Different Types of Computer

Types of Computer

When we talk about computers then the image instantly get clicked. A monitor that is connected to a CPU with a small mouse placed right beside it. With the advanced technology, we click to laptops as an image for computers. However, these are not the only type of computers that come with processing power and size.

In the present time, we have computers that are smaller enough to carry in hands whereas there was a time when it was a dream since the computer used to cover up a whole room. This change has changed over time and has managed to bring in a surge of development. These categories are mainly divided into five simple parts:

  1. Super Computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Micro Computer
  5. Mobile Computer

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  1. What is Super Computers

super computerWe were introduced with the whole concept of computers with the introduction of one of the most powerful invention of supercomputers. They were extremely famous among large organisation to handle their specific tasks. One of the organisations that used them was NASA. They were dependent on them for exploration and research purpose along with shuttle space launching and exploring space purposes.

The major drawback of this system was that they were extremely large and expensive. There were computers that used to cover up an entire building and were kept in the air-conditioned rooms to prevent heating up. However, this faced revolution with time and becomes a mainframe computer.

  1. What is Mainframe Computers

mainframe computersThese computers were also the similar size of supercomputer that is considered as towering machines. In addition to this, these computers took a lot of processing power and were famous among government, corporate and bank sectors. The memory in this system was good that made it ideal for storing data. The main difference between the supercomputers and mainframe computers is their capability of measurement. The mainframe was done in Millions of instructions per second or MIPS where supercomputer was done in floating point operations per second or FLOPS.

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  1. What is Mini Computers

Then, came the mini computers that become the lifeline for a longer period of time. These systems were widely popular among small business and were termed as Midrange computers. The best part of these computers was the addition of a disk that was used in these small machines. The size of these computers was shrink and was made as refrigerators. But they were anything but personal computers since they were not used for work or home. They aced in terms of processing power that become the main forte of this system. In addition to this, there were different tasks that can be covered by these type of systems.

  1. What is Micro Computers

micro computersNow comes the final processing system as the microcomputers. In the present time, these are the famous system that is used for professional and personal work. There are no limitations for these type of systems since they are used for different purposes. The best part is that in terms of cost, it is affordable then supercomputers. In addition to this, the systems are used on daily basis for work, entertainment and education purpose. Microcomputers are manufactured by leading companies including Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, etc.

  1. What is Mobile Computers

mobile computersThe most advanced form of computers is mobile computers that are widely used in the present time. They are the small structure that can come in the palm of a person easily. Many people debate that desktops are also part of mobile computers. But the fact is that mobile computers are the one that can be carried out anywhere as per the preference and requirement. Hence, the main categories that fall under such descriptions are:

  • Laptops – They are a more reliable form of computers that are used by people today. With the attached keyboard and mouse panel, one doesn’t have to worry about carrying extra things.
  • Game Console – Now, there are consoles that can be used as a handheld with no wire connection required. These are usually famous among teenagers that love
  • Smartphones – The super used category of mobile computers are smartphones and mobile devices. These are the smallest version of computers that have the ability to perform the majority of features of a computer.

These are the major categories for the computers system that made it to history.

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