How to use social media channels for job hunting?

Do you still read a newspaper’s classified section to look for a job opening? The technological innovations have changed the way people used to search jobs for them. Today, most people use the internet for finding a job. Using the web for job search is very easy, all you need to do is to type in the type of job you are looking for, by job title, company or location. There are many social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, which people have started utilizing to find jobs.

The greatest advantage of exploring a job online is that you can reach it faster than all the people dependent on the classified section of newspapers, which increases your chances of getting the job.

Twitter has been trending as one of the best social platform for prospective employees to find job openings in companies they desire to work with, all they need to do is to follow the target companies to draw information about relevant job openings. In order to save money, some companies put tweets regarding job openings, instead of placing them on any job board. Many companies make separate Twitter accounts for announcing their job openings. Following companies on Twitter can get alerts for new jobs, but sticking to certain firms helps you get noted by some recruiters, who are on the platform for finding new applicants that meet their company’s job openings.

LinkedIn is best professional social media network for connecting with a business online. You can follow companies on the site to get information about the company and their job openings. Searching a company on LinkedIn