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banking jobs in India

Banking jobs in India are among the most loved and preferred jobs. In all the tough times the jobs in bank remained safe. The love of Indians to 9 to 5 banking jobs reflects when banks and banking recruitment authorities invite job applications and lakhs of aspirants apply against the vacancies.  The rapid commercialisation and privatisation have created more jobs in the banking sector globally and India is no exception.

The banking sector is like a base for a developing country like India. A well-organised banking supports the economy well and lets the country grow so the opportunities are high in this sector.  If talk about the banking jobs in India then both public and private banks have a plethora of opportunities for skilled aspirants. Best bank jobs in India are presents in National and private both types of banks.

During career counselling, the counsellors suggest banking jobs to those who are good with calculations and economics. The probationary officer is one of the best and most sought after post in the banking sector but it is not the only post for which the aspirants can apply. Though banking offers a safe and secure job new aspirants don’t know much about the different banking job & salary.

Generally, new aspirants know about the Clerk and PO vacancies available in PNB, SBI and other public banks but public banks also release vacancies for their other departments as well. If an aspirant from the IT sector wants to join SBI then he can join the IT department of the bank instead of learning SBI PO work. The only issue with banking aspirants is that they don’t know much about the available opportunities in the banking sector. So here we have compiled about best bank jobs in India. So, scroll down the page to check out the available post in the banking sector for you as per your qualifications;

Banking Jobs in India

  • A bank is a place where the finance of a country is maintained. It accepts deposit and gives loans for different requirements. A strong finance system can reflect the country and its people’s prosperity. If you look at the rise of banking operation then you will find its roots in England and Italy.
  • The basic banking concept started from these countries and spread to all over the world. In the present modern banking system, different kinds of banking system developed. As per modern banking ideology, the banking sector has three kinds of banks; commercial banks, Co-operative banks and investment banks.
  • At present India has 12 public sector banks, 1 state-owned payments bank and 22 Private sector banks.
  • In terms of jobs, banking is one of the lucrative sectors but aspirants need to work hard to get a job in this sector. With time the competition level has increased in banking.
  • Both Public and Private Sector banks need hiring skilled people that can take care of the complicated banking work and help the banks to grow.
  • To get a job in public sector banks the aspirants need to participate in the competitive exam conducted by IBPS and SBI. To be a part of private banks the aspirants can approach the banks by applying for the available vacancies. Private banks update the recruitment page of their websites to inform the aspirants about the available jobs. The job portals also have information about the available vacancies in private banks.
  • In both kinds of banks, the salary is high but stability is better in public sector banks. Let’s know more about the best bank jobs in India and the procedure to get them.

Career Option in Banking Sector

Banks offer good salaries, a stable career and a comfortable job. The working hours are limited in banks and work pressure is easy to handle. Before checking out the best bank jobs in India first dig out the reason of popularity of banking sectors among young aspirants.

Why Banking is a Popular Career Option?

A dew decades banks only public sector banks used to be the first preference for banking job aspirants. It was the time when people used to look for a stable and comfortable job and banking jobs offer paid holidays and other incentives along with this. The private banks were not much popular at that time but now the table has turned and private banks offer better salaries than the public ones.

Earlier people used to choose banking jobs because it offersa good salary, limited working hours and other benefits but now banking job & salary both have changed. Both public and private banks work professionally and like is no more a cakewalk in the public sector’s bank now. But still, people love to get baking jobs in India because of the following reasons;

  • Public sector banks offer stable jobs and provide handsome remuneration.
  • Private Sector banks have a world-class professional culture and hard work pays off here.
  • Private sector banks also offer overseas opportunities to their employees.

Banking sector knows the basic requirement of skilled aspirants and it offers the same to them. So, every year many new minds want to work for this sector. To know more about the banking job & salary have a look at the different functions positions available in the banking sector.

Best Bank Jobs in India

  • Banking is a well organised sector. It has witnessed various changes and most of them work in its favour.
  • All the countries in the world want to have a strong and stable banking sector so the banking sector offers you overseas opportunities as well. But to get them you will have to widen your job preparation criteria and stop thinking only about the SBI PO work.
  • You can be a part of any international bank in India or other countries and earn much better than a PO in India. To get a job in private bank AMFI/NCFM/IRDA/JAIIB/CAIIB & other relevant certifications will help the aspirants.
  • The bank jobs can be defined in three categories; Clerk, Probationary Officer and Special Officer. In SO category I.T. Officer, HR/Personnel Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Agricultural Field Officer, Law Officer, and Marketing Officerand a few other vacancies fall.

