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What is your dream job dear? The quickest and usual answer would be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, an IAS or so on. Some of us are still in dilemma after completing our studies. Even though some of us are deserving and very intelligent along with so many talents during our college, if we look at them today they are still striving for a proper job. We all want an attractive salary along with different additional perks because it helps us to lead a good lifestyle, status, and financial security. 

There are few factors like skill, foundation, quality, talent, dedication, colleges, etc which accomplish and determine to thrive the desired career. To get an opportunity, our morning starts with a newspaper classified section or employment sites. While taking the plunge into this complex ditch, we all go through some issues. In our country today, let me give you an interesting glimpse about different high-paying scale jobs where you can enjoy and earn your job at the same time. Here are a few lists which can help you to make your dream job true.

  • Tourism– What? Are you sure one can make money also by just traveling around or across and writing about it? Well, a big YES for that. Our country is rich in culture, heritage, and geographical beauty. Our hospitality is famous throughout the world. It is said that the tourism industry is set to create about 46 million jobs by 2025 and our country could add 8.5 crores to its GDP by 2020.  A consultant, information manager, cruise manager, tour guide, interpreter or you can write like a travel blogger about the travel to the government also.

Salary prospects– since you are working for the tour agency or tour industry, relatively you can earn a very elegant salary in foreign-based airlines and agencies. If you enhance your early experience and want to do a part-time job then you can go for some internships which will help you financially.

Highly reputed industries, agencies, companies like IRCTC, State Tourism Board, Cox and Kings Ltd, Air Asia, Jet Airways, MMT or GoIbibo and many more offer a bright career which can make you a high flier.


  1. Diploma or Degree in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management
  2. Diploma or Degree in Air Travel Management
  3. Diploma or Degree in Tourism Study

Top Institutes in India

  1. Garden City College
  2. Thomas Cook-centre of learning
  3. Centre for Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University
  4. Indian Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management Ghaziabad
  5. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
  • Mass communication– If you are a good orator, bold, fluent and eloquent, and willing to work restlessly then this career is for you. Mass communication is the way we communicate globally through different media including print, digital, advertisement, etc. Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication. So if you want to shape society with your skill, dedication, and talent then you are at the right option.

After completing the course one can join in advertising, radio jockey, film making, journalism, public relation, print media, and so on.


  1. Bachelor degree in Journalism and Communication
  2. Bachelor in Mass Media And Mass Communication
  3. Masters in Journalism

Top Colleges in India

  1. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication
  2. Xavier Institute of Communication
  3. IIMC New Delhi
  4. Asian College of Journalism
  5. Manipal Institute of Communication

Salary Prospects

The average salary offered in this sector is 4.02 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. Once you get PG along with experience and great exposure then money won’t be a constraint.

  • Nursing- This year the Wuhan virus drastically changed everyone’s life mentally and physically as well. When the entire globe was suffering from this epidemic our doctors, nurses, and other medical staff were battling with this boon by nature. The strongest pillar for mankind with their bruised and tired faces became a warrior round the clock. Nursing has been such a divine profession since that era. This is a profession that never has unemployment or recession issues. If you want to serve the people selflessly then nursing could be that option.

Top Colleges in India

  1. Acharya Institute of Health Science Bangalore
  2. All India Institute of Medical Science New Delhi
  3. Christian Medical College Vellore
  4. Armed Forces Medical College Pune
  5. Kasturba Medical College Mangalore
  6. King George’s Medical University Lucknow


  1. Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM)
  2. General Nursing Midwifery (GNM)
  3. BSc Nursing

Some specialized courses for nursing are

  1. Critical Care Nursing
  2. Neuro Nursing
  3. Nursing Education and Administration
  4. Operation Room Nursing

Nursing is such a divine and noble profession since ancient times, we all are aware of Mother Teressa, Florence Nightingale and their contribution to the world, after completing the course one can join any private or government running hospital, nursing homes, old age homes, industries, sanatorium, and the armed forces to serve them. Apart from these nurses can join some eminent organizations like Red Cross Society, Indian and state Nursing Council, UNESCO, and other nursing organizations.

Salary Prospects-

In the beginning, nurses can earn which ranges from 10,000 INR to 17,000 then during mid-career it can exceed up to 40, 000. At the experienced level nurses can earn from 48,000 INR to 72,000 INR monthly.

  • Agriculture- One of the most underrated profiles for us, what we create in our mind is doing agriculture, something about plowing fields, sowing seeds, and harvesting. Since the revolutionary change in this field and the demand from the different sectors changed into the best-case scenario. It is a kind of interrelated sector that strengthens almost every other sector

Dairy, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, agriculture economy, conservationists, agricultural economics and management, agricultural automation, agronomy, and numerous domains where you can get huge career opportunities. It is the only sector which creates more than 50% of jobs where around 70% of population occupation is based on agriculture. This sector has plenty of jobs in government sectors along with more than a thousand registered private industries, welcome you to fulfill the demand and supply chain.

