How to Prepare for IBPS PO Interview


IBPS (Institute of banking personnel selection) conducts the banking exam in two steps; the Common Written Exam (Prelim Exam and Mains Exam) and the Interview. So for the banking aspirants, it’s a must to know about how to prepare for IBPS PO interview.

The questions in IBPS PO Interview are very predictable but still, it is expected from the candidates to handle the IBPS PO interview questions like a pro. In this post, we have compiled some IBPS PO interview tips for the candidates so that they can ace the IBPS PO interview round.

You should definitely prepare for some common questions for IBPS PO interview like the personal introduction and some googly questions from the interview panel. Normally the IBPS PO interview session lasts for 15-20 minutes and approx 15-18 questions are asked by the interviewers’ panel.

As you need a proper strategy to get success in IBPS PO Exam so you need interview preparation tips for IBPS PO. Here are some IBPS PO interview tips that will guide you to perform well during the IBPS PO interview.

 IBPS PO Interview Tips

If you are curious to know how to prepare for IBPS PO interview then following tips will guide you.

· First Impression should be good

Your body language should be very impressive when you enter in the interview room. Smile after asking for the permission to come and greet everyone in the interview panel. While handshaking with the members of the interview panel your grip should be firm but not tight or loose. It would be better to not to smile While answering the questions in IBPS PO interview.

· Body Language reveals the secrets

Our body language is that language that interviewer can understand very easily. As they say that during the interview the interviewee’s body language speaks a thousand words, so be cautious about it.  Don’t sit with crossed legs and don’t look here and there while answering the questions. You need to have an eye contact to look confident in IBPS PO interview.

· Don’t be over smart

Usually, candidates give the impression to the interview panel that they know everything which is not a right practice to get success in Interview.  One of the basic IBPS PO interview tips is to not to feel shy or less to accept that you don’t know the answer of the asked question. When you’re fired with a question you’re totally clueless about, then accept that you don’t know about the answer of this one. You can also say that you are afraid as you didn’t know the answer to this one.

· Don’t let your emotions over-shadow you

During an interview, many different types of the question will be asked to you and you may be mocked on the answers you would produce. At many places, the questions may be asked only to irritate you. Handle them wisely and don’t let your emotions to come out easily.

·  Brush-up your G.K

Your GK plays a vital role in the success of IBPS PO interview. When you start preparing for IBPS PO written exam the Newspaper reading becomes a habit for you. Keep it as a habit till you get success in IBPS PO Interview. The newspaper will keep you updated about all the current affairs and GK. The GK is like Pandora box and in IBPS PO interview at least 2-3 questions are asked from current affairs and GK. So don’t ignore it.

So here were the IBPS PO interview tips. To crack the IBPS PO 2019 interview you should also know about the common questions for IBPS PO interview.

Common Questions for IBPS PO interview

Here is the list of common questions for IBPS PO interview.

· Personal information

A few first questions asked the candidates are based on his personal information. These questions are very normal and simple but you need to be much focused while answering these questions as well. The first question of IBPS PO interview can be like;

Tell us something about yourself:  To answer this question you need to have proper knowledge of what you have written in Resume. The answer to this question includes information about your family, education and working experience (if any). You should also remember about the years related to your studies.

Your strength and weakness: it has become most asked question during the interview. While telling about your weakness don’t play a smart game by saying I am perfectionist or work-alcoholic.  It has become very common now so try to be honest and different to answer this question.

· Banking Awareness

Bank-related questions will be asked during the IBPS PO Interview. So to prepare for the IBPS Interview you need to keep reading the banking awareness books even after clearing the IBPS PO mains exam. Following questions are among the most asked question in IBPS PO interview.

  1. Why do you want to pursue a career in the Banking sector?
  2. What are mutual, hedge, pension funds?
  3. Functions of RBI and RBI Monetary policy
  4. What do you know about BASEL III norms?
  5. What is GDP/PPP (Purchasing Power Parity)?
  6. What is Section 80(C) of Income Tax Act?

You may also face some Economics, Finance, and Business related questions and questions related to Bank’s work and plans like Jan Dhan Yojna. So be prepared for that as well.

· Other situation based Questions

The interviewer will ask you about your future plans and why you chose the banking sector. Some situation based questions will also be asked like where do you see yourself after 5-6 years, why should we hire you, what is more, important for you a better salary or job satisfaction or are you open for reallocation. Some politics based questions will also be asked by the members of the interview panel. Don’t be biased while answering these questions related to politics.

The answer to the above mentioned questions can be different as per different candidates but keep one thing in mind, don’t give bold answers. Your answers should be balanced.

Winding Up

In IBPS PO Interview the interview panel will check your seriousness about the job, your knowledge, confidence, the presence of mind and work ethics. The interview panel will also make sure that you will work in their bank for a longer period. All you need to do in IBPS PO interview is to present yourself in a better way.

In this post, we have compiled all the answers related to most asked question ‘how to prepare for IBPS PO interview’. Regarding any help related to IBPS PO exam you may talk to us in our comment section given below.

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