Exercise Your Mind While Staying At Home

Brain exercise

The rise in COVID-19 cases and devastating effect of the new strain of coronavirus has called for much needed lockdown to combat against the deadly virus. While you are locked safe in your home, focus on your physical health as well as on mental. The daily routine for most of us is working from, eat, sleep and repeat, give yourself a break from this boring daily life and get indulged into something that keeps your brain more active. Instead of wasting hours in front of television watching no sense serials, crave for mind games to keep yourself mentally fit.

Here we have listed a few mind games that you can enjoy which are also an amazing way to keep you minds active.


The game of sudoku entered the world back in 1979, since than this puzzle game has no looking back. The number concept and the logic involved made it favorite if many. There are newspapers publishing daily sudoku, but the amazing part is that now Sudoku game is available on mobile. You can compete with other Sudoku enthusiasts and get a rank in global ranking. All you need to do is to download Sudoku Master and use the existing pattern to fill in the blanks of numbers 1 – 9.

Sudoku is mentally stimulating and keeps your brain active. Also, with the global ranking system of the game you get the sense of achievement.

Crossword puzzles

Crosswords are one of the most loved word games. As the game requires you to use your memory recall function, it contributes in keeping your brain active and sharp.

You can easily find crossword puzzles in newspapers as well as there are puzzle books and game apps. You not just keeping your brain active but also learning new words when you play crossword puzzles.


The game of Chess makes you learn how to stay focused, calm and have patience. It keeps your concentration high and enhances your planning power. This game trains the brain to stay calm under pressure and how to plan next moves. The game helps you to improve your creative as well as logical side.


Scrabble is a fun game that keeps us calm and relax, as well as gives us a sense of competition. It also helps improve memory functions as it forces the brain to recall the words to place them on the board.

Bottom Line

While playing you these games you will play against your friends and family to have some good time together while staying at distance. You will play with strangers as well where you might will run into situations that will make you laugh, specially in word games where people might come up with no meaning words.

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