Types of Computer Ports With Functions

computer ports

Computer ports are also known as communication ports as they provide the interface to communicate computer with peripheral devices. These ports are available on the motherboard in the form of slots where each port have their own functionality. The cable of all external peripheral devices is plugged in such ports which help to transmit signals.

Learn types of Computer Ports with Function mentioned below

What is a Connector?

Connectors are used to connect one end of the cable with computers while another end with the peripheral device. There are two types of connectors which are defined by genders.

  • Male Connectors: It has pins which are to be inserted in female connectors.
  • Female Connectors: It has holes which can accept pins on the male connector.

Different Type of Ports and Their Functions

There are different types of port and each one have their own protocol and working. Below are listed some of the most common use ports communication.

  • Serial Port: Communication is done using one pair of wires. It revives and sends just one bit at a time. The device which does not use fast transmission of data uses a serial port. E.g.: Mouse
  • Parallel Port: It can send multiple data at a time by using one or more communication and thus transmission of data is fast. E.g.: printer.
  • PS/2: It is also known as a legacy port as it can connect mouse and keyboard to a computer. The connectors are colored as purple and green for keyboard and mouse respectively. It has 6-pin DIN for both mouse and keyboard but the correct port must be used for using these devices. But today it is being used in old computers as USB has taken control.
  • USB: It is one of the port that can connect the computer with all external devices like pen drive, printer, scanner and many more. The demand for such port is been increasing as it can transfer 12 Mbps so that transmission can be faster. Today mostly all computers are equipped with 2 or more US ports. Moreover, there are many USB compliant device that can get power form such USB port like charging mobile.
  • HDMI: It is a digital interface which is also known as High definition Media transfer. The name itself suggests that it is used to deal with video and audio signals. It comprises of a total of 19 pins where high-resolution audio and video signals will be carried by HDMI 2.0, which has 4096×2160 resolution. It is mainly used for connecting High definition devices such as gaming consoles, high definition cameras and many other such devices. HDMI port is for carrying uncompressed audio and video signals.
  • SCIS: It is known as the Small Computer System Interface which is mainly used for high-speed transmission of signals. It can connect several peripheral devices like printers, hard disk, tape drives and many others with the same port using daisy chain. The transmission speed of the signal is more than both serial and parallel port.
  • Audio ports: Today the computer is mainly used for watching videos and listening to music. So, to connect speakers to enjoy music from computer audio ports are used. These port are capable of transmitting both digital and analogue signals.
  • VGA port: It is one of the port which is not only found in a computer but also in projectors and HD TVs. It is used to carry analogue signals with resolution 648×480. This D-connector has 15 pins which are arranged in 3 rows and it is also known as DE-15. There are many LCD and LED monitors which are using this port but picture quality is low using this port.
  • Modem Port: One who is using the Internet through telephone network with help of modem will use this port.

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The Bottom Line

So, ports are required to communicate computers with any peripheral device like modem, keyboard, speaker and many more. These ports can work with both Input and Output device for transferring signals to and fro. To connect any of the peripheral devices it is important to have an idea about different ports. Every port has its own use and so to connect any peripheral device with a computer it is important to insert incorrect port.

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