New Age Careers: What Are They and What Skills You Need to Grab One

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New age careers are something that has lots of potential and challenges. You must be thinking about what new-age careers are and why we discuss them. A Greek philosopher once said that change is the only constant, and his word applies to career options as well. The world of jobs and careers changes with every decade, and we find some new interesting career options waiting for young talent to embrace them. Speeding technology is rapidly creating more career opportunities for young people.

If we talk about new-age careers in the coming year, we must admit a few of them boosted because of pandemic and lockdown. After 2020 many of those career options emerged as full-time jobs. Around 5-10 years, no one could think that professionals could pick digital marketing as a full-time career option without going to the office. The new-age career options give new career paths that have more options than the conventional careers. The best part of these new-age careers is that they always have creative minds and ideas. So, let us know more about them and understand what skills one should have to pick any of the trending new-age careers;

What is New Age Careers?

Before moving to new-age careers, first, find out the real meaning of a career. A career is a job or profession that one does for a longer period. If the work is not interesting and you are doing it to earn money, you will lose your interest in it, which affects your growth at work. So, when you choose a career, think if you find it interesting or pick it only because of earning. The new-age careers are a great combination of interesting work with high pay. Most of the career options that fall into this category need creativity. Unlike conventional careers like doctor, engineers and CA, the new-age careers demand something new and different. So if you have a passion for standing out from the crowd, here we have some new-age career options for you;

1.  Vlogger

Vlogging is an attractive career option that needs skills, and it offers both fame and money. If you have expertise in any niche, you can have your channel on any video sharing platform. Here, you will understand that starting a channel is easier than running it. To be a successful blogger, you must know how to communicate with audiences and engage them. People love well researched work, so spend time in research work before coming online. You don’t need to have formal education for this profession, but knowledge of SEO and graduation in Mass Communication can help. You must be good at planning for making videos, and you need to identify your target audience. It’s an interesting career option, and you must go for it if this career option appeals to you.

2.  Fitness Professional

We won’t make that mistake about new-age careers and not about fitness professionals. The spread of coronavirus made us more alert about our health and fitness. In India, the fitness sector has yet to see its peak. So the demand for fitness professionals will rise in the future. In metro cities, many people take the help of fitness professionals to be fit, and now in small cities also fitness freaks want to get trained under certified fitness professionals. Now many apps are also available that hire certified fitness professionals.

3.  Data Scientist

Whenever you buy everything, visit any website, or visit a retail outlet, they ask you your name, e-mail and contact number. Your data is precious for the companies as they analyze it and plan their products launch and other things like offers and discounts. So Data Science has emerged as a promising and different career option. To pick it as a career, you must have all the required skills. The requirement for skilled data scientists is rising with every passing year. Data scientists take the data, analyze it, and use it for critical decision-making. To be a data scientist, you must be good at excel, coding and software and tools like Python, SAS and others. Data science is the fuel that with run businesses in the future.

4.  Ethical Hackers

Now you know that how important data can be for a company. Companies gather data from end-users and use it for their benefits, like decision making. So data is valuable, and to protect its companies hire ethical hackers. These hackers do ethical work by protecting the data from being hacked by hackers. Cybercrime and social media account hacking are normal; these hackers prevent them, so they are in demand in big social media companies. Ethical hackers use all the tricks to hack the existing data of their employers, and that is how they find the loopholes in the security and correct them. The demand for ethical hackers will also rise in the coming time as more companies will start to use data for business decisions. If you are interested in hacking, you can have your career in it.

5.  Artificial Intelligence Consultants

AI is like magic, and everyone in the technology sector is talking about it. From Mark Zuckerberg to Eon Musk, all seem to be AI fans. The Tesla car can take you to your destination without any driver, and it’s possible because of AI. Sophia is another example of AI. Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence, and it can make many devices work better with very little human interface. AI has a promising future for young experts. According to WEF (World Economic Forum), in 2022 approx 133 million jobs will be created in AI, and it’s just a start. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter streaming kings like Netflix and many other companies need AI experts to give a better experience to their users. If you want to have a career in this field, you must grab knowledge of different software and coding.

6.  Mental Health Practitioner

People are becoming more aware of mental health, so this sector will have more jobs for practitioners. The demand for professionals is high in this sector, and more people want to get their help. Mental health practitioners give counseling to people undergoing some trauma or stress that causes depression, anxiety and other issues. Mental health has been a less discussed issue in India. Still, in recent years many celebrities talked about it, and it helped many patients to ask for medical help without any hesitation. It is one of the most promising new-age careers that have some noble cause.

7.  Digital marketing specialists

Technology has taken us to that phase where the entire world can get fit in our laptop or phone. If we need anything, we prefer to check it online first. Everything has to get digitalized, from shopping to marketing and this digital world keeps flourishing. As we mentioned earlier, some new career options emerge every decade, and digital marketing specialists are the best examples. No one has thought of this career option before the dawn of social media, but now it’s one of the most in-demand careers. Digital marketing professionals do the marketing of any product on different digital platforms such as social media and e-mail marketing. Professionals with knowledge of SEO, graphics designing, content writing are always in demand in this particular field.

The Last Word

At the present time, career opportunities are endless. New and existing professionals have myriad options to choose from as their careers. If you have read the article carefully, you will find all the new-age career options are connected with technology. With every passing year, a new set of more energetic and techno-savvy aspirants enters the corporate world. We hope to see more new-age career options in the coming years. Meanwhile, you can choose one from the options we have mentioned here.

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