Steve Jobs and His Leadership Lessons


The one bite that the world got to taste, left dumbfounded and attracted to. Indeed, we are talking about the the logo of Apple. Apple has been one of the most successful brands in the world. For Steve Jobs studied no management fundas, but trusted his own skills and followed his own ability to give the world a brand that became a symbol of sophistication and reputation for those who own it.

The obvious question is, what actually Jobs did at Apple to become a leader in advanced technology. Let’s learn from him the five lessons that he himself learnt and applied to build the Apple and left for the world the knowledge of management that would nurture many in the future.


“Deciding what not to do is as important as what to do.” Focus is the most important aspect when you wish to create something out of the box and leave a legacy for the world.

Instead of doing 10 things and failing at all, focus on one thing, dedicate all your energy, efforts, skills, and time. The simplest way to succeed in life.


Complexities are around and the major one is our own brain. Hence, when you set the goals the first thing one should do is to simplify the things. Jobs was of the opinion that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This is something we can witness in all Apple products.

While adopting the Simplicity approach, his focus was on to conquering the complexities rather than avoiding it.


One of the most important aspects of leadership is being responsible towards your targets. Being a technocrat, he was aware of being responsible towards consumers offering technology that can easily be integrated and can be synced smoothly.

That was Jobs idea of becoming responsive and responsible towards consumers he was aimed to serve. He had transparency in his mind when he started designing iMac. Something which Microsoft and Google are now adopting.

Innovate, If falling behind:

Steve’s journey as a leader was failure from one milestone to another before he actually succeeded in innovating Apple products the way he thought can change the world.

His initial creation was limited to images and pictures, while people in US were busy downloading music. He was far behind the world. That inspired him to think out of the box and invent something that can change the whole idea of music. He invented iPod and created iTune to integrate both to offer a music innovation to the world that overpowered all the previous ideas.

No Class Specification:

There is no point in serving only a segment of the society that makes you slave of an idea. Steve Jobs was against creating products that serve the purpose of specific class.

He was of the opinion that customers don’t know what they want until you tell them. So create ideas that serve all rather than just a section.

There are many lessons one can learn from Steve Jobs’ journey at Apple and beyond. Leaders are not created but they born, Jobs proved.

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