Smart Self Study Tips for IBPS PO 2019

Smart Study Tips for IBPS 2019

The increasing level of competition in IBPS PO exams motivates the students to join Bank coaching and now it has become a trend. But the fact is that you can get success in this exam by the self study as well. We understand your qualms for IBPS PO 2019 exam in absence of coaching from bank coaching centers. To help you in the self study we have compiled this post on self study tips for IBPS PO 2019.

IBPS exam 2019 may offer you a great career in banks when you clear this exam. It is expected that the competition level in IBPS 2019 will be higher than previous years, so it demands more dedication and hard work. Below given some self study tips for IBPS PO 2019 will help you to perform well in the upcoming exam of IBPS.

How to crack IBPS PO exam through self study

First of all, you need to know that coaching classes are not necessary to clear the IBPS PO exam.  To get success in IBPS PO 2019 exam you need to know the basic concepts of all the topics. The IBPS PO exam is conducted into 3 stages; the Prelim Exam, the Mains Exam, and Interview. We suggest you prepare for IBPS PO prelim and Mains exam simultaneously.

Let’s have a look at the self study tips for IBPS PO 2109.

Understand the Basics of IBPS PO 2019 exam

It’s a must to study about the exam before appearing in it like; its syllabus, exam pattern and the cut-off of previous years. This information will allow you to understand the upcoming exam of 2019. Knowledge of IBPS PO 2019 syllabus is a must. You should know what to read to get the success in IBPS PO 2019 exam.

The exam pattern is other basic information that you should have about the exam. If you don’t know the exam pattern then you would need some extra time in the examination hall to understand the question paper. IBPS PO exam has the clause of negative marking; you should keep it in mind at the exam room.

The study material

Your study material should be great to prepare for IBPS PO 2019. When you chose the option of self study then you have sufficient time to search for the right book.  One of the best self study tips for IBPS PO 2019 is to take help from the online tutorial for IBPS. You can pick what you like most from these tutorials. Here you will need to remember that you don’t have much time to spend watching anything less than best on YouTube.  When you don’t go for banking coaching then it becomes a bit difficult to know about the best books for IBPS PO. You can take help from the internet to find one for you.

Time Management

Another self study tips for IBPS PO 2019 is about the time management. It’s not a good idea to keep sitting on your study chair and keep your head inside the book always. You need to manage your time in that ways so that you can prepare for the IBPS PO 2019 exam and don’t take the pressure of it. You can study continuously for 2 hours and then take rest of 15 minutes and repeat it as per your timetable.

What to study

As we have suggested you prepare for IBPS mains and Prelims Exam simultaneously. First, you should prepare for the prelim exam. Allot 60 days to the preparation of IBPS PO Prelim exam then next 80 days for the mains preparation and again start revising for IBPS PO Prelim for 30 days.

Here are a few self study tips for IBPS PO 2019 prelims exam.

  • A daily timetable is a must for the preparation of IBPS PO 2019 so you should also make a timetable for you. You can give 2-3 hours to study for Quantitative Aptitude and reasoning and 2 hours to English. Allot an hour time to solve the mock tests daily.
  • If you are worried about how to crack IBPS PO exam through self study then IBPS PO preparation videos on YouTube will help you. Watch these videos and keep making notes from them.
  • Give time to reasoning and QA to understand the basic concept. You should also learn the trick to solve the questions easily. These tricks are available on YouTube videos. You can learn them from there.

Here are a few self study tips for IBPS PO 2019 Mains exam.

  • Start your preparation for IBPS PO 2019 mains exam by appearing in a mock test to know where you stand. Once you know your positive and negative points it will become easy for you to start your preparation.
  • In Mains, exam accuracy matters a lot, and only practice can help you to produce accurate
  • Don’t start to work on your weak areas just before the IBPS PO 2019 Main exam. This will be a time eating step only.
  • In the exam room, go with the mindset to solve easier questions first. This will be a time savor decision for you.
  • Start your preparation for IBPS PO Mains with your strong topics, finish it off soon and then practice your weak ones regularly.
  • You will have to work on reading speed.
  • For the calculation in IBPS PO 2019 Mains exam learn multiplication tables till 20, squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots for numbers up to 30. This will increase your speed in the exam.
  • Don’t get nervous in the exam room. Stay confident while writing the answers. Try not to spend more than 30 seconds to solve a question.

Winding it Up

We have compiled the answer of how to crack IBPS PO exam through self study in this post. Here we would like to tell the aspirants that practice in the right direction is the only key that will get you success in IBPS PO exam.

If you have any question related to Self study tips for IBPS PO then you can talk to us through the comment box.

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