Education to Build Better Citizens


When the word ‘Education’ comes in our mind we usually think about the degrees we have achieved from the colleges and the course we have passed. By doing this we actually narrow down the concept of education. The motive of education is not to create a new breed that will sit in an office and become a money earning machine but the real purpose of education is to create thoughtful men and women, for the society. You may have heard a lot of times that to be successful in life you need education but in reality, the education can make you a better person and a better citizen.

There is no doubt to this fact that education plays an important role in the betterment of society and nation.  Here I will quote the powerful words from Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world”. If used properly then education can be that tool which can build a better citizen and a great nation.

 Let’s know how we can use education to have a better citizen for the country and the world.

The Aim of Education

Generally, the aim of education is to land at a great job with handsome salary. If we want to create a better society then we will have to change the perspective of education. A good job with good salary can be one of the aims of education but if the entire education system will revolve around the good salary and good job, then our next generation will be money minded only.  While discussing the importance of education with your kids, we have to tell them that your education will make you able to understand the new things and will make to think differently.

Accept the Diversities

A school is a place where our kids go to learn new things. Here they not only get educated but understand the diversity and interact with the other kids that come from different background.  We need to motivate them to make friends beyond the boundaries of religion, caste or any other discrimination. When you create a comfort zone with everyone then chances of the conflicts become less. Hence a more peaceful society can be created.

Education to spread Awareness

Education can be used to spread awareness in society related to blind faith and false beliefs that people believe and follow. In absence of education, people could not ask the questions to others and that start following the way which has been followed by others and that’s how the superstitions grow. We all know how harmful these blind faith and superstitions can be. Education is the only weapon that can defeat these two demons of society. An educated person uses his analytical thinking (knowingly or unknowingly) and can ask how some superstitious activity can help him or society. Education encourages the students to ask questions.

Education to Empower

Education gives you the confidence to speak up and take a stand for the right. If you are educated then instead of tolerating something wrong, you will prefer to create new ways for you. The best power education can give you is empowerment. An empowered person is what the nation needs now.

The Bottom Line

Your education is not all the stuff you have read and learn from your books, it includes the soft skills that you learn in your schools unknowingly. Making new friends, asking questions and offering a hand to help your classmate are among some qualities that make you educated and a better citizen too.

Education is not just a degree but it is a harmonious development of the intellectual, physical, and emotional potentialities. Education is a never-ending process. So keep reading and learning something new.

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