Everything You Want to Know About Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan of Madhya Pradesh

Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan

Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan of Madhya Pradesh is an initiative from the state government to protect the young and older adults of the state from Corona. The second wave of Corona was a deadly one, and the reports on the third wave from the UK are equally dangerous. Vaccination along with COVID appropriate behaviour is the only way out to be safe in the pandemic.

Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan is launched by the Madhya Pradesh government. The programme aims to vaccinate the youth of the state to keep them safe from COVID-19. The programme will spread awareness among the people about the vaccine and its benefit in the COVID pandemic. Madhya Pradesh is on the 26th number in the country in corona inspection. When the second wave of the pandemic was at its peak, the state is one of the most effective states in the country. So the state government has imposed some lockdown to its people and industries. The COVID wave is getting weaker, so the authorities are all set to announce some new guidelines today, June 15. Let us know more about the campaign and analysis the need for it in Madhya Pradesh.

Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan: Know Everything About It

The central and state governments are to provide required medical facilities to the people and convince them about the vaccine. The people from urban areas are interested in getting vaccinated, but the health workers find the same task difficult on the rural front. People from villages and small cities are not convinced to get vaccinated. So the Madhya Pradesh Government introduced Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan.

Under Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan, approx 16 lakh students of Government colleges of higher and technical education and their teachers will get training about COVID friendly behaviour and vaccination. Further, the teachers and students will make other people aware of the same. So it will work as a chain, and more people will get the benefit of the programme.

 In other words, the teachers and students in this campaign work like volunteers to spread awareness about COVID friendly behaviour and vaccination programme. The government has also got a mobile app developed for effective monitoring of the campaign. The app will do online real-time monitoring of the campaign. Here read the key points of the campaign;

  • The Under Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan will have students and teachers of government colleges. The teachers and students will get training about COVID friendly behaviour and the importance of vaccination.
  • Trained students and teachers will make other people of the state aware of the benefits of the vaccine and COVID appropriate behaviour.  
  • An app will monitor the training and its real-time results.

Now let us understand the requirement Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Campaign in Madhya Pradesh.

Why MP government Introduced Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Campaign

Madhya Pradesh was among the most affected states in the first and second wave of COVID. Indore and Bhopal were among the most affected cities of the state. Now, the graph of COVID second wave is coming down, so the state has only 274 cases in the past 24 hours. However, after the second wave of Coronavirus, the third one can hit the country. So the government of all the states are working accordingly, and vaccination of the people is the best way to control the spread of the third wave of Coronavirus.

The state government of MP has launched the Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti campaign to tell the people that the corona vaccine are safe and secure. The state is conducted approximately 80 thousand tests, and 20 districts have become Corona free so far. So it’s the right time to introduces a campaign to inform people about the benefits of COVID vaccination.

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