A Guide To The Programming Languages: What Are The Different Types?

computer programming language

The programming language is defined as a medium of communication that takes place between computer systems and humans. These computer languages are usually set of instructions that have been written using a specific style that can instruct computers for them to perform particular tasks.

Nowadays, there are many types of computer languages in the technology world, and they have endless uses. So, the coders have no limits on what they can accomplish. These languages are becoming general and multipurpose, although they have their specialty. However, each language has both ups and downs.

These programming languages are classified into various types. In each year, many of these programming languages will be implemented, although only a few that have become popular for professional use.

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Different Types of Programming Languages

  • C++ language

This type of programming language is usually an object-oriented structure and suitable for use in large projects. The programmer will collaborate on one program to form different parts. Moreover, the object-oriented structure permits code that can be used again at different times. It is an efficient programming language, although some programmers will disagree about this language.

  • C Language

This type of language is a fundamental coding language despite being a popular language. The professional who uses this type of language is mostly gaming programmers. However, this type of language also comes with a C++ additional packing. The reason why most programmers prefer this language is that it makes the programs to be fast. The value of C language also provides C++ reusability to help it have a slight increase in its performance.

  • Fortran Language

Fortran programming language is a type that the scientist is still using. It is a language that allows various variable sizes up to the machine’s memory limit. Fortran language is a type that is suitable for use by engineers that need to calculate values using high precision. A program under this language is inflexible and might be hard to read.

  • Pascal language

This language is mostly for teaching, and only a few industries that are using this language when they want to write programs. Pascal language also tends to be using keywords and not braces or symbols present in C language. Therefore, this type of language is simple even for beginners because they understand better than C++ or C languages. A company such as Borland uses Delphi programming language in their industrial strength. For Delphi, it is a pascal object-oriented language.

  • Java language

This type of programming language is usually a multi-platform that is suitable for use in networking. Mostly, Java language is usually used on the web using java applets.

Moreover, Java language can be used in designing cross-platform programs as it has some similarities with C++ in syntax and structure. For the programmers using the C++ language, they find java as an easy language to learn. Besides, the java language has some benefits from object-oriented programming. It is hard to code efficiently in java language. But with the current version, it has increased speed and has more functional features to make programs.

  • PHP Language

This programming language is commonly used in designing web pages and other times as a scripting language. The language is also designed to help develop a rapid website which also comprises features that can quickly generate HTTP headers for linking to databases.  When considered as a scripting language, PHP language has some set of components that allow the programmer to get up to speed quickly. Moreover, the language is equipped with sophisticated objected-oriented features.

  • Perl Language

This programming language is usually file management for UNIX. However, the language is known for having a common gateway interface programming. This programming language is a term for programs where web servers perform in allowing web pages capabilities. Therefore, it is a method of searching text where it is used for server functions with other databases. If you have experience using different languages, it is easy to pick the Perl language’s fundamentals. As a CGI language, that is why web hosting services will choose this programming language instead of the C++ language. However, it is easy for web hosts to review Perl script file as they are text files, but for C++, they are compiled.

  • LISP Language

LISP is a type of language commonly used for computer science research. It can store all data in the form of lists like arrays. However, the syntax of the list of this programming language is simple and easy for developers to implement the structures.

  • Scheme Language

This type of language is usually an alternative to the LISP type of programming language. An added advantage is that the language has simple syntax and features. If a project is under this scheme language, it results in the implementation of the LISP programming language. However, it is a popular introductory language used in MIT’s computer science department. It also helps to solve problems quickly without worrying about the programming language of syntax.

  • Scheme Logo

In this type of programming language, it is about the different languages discussed above. Other types of languages such as Python, Tcl, COBOL, Smalltalk, Prolog, and C# are similar to the above-discussed languages. All that is necessary is to choose a suitable programming language.


Today, programming languages are increasing and becoming general and all-purpose. These computer languages have their specialties where each language has its pros and cons. Each app, program, or machine you see with a computer runs on code. From Instagram, Facebook, medical machines, records system, among others, are aspects of daily life, but all runs on code. It is the role of the hardworking software developers, software engineers, and data scientists to shape the way the computers will work.

If you know how to program, you can potentially build anything that you imagine on computers. Do you see how programming languages are useful in our life?

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