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Are you someone who has enough skills for your dream job but lacks confidence when it comes to computer skills? No matter if you are highly qualified for the job profile but some basic skills like sending and checking emails, writing word documents, making presentations, recording daily transactions in an excel sheet and other similar tasks are the part of most of the job profiles. You do not need to have a knowledge of how internet works before using it but you should know enough stuff to start your work. Some internet terms may seem fancy to you but trust me you do not need to be afraid to learn.

The use of technology is increasing day by day so various job profiles requires a candidate to have the knowledge of basic hardware and software skills. Based on your goal you need to figure out what all the skills you need to have before applying to those job roles and that can be determined by looking to the requirement section of the job description. You also go for several other methods which will be discussed here only.

In this article I will be sharing tips and techniques to follow to master the computer skills.

Make a list of all the computer skills you need to learn:

Before you start learning, you must need to gather enough information and in this technology dominated world it is a lot easier. You will get to know by searching over web, suppose you want to pursue customer executive as your career so you can search for “most demanding computer skills for customer executive role”, you can also check the most trusted platforms like linkedin, glassdoor and indeed and look for requirement section in job description, notice the most asked skills and note all of them in your list.

Networking with experts will clear most of the myths and will give you a clear picture about the work they do so try to connect with people who are already working in your desired job profile, clear all your doubts so you can prepare your list well. You can ask most common questions like – what all computer skills you need to learn for this profile as a fresher. Which are the popular platforms do they prefer for learning?  

After preparing your list you need to give priorities to each of them so you can start with most important skill first.

Decide the priority of each skill:

Obviously, you don’t have to master all of the skills in your list but at least some of them should be well learned by you because they can be most demanding and highly required. Try to find the most important skills and set them as higher priority and there are some skills which do not seem mandatory but if you learn them your chances for selection increases such skills should be set at least priority.

Now, start learning them as per their priority.

Search for learning resources:

Now, you know what all skills you need to learn so this step deals with how you need to learn. Search for learning resources some of the famous platforms are udemy, edx, coursera and obviously freely available youtube where you don’t have to spend a single penny. As per your interest you can start learning from any of the platforms but stay motivated till the end of the learning phase and stick to your schedule by learning at fixed time every day.

Depending upon what skill you choose it may take weeks, months and sometimes a year to have in depth knowledge of the concepts.  

Give enough time to Practice:

Now you must have some hands-on experience after doing courses and that will give you an edge from most of the other candidates who are at your path and desiring for the same role. Most of the courses give the learner assignments and tests and based on the feedback you will get to know about where you need grooming. Unfortunately, youtube videos won’t give you any assignments so in that case you need to figure out yourself.

After you have given enough time to practice you need to look for work experience so you can start with internships.

Apply for internships to gain experience

Most important thing before applying for internships is you need to have an impressive resume which should include courses you did in last few months. If you have did any certification then mention its score like “Scored 95% in xyz certification”. You can also mention your previous work experience if that is related to your job profile.

Now, apply for internships on glassdoor, linkedin, indeed, internshala etc. Internship experience will help you to grab amazing opportunities which you dreamt for.

Next step should be applying for jobs and gain real-time experience.

Learning is a continuous process

Learning should never stop because you may need to learn new skills after every year or a decade. Things are changing and based on your job profile you need to be updated with latest skills.


You must have to know what all skills you need to learn and for that you can search over internet and by networking with industry experts you can figure out which are the most demanding skills for your desired job. Work on those skills by doing courses and practice by gaining enough experience from internships. Make an impressive resume and highlight your internship experience in it. And then you are good to go for future opportunities.

What all skills you need to learn for your dream job?

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