selecting one for you;

·  Resolution Per Eye

A high resolution per eye can enhance your viewing experience on the headset. The term signifies the number of pixels that the viewer can view through the VR Headset. To complete graphics, several pixels have to come together. The more pixels that can be viewed at one time, the better experience user will get. So compare this function in the headsets before choosing the best VR headset for you.

·  Pixels Per Degree

VR headsets are all about viewing graphics in a virtual world. So the quality of image or video is the most important thing to look for. PPD is another feature of the VR headset that makes it good or average. It signifies the number of pixels viewable per degree. The higher pixels will be one degree, and the sharper and clearer the picture user will get. So if you want a realistic experience, go for a VR headset with more pixels per degree.

·  Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the speed of the headset to show picture frames to the viewer in one second. Frame per second is one of the most important features that you need to check in a VR headset. The best VR headsets have high FPS. It gives a smooth and quality experience. The slow FPS makes the VR time lengthy. It can also be a reason for motion sickness to the user. Go for 120 FPS or more to enjoy the VR headset.

· Display

The display of VR headset can be anyone from followings; LCD, OLED, and AMOLED. OLED shows real colors, and AMOLED displays deep black colors. LCD is for washed-out colors. The display of the headset screen has a huge effect on the VR experience. All three screens have their benefits. Choose one as per your preference.

· Connectivity Interface

Check the connectivity interface that the headset can support. For example, VR headsets can connect with iOS or Android. HDMI, USB cable type C, Stereo headphone jack are the other option that you can use to connect your headset with other hardware.

The 5 Best VR headsets in India

Now, let us know about the five best VR headsets that can give you a real experience of the virtual world.

Virtual reality headsets are in demand nowadays. Gaming has become a passion for many, and the headsets give a realistic experience to play the game in reality. Here we have the top 5 VR headsets that can help you to have a memorable experience of gaming;


HTC Vive is one of the best VR headsets in India. The virtual reality system comes with hundreds of games that are available on Viveport and Steam VR. The games are available online and perfect to play with a VR headset. The headset has various eye-relief settings. User can change them according to their feasibility. The wireless controls on the VR headset are easy to use and offer fine interaction with the VR headset. It comes with a 110 field view and is compatible with Windows OS.

With the VR headset, you will get a base station, earbuds, wireless controllers, and mounting pads. You will also get the power adaptor and Micro USB charge with it. To use the HTC VIVE, you must have the Intel Core i5-4590 processor or better and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 or better. It has an OLED display with 120 FPS. Check the VR headset price in India on Amazon by clicking on the below link.

2. Oculus VR Headset

If you are looking for an elegant and classic look in a VR Headset, you must check for Oculus Go. It is one of the best VE headsets in India. The headset is designed for the athletes, so prepared accordingly. To make them light weighted and easy to carry, breathable fabric is used in the VR headset. The headset has almost zero screen door effect. The inbuilt speaker in the VR headset is it’s another USP. It has 32 GB of storage space and an LCD screen. You can get the VR headset online.

3. Samsung VR Wireless Controller

Samsung has been known for its Top VE headsets. The VR headset from the company is easy to use and comes with plug and play system. To connect with the headset VR controller, all you need is to slide your Samsung smartphone. It gives the ultimate experience to watch a movie and play games. The social interactions feature of the VR headset is its USP. You can know the VR headset price in India on Amazon from here.

4. HP Reverb VR Headset 

If you are looking for a very light weighted yet best VR headset in India, then HP has an option for you. HP Reverb is specially designed to keep the requirements of a gamer in mind. The headset is too light that you don’t feel its effects on your eyes. It offers a seamless experience of gaming and interactions with others. It’s a perfect VR headset for training on healthcare and safety. The clarity of the product made it one of the best VR headsets in India. It offers a 114 degree field view. You will get dual mics with it and built-in audio. Its adjustable straps are super soft and light.

5. Procus ONE VR Headset 

The Procus ONE VR Headset looks trendy. It’s light-weighted and compatible with Android and iOS. The VR headset is ideal for first-time users or for those who are to use it occasionally. The VR headset is compatible with a phone with a 4.7 to 6-inch screen. It’s easy to use and comes with plug and play feature. Light-weighted, portable, and easy on the pocket are the other features of this VR Headset.

Choice is Your

The above listed five best Virtual Reality headsets will help you escape the real world and enter into an era of technology. We have described the features for you, click on “Shop Now” to buy the one you like. Go, get into the world of VR.

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