Top colleges

  1. Tamil Nadu agricultural university Coimbatore
  2. Karnataka Veterinary Animal & Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar
  3. Punjab Agricultural University
  4. Indian Agricultural Institute New Delhi
  5. Indian Institute of Biotechnology Jharkhand
  6. GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar


Graduation and Post-graduation are different fields like dairy, agriculture engineering, forestry, horticulture, agronomy, agribusiness, animal husbandry, food technology, biotechnology, farm machinery, irrigation, plant breeding, and genetics, etc.

Indian Forest Services (IFS), NABARD officers, Agricultural Field and development Officers, BDO, Biochemist, Agronomy Sales Manager, Agricultural Educator, Aand Milk Ltd, Rallies India Ltd, Monsanto India Ltd, and many more you go on.

Salary Prospects-

It is a huge sector which plays a significant role in developing our economy as it is the mother of most of the sectors. In 2019, 42.6 percent of the jobs were occupied by the agriculture sector while other sectors and services got the rest of the employment.

  • Marine engineering- The scenic beauty with a lot of adventure and restless traveling along with science and architecture of sea vessels, Yes! Marine life is full of these gifts. It involves seagoing crafts, docks, and harbor installation. Though it needs some qualities like effective communication, analytical and mathematical skills, and prolific technical knowledge. 

Though marine engineering and nautical science are quite new, they have progressed significantly since we became globally recognized. If we look into the ancient prospectus, the naval route was the most popular route for trading and transportation. It plays a significant role in the global trading market. So, let’s take a plunge into this adventurous career.

Chief Engineer, Design Engineer, Navy Personal, Port Manager, Ship Operator, ICAR Officer these jobs all sound hot, think how exciting they are.


  1. BE/BTech in Marine Engineering
  2. BTech harbor & Ocean Engineering
  3. B.Tech in Ship Building
  4. B.Sc Nautical Science
  5. MBA shipping finance And Logistics Management

Top Colleges in India

  1. Indian Maritime University Kolkata
  2. Tolani Maritime Institute Pune
  3. Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy Mumbai
  4. Applied Research International New Delhi
  5. Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore

Graduates can join TCI, Toyo Engineering India Ltd, MARG Ltd, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Gujarat PipavavPort Ltd, ESSAR Group, ABG Shipyard, etc.

Salary Prospects- As time goes on and you enhance your experience and level from class first to further you can earn up to 620, 864 INR annually.

  • Radio/ Video Jockey-

I still remember the husky voice on the radio kept in our kitchen, the way he used to say and narrate the story about our surroundings gave me goosebumps. At that time  I was not aware that speaking on the radio is also a kind of job. If you enjoy interacting and entertaining people then this career is tailored for you.

Although it needs excellent talented professionals along with, soothing and impactful voice, accurate pronunciation, confidence and respect, a friendly good sense of humor, and a creative mind. In this list this is the profession that doesn’t require high qualifications, all you need is your interest, talent, dedication, and Yes, hard work.

Top colleges

  1. Radio City School of broadcasting Mumbai
  2. The Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad
  3. Xavier Institute of Communication Mumbai
  4. Academy of Radio management New Delhi
  5. Asian Academy of Film and Television
  6. Xavier College Mumbai

After finishing courses you can join different airwaves as a radio jockey to the private sector. Apart from these one can join AIR, Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Radio Star or you can start commentary or hosting the shows.

Salary prospect-

This job is all about having experience at the beginning one can earn around 2 lacs to 4 lacs per annum after gaining experience salary can be doubled as the popularity increase is among the listeners that can be varied from 10 lacs to 15 lacs per annum.

  • Forest rangers-

Since global warming and other environmental factors affect the environment and one who wants to protect and preserve the natural resources Heritage and having a vision of Sustainable forest development, these qualities construct a path towards forest Rangers whose task is to cover, supervise, execute and protect the forest, lumber industry, forestry matters, and the resources related to it. Ranger has different tasks like Timber extraction, exports, management of plantations, nurseries, conserving the timber in mills, and its disposal. One must be physically fit along with the dedication to conserve and enjoy nature. This job profile can help you out to prove yourself the importance of your dignity towards nature.

  1. Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi
  2. Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University Hisar Haryana
  3. Sher-e- Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Srinagar
  4. Kerala Agricultural University Kerala
  5. Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University Nagpur Maharashtra

Though it is a challenging job option with the demand for physical fitness as well as mental alertness. If you think you are eligible and willing to join the forest Rangers you have to fulfill these demands.

