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Career in Mining Engineering
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Career in mining engineering is challenging yet conventional. Today’s generation loves to do what looks challenging and different. Many new career options are available for the youngsters like fashion designers, chefs, the hotel and tourism industry, and many more. Mining engineering is one of the career option that is old but challenging enough to attract youth.

Mining engineering may sound like an unconventional branch of engineering, but it is one of the oldest engineering forms. We have been dependent on the earth for different minerals. We depend on the mines to get them, and extracting them from the ground is known as mining. Mining engineering is about the techniques of excretion of minerals from the earth. The engineering course is different than the preferred methods in engineering like civil, mechanical, and computers.

The mining branch of engineering also has ample career options in the mining sector. All the countries have mines, and mining is a profitable sector to them, so engineering in these fields opens the doors for overseas jobs. After 12th in career guidance, most PCM students chose engineering as their career option, but not all were aware of its not so popular engineering branch. Mining Engineering is one of the branches of engineering that is less popular but has endless opportunities. After completion of the education of this engineering stream, the students become mining engineers. Let’s know more about the mining engineering and career scope after completing it;

Know About Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering is a different field from core engineering like chemical, computer, and others. The engineers that love to do something different from their fellow students pick this field. It is a must to have a degree to get an engineer’s job in the mining field as not many students show their interest in this field, so opportunities are vast for a mining engineer. The demand for qualified engineers is enormous, and supply is not up to the mark. The gap between demand and supply will help new mining engineers to get a better job in less time.

Mining Engineering is an exciting engineering field that has information on general engineering. In the mining engineering syllabus, the students learn about mine health, safety in mine, drilling and blasting techniques for mining purposes, mine ventilation, minerals processing, mine planning, and many others.

In mining engineering, the students learn about the technology used in mining and different kinds of practices used to extract minerals. Mining Engineers know about the risk involved in the mining work, and they are to think of the safest way for mining. To invent new technologies to extract more minerals from the earth in fewer efforts and with minimum risk is the SOW of a mining engineer.

Mining is a costly affair, so the mining engineers focus on techniques that can be easy to use and can be performed at less cost. Getting the work done at less cost without compromising the security is also taught in mining engineering. A mining engineer must know the lightweight, durable mining equipment, and he can also create some at a reasonable cost. The mining companies expect a mining engineer to make eco-friendly mining equipment that can perform more work in less time.

Why Mining Engineering? 

Mining is risky work as workers have to go down on the earth to complete their work. The mining engineers also have to go down to understand the work and offer a solution to any issue. Engineering is one of the most sought after professions. It is a popular profession not only in India but in the entire world. As the world is getting better in terms of machines, structures, city planning, the demand for sound engineers will not ever go down. Then why students will choose a risky profession like mining engineering?

Mining engineering is the stream for the disciple that wants to do something different. The earth has many minerals inside it, and human depends on them entirely like petrol. The mining engineers make sure that the work of extraction minerals runs smoothly. The career in the field offers a stable job, handsome remuneration, and challenges.

Career Scope in Mining Engineering

Mining engineers also work to locate the new places where mineral deposits can be found. For this task, they will have to work with Metallurgical specialists and geologists. The consumption of minerals is high at present, so all the countries want their professionals to search for more minerals. The minerals under the earth are essential for the economy of all the nations around the world. The Arab countries don’t have a good climate for grains to grow, but still, the economy of the countries are strong. The reason behind this the availability of crude oil.

Other countries like India keep searching for natural minerals like gold, crude oil, and others. So the requirement of mining engineers is always high in all nations. In present mines, the need for educated and qualified mining engineers is high. The mining authorities want people with exceptional skills to make the mining work more secure and less costly.

If we look at the career progress in the mining engineering field, then the career graph starts from the engineer’s post and goes to the project in charge and project head. The engineers involve in supervision work to the ground workers. They are also responsible for constructing the mine tunnels and design underground mines.  

In making the mining work eco-friendly and ensuring this crucial work environment’s safety, the mining engineers play an essential role. The job offers satisfaction to those who have the guts to follows their choice irrespective of the challenge level.  

Educational Requirement to be a Mining Engineer

In a career guidance session, when you find that engineering is the right career choice for you, you can look at the mining engineering option. It will be a perfect career choice for you if you want to look for natural resources.

You can enroll in a bachelor of engineering in mining. To get admission in this degree course, you must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in 12th standard. After this, you can participate in JEE or other engineering entrance tests. Based on your rank and marks in the entrance exam, you can get admission to an engineering college. When you pick an engineering college, first check if it has a Mining Engineering option.   

After completing B. Tech or B.E. in Mining Engineering, you can either look for a job or go ahead to master’s degree in the subject. To be a mining engineer, you must have good communication skills and problem solving skills. 

Job Opportunities for Mining Engineers 

Students pick any career option based on chances of growth in that particular field. Students and their parents want a stable job and a good salary after the hard work in studies. So it is a must to know about the career opportunities in a field before choosing it. Here we have discussed what mining engineering is and what kind of work they do. Now we will look at the opportunities available for the mining engineers. 

Mining activities have increased rapidly in recent years, so it has become a lucrative sector with good paying jobs. The demand for mining engineers are available in both kinds of companies; government owned and private companies. Here are the top recruiters for the mining engineers; 

Top Recruiters for Mining Engineers 

  • Mining Department of the Center (Ministry of Mines)
  • Mineral Mining Industries
  • Mining Department of the States
  • Ore Extraction Companies
  • Drilling Agencies
  • Ore Production Companies
  • Mining Drilling Suppliers
  • National Mineral Development Corporation India
  • Data Mining Outsourcing Services Companies
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd
  • Hindalco
  • IPCL
  • DRDO
  • Coal India Limited
  • Cairn Energy
  • National Aluminium Company Ltd
  • Kudremukh Ltd.
  • Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited
  • McKinsey&Company
  • Hindustan Copper
  • Vedanta
  • Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO)
  • Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd

Salary Structure

The salary of a mining engineer starts from 3 to 4 LPA. The mining engineers get this salary once they complete their education. The salary depends on the knowledge and the education of the job seekers. In India, the pay starts from above mentioned numbers, but abroad, the compensation for mining engineers are high. 

The experienced mining engineers get a salary from 8 to 12 LPA. It depends on their work experience and knowledge. Countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are among the best places to work for a mining engineer. The demand for engineers is high in these countries, and they also pay higher salaries to their engineers. 

The Bottom Line 

All the countries worldwide want the best mining engineers that can make this crucial work easy and safe. In India, also demand for mining engineers has risen in the past few years. If you want to have a career in this field, you will have to be prepared for long working hours, out of the city, and odd working locations. Getting admission a good knowledge is the foundation of the career in mining engineering. The job options are many for the right candidate. You can go ahead with this career option without any second thought.   

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