Generally in a bank following positions are available;

  1. Clerk
  2. Bank Probationary Officer (PO)
  3. Specialist IT Officer
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Account Manager
  6. Marketing Officer (SO)
  7. Law Officer (SO)
  8. Rajbhasha Adhikari
  9. Agricultural Field Officer

Bank Clerk:

  • All the public and private banks havethe role of clerk. A clerk is responsible for paper and basic banking work.
  • SBI and IBPS both release the recruitment notification and invite the applications from the interested candidates.
  • The written exam is conducted and shortlisted candidates get an interview call from different banks.
  • Any graduate candidate can participate in the recruitment examination.
  • The initial salary on this post can be 21,000 to 25,000 PM.

Bank Probationary Officer:

  • The PO post is senior to the clerk’s post in banks and it is one of the most sought after post.
  • The difficulty level of the recruitment exam for this post is more difficult than the recruitment exam for clerk post.
  • The recruitment procedure has three phases; Prelim Exam, Mains Exam and Interview. A Probationary Officer is responsible to get the administrative work and to run the banking operations in the branch.
  • The salary for this post can be 42,000 to 47,000 PM.

Specialist IT Officer:

  • Technology has completely changed the banking. Now the customers can make the online money transactions instead of waiting in a queue in a bank to withdraw or deposit the money.
  • The servers of all the banks need high maintains and all the computers in the banks also need someone who can understand them and repair them if something gets out of order. So all the banks have posts for IT officer.
  • The grade for IT officer can be different for each bank. Every bank releases a recruitment notification separately for this post.
  • The selection criteria include a written test followed by an interview. Salary for this post varies from one bank to another.

Financial Analyst:

  • The post of Financial Analyst is a reputed one in commercial public and private banks. In investment banking, a financial analyst helps the client in decision making.
  • In private banks, the financial analyst is always in demand. Candidates get salary and incentives both as pay off on this post.

Account Manager:

  • Bank account managers are responsible to resolve the queries of existing and new customers. Their prime responsibility is to retain the big account holding customers.
  • Both private and public banks have account managers but in private banks they responsible for various task. An account manager has to describe the different kinds of loan to potential customers.
  • In public banks, the notification of recruitment of account managers come out online. Aspirants can visit the bank’s website to check the available vacancies on this post.
  • Private Banks keep releasing the vacancies of account manager frequently.

Marketing Officer (SO):

  • The roles and responsibility of a marketing officer in a bank are similar to its role in any private company. A marketing officer is responsible to make the people aware of the bank’s new scheme and turn then a customer.
  • The workload on a marketing officer in public sector bank is slight light than in a private bank.
  • To get a job as a marketing officer in public sector banks the aspirants will have to apply when the recruitment notification of IBPS SO and SBI SO come out. In all banks, the selection on this post can be done through interview.

Law Officer (SO):

  • In banks SO means Special Officer and Law officer post cones under this category. IBPS and SBI both releases online notification to start the recruitment for this post.
  • Banks take fresher and experienced both types of aspirants on board for this post.
  • Based on the experience the grade and salary for this post increases. Selection process on this post is based on Prelim and Mains exam followed by an interview.
  • Salary of law officer depends on the grade for the post.

Rajbhasha Adhikari:

  • Both IBPS and SBI release the notification for the recruitment of Rajbhasha Adhikari.
  • The post comes under the category of Special Officer. The post exists only in public sector banks.
  • The selection procedure will be written test and interview.
  • For this post, the candidates must be a graduate preferably in Hindi. The exam will be based on the Hindi language.

Agricultural Field Officer:

  • AFO or Agricultural Field Officer is responsible to lens and disburse the agriculture loan.
  • The post mostly exists in public sector banks. SBI, NABARD and IBPS all three recruitment bodies invite the applications from the interested candidates for this post online. the selection process is the same; written test and interview.

How to get Banking Jobs in India?

  • Most of the aspirants know that public banks take the candidates on-board based on their marks in IBPS exam.
  • To get a job in State Bank of India the job seekers will have to apply on the release of SBI Recruitment Notification. NABARD is another organisation that conducts the competitive exam to take the skilled candidates on-board.
  • The banks and banking recruitment agencies release the recruitment notification from time to time. Interested candidates can apply online and take the recruitment examination.
  • IBPS, NABARD and SBI are the main recruitment authorities to fulfil the vacancies available in public sector banks.
  • To get a job in private sector banks the candidates can visit the bank’s website and apply from there. Private banks prefer graduates from commerce background and MBA pass outs.

The Bottom Line

Banking sector offers various vacancies and growth to aspirants. During the tough time of demonetisation and COVID-19, the banks work as strong support for the people of the country. As technology changes many things in this sector so the workload is more to mind now. Public and private sector banks offer a good salary, a stable job and a good growth graph. So if you love numbers or technology then you can join the banking industry in India. It is open for the people from a law background as well as for MBA pass-outs.

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