Salary prospect- at the entry-level forest Rangers with one to three years experience on an average salary of 38 396 6 INR on other hands at senior level with more than 10 years experience can earn the average salary of 643 865 INR per annum.

  • Writer- Jerry Jenkins says “ Dreamers talk about writing and writers write. Yes, this list is one of the most difficult jobs because one must be very sure from the beginning that he has a passion to write and indulge with it. Owning a career as a full-time writer is not a hobby or an avocation but it’s a kind of disciplined job. Writing is hard work, one would not start with glamour it’s only the passion or how badly you want to be a writer. Don’t lower your morale if you are a novice because every writer was unknown and unpublished in the beginning.

Since you have decided to be a  writer you would get numerous platforms such as a novelist, notification writer, comic book writer, blogging, journalist, web content creator, columnist, songwriter, speechwriter, screenwriter, technical and grant writer, and yes one could be a ghostwriter too. A writer can write in any specific field such as politics, sports, science, social matters, fiction or any story, etc.


There are no specific courses to be a full-time writer but some of them can help you to be more creative and articulate with your pen.

  1. Bachelors in any language especially in English and Hindi
  2. Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication
  3. There are so many diploma and certificate courses in creative writing.

Top Colleges in India

  1. Centre for Research in Arts of Film and Television, New Delhi
  2. Xavier Institute of Communication
  3. University of Delhi (All branches)
  4. Indira Gandhi National Open University
  5. Khalsa College Amritsar
  6. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi

 Salary Prospects-

Salary in this field varies according to profile and experience from 1.5 to 5 at starting once you get fame and copyright your market value and demand will hike and your salary in 6 figures as well.

  • Stock market professionals-

Can you help people to buy and sell share trading stocks, day and intraday trade, online stock market? Well here I’m talking about stock market experts, which is quite competitive and lucrative in the beginning but you can make high revenues in the long run. Though the Indian market is quite uncertain along with surprises, if you want to make a stable career as an expert then you have to join share trading stocks and investment courses which will give the right direction.

Let me tell you about this career option. It is a kind of specialized field of financial advisory, trading stocks securities commodities. These experts work in investment companies, financial institutions, retirement funds, and other financial sectors.

Top Colleges in India

  1. National Institute of Financial Market
  2. Nifty Trading Academy
  3. National Institute of Financial Market
  4. NSE & BSE Academy
  5. IIM Bangalore
  6. St Xavier College Mumbai
  7. Hindustan Institute of Financial Market


  1. Diploma in Financial & stock market
  2. Diploma in Research Analyst
  3. Advance Diploma in Financial Market
  4. Research Analyst SEBI, NISM XV Series
  5. Advance Course for Financial Advisory

Salary Prospects- The stock market experts are completely dependent upon their skill, expertise, experience, qualification, and performance. In the beginning, one can earn up to 20-25000 per month but once you get experienced and professional you can make limitless money.

Astrologer- Yes, I am not spreading any superstitions or pompousness here by adding this profession as a career but once you look into it you would realize that it is something part of the day-to-day life we are making through. This is not something we look into in our country but it is practiced and adopted in other countries too like the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe because it is a part of science.

If you are fascinated by planets, Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies, zodiac signs and all, then you should come into this part. One has to study different subjects including history, science, astronomy, psychology, and philosophy. An astrologer can work as a freelance and be fully employed also.

You can work as a Palmist, Vedic Mathematician, Astrologist, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader. One should be a good counselor, sense of responsibility, good knowledge of planets, signs, houses, and progression.

Top Colleges in India

  1. Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya MS University Baroda
  2. Shri Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit Ernakulam
  3. Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Tirupati
  4. Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya Varanasi
  5. Uttarakhand Open University Nainital
  6.  International School of Astrology Rajasthan
  7. SASTRA University Chennai


  1. Bachelor degree in Shastri Sahitya, Vyakaran
  2. BA in Astrology, Jyotish
  3. BA in Vedic Science

Salary Prospects-

It Varies from different expertise and experience, this is a kind of emerging career that needs patience, or else you can do it part-time also. If you have the knowledge and you can satisfy the needy then you can earn a good amount. It could be from 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs or more as the popularity increases.

After completing this course you can work privately or with some eminent companies like Ask Ganesha, Cyber Astro, Hindu Astrology, Astro Yogi, Nakshatra Astrology, and many more overseas too.

According to a Mindler survey on more than 10,000 students, surprisingly that given a result that around 93% of students are aware of just 7 career options while more than 2500 career options are present in our country. A country of 600 million people with its highest number of youngsters has a dire need of guidance to choose the right career path. Today’s generation is trying to do something different to shape their niche in the world, in search of that hope this article will help you to look into new prospects of opportunity in your career. So hang in there and do what you wish for.

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