Tips to Create a Strong Password to Beat Hackers

Tips for strong passwords
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Almost all of you use various apps and websites over your laptop or mobile and you must have made accounts over them using a username and a password. Passwords are like the key to your account and if you want nobody should be allowed to access your account over social media, banking apps, retailer websites then you should be smart enough while deciding your password. Password should be strong to beat the hackers, if you don’t know hackers are the people who want to access your personal information and use it for malicious activities.

So, let’s dive deep into this article and know the tips to make your password strong and secure.

Why do you need a strong password?

You might be thinking why do you even need a strong password? Passwords can be the key to your e-mail, online banking, social media accounts among others. If you will set an easy to crack password then most probably someone will be able to use your social media accounts for inappropriate purposes and this is called as hacking. So, you must set such a password which will be hard to guess, and strong enough to beat the hackers.

Tips for creating a strong password

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A strong password is the kind of password which is hard to guess, longer in length and does not include your personal information like, name, date of birth, nick name, school name, phone number etc. Strong passwords are difficult to crack for a hacker but easier for you to remember.

Let’s discuss some ideas to create a strong password.

  • Never use your personal information:

As discussed above, you should not use your personal information in the password because your name, date of birth, school name, and nick name may be available over social media platform like, facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. Such passwords are damn easy to crack for even an inexperienced person.

  • Use special characters and numbers:

You should include upper case letters, lower case letters, special characters (e.g. @, $, &) and numbers in your password.

  •  Use a longer password:

Try to make at least 6 characters long password because you have to make it complex for the hacker to crack but remember it should be easy for you to recall during sign in.

  • Don’t include any dictionary word:

Many people do this mistake, they create password using dictionary words like swimming34, happy@dec1999. Remember hackers can crack your password easily using simple tools specially designed to search password from dictionary.

  • Do not use same password for multiple accounts:

If you will use multiple passwords for all the accounts then you are at risk of getting hacked all of the accounts at the same time. If one of your accounts got hacked then all the accounts of other social media platforms will be hacked too.

  • Change your password regularly:

You can be at safer side if you change your password regularly and ensure that you don’t use the same password for a very long time.

  • Do not store or write your passwords anywhere:

Many of you might have done this before or if you are still doing it then please stop! If you write into your diary or store it using any third party apps then you are at risk of data breach. You don’t know if someone may be your colleague gets your password then he/she can misuse it.

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Extra security for your password by 2 – factor authentication

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You can make your strong password secure using 2 – factor authentication by call or text. 2 – factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account and prevents someone from logging in, even if they have your password. 2 – factor authentication requires you to enter your password as first factor authentication and then enter another factor usually a security token like One – time password (OTP) or a security question for second factor authentication.

It is considered to be the safest option for making your password secure because even if someone knows your password, he/she won’t be able to pass the second factor authentication.

How does two-factor authentication work?

First you need to enable 2 – factor authentication in the app, the processing of enabling it depends on specific application or vendor. Here, I will give you steps to enable 2 – factor authentication which may be used in some of the popular applications:

  • The user have to login in the application using username or password.
  • Then site server matches the entered information into its database. If it matches then, it asks for second login step. For second factor authentication the user have to prove that they have something only they would have, such as biometrics, a security pin, an ID card, smart phone or other mobile device. This is the inherence or possession factor.
  • Then, the user may have to enter a one – time password generated during 2nd step. Please ensure you don’t share this information with anyone.
  • After entering the right one time password, you will be allowed to access your account and can use application or website.

Wrap Up

Passwords are the key to access your accounts and if hackers want to access your personal information they will definitely try to crack the password. You have to keep your password secure, as well as set a password which is strong enough and will be hard to guess, for that you should not use any personal information in your password. You should use any random word which should not be into dictionary and it should be mix of numbers, special characters and upper, lower case letters. Complexity of your password should be high enough for anyone to decode or to remember but it should be simple for you to recall. You can also use 2 – factor authentication as it provides an extra layer of security.

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