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Ever thought about how your computer works in the background? It’s all programmed by a programmer so you can use it efficiently for your daily tasks. Talking about computer games, their graphics, functioning and every other thing is designed by programmer itself. Why not to start learning coding and designing your own games as per your choice? If you are really curious to know what all things you should do to start the coding journey then let me tell, you are not the only one, many people are fascinated by the programming world but they don’t know how exactly the learning path should be.

To be honest, when I started coding, the very first thing I did was learning basic computer skills. Before jumping into coding, you should know why do someone code? What all things you can make after learning the programming language? You should know the basics of operating system, input/output devices and you need to learn “googling” too. Well, if you are already having the knowledge of computer system then surely you can start reading this article. 

I am assuming you are not well aware about how to start programming or you are confused about which programming language you should learn to become a successful programmer. Each language has different style of coding, they have different logo, compilers and they take you to a whole new world. So, in this article I will be giving coding tips to start your journey like I did.

Coding tips for students and beginners

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Keeping in mind, you are a beginner in this field of coding, I am sharing top 5 tips to start your journey in programming.  

Choose the right programming language

The very first step towards coding journey is choosing the “right” programming language to learn. By the term “right” I mean python / R for machine learning job, java / kotlin / react- native for android app developer and javaScript / PHP / React for web developer. So, at first you need to decide the domain before choosing a language. If you are confused about these fancy terms then without thinking much, choose any general purpose programming language.

General purpose programming languages are the languages which can be used to design any kind of application whether it is a mobile application, website application or networking application. Some of the popular general purpose languages are – JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, Perl and Python.

Learn basics to advanced

Now after choosing the programming language your next task is to search for resources which you can refer for learning. Search for programming books online and start learning from basics. If you are not too much into learning bookish concepts then search for an online course on Udemy, Coursera, edX, Nptel and YouTube. When you take up a course you will get all the learning material at one place and that will be easy to learn but if you choose you tube tutorials as study material then you may need to search for authentic channels that can be trusted for learning technical concepts.

Now, after gathering all the study materials you should start learning from the basics and try to practice enough each day. Initially, it may seem difficult but definitely it is not impossible.  

Practice by making projects

“Practice makes the human perfect” and you should practice enough to grasp all the concepts easily. Learning is incomplete if you do not have hands-on experience on your skills, so after learning you should make some mini projects and should gradually increase the complexity of your projects. After making the decent project you should make it live, for example, you have made an android application then upload it on google play store, if you have made a website then upload it on Heruko.  Also, try exploring open source softwares on GitHub and Bitbucket. Having knowledge of git and GitHub will add your chances to reach towards your goal.

Apply for internships

Now you have enough hands on experience on coding, you should have an impressive resume to apply for internships. Include at least 2-3 projects on which you have enough confidence that you can explain it for 10-20 minutes to the recruiter. Apply on popular websites like- Internshala, Glassdoor, indeed and LinkedIn for internship as per your skills. You can ask your friends, family members and colleagues who have experience in this field and can help you in getting an internship. You can also ask for referral from software engineers on LinkedIn or you can directly contact to HR from LinkedIn.  

Apply for jobs

After getting an internship experience you are ready to apply for the job to your dream company and this will be the time when you should be really patient. For jobs you can refer the same platforms which are – Internshala, Glassdoor, indeed and LinkedIn.  Make sure before applying your resume is updated, it should include the internships experience, self made projects. You can choose the job profile which suits your skill set and you can check it by looking to the job description section. If the requirement is for JAVA developer than you should apply if you have learnt JAVA and have hands on experience in it. Similarly, you can do for other profiles and apply if that matches your skill set.

Wrap Up

You should start by gathering study material from online resources or books then learn basics to advance gradually. You should have hands on experience on that programming language too and for that you should apply for internships and make an impressive resume to get a full time job in your dream company.

Which programming language you have decided to learn now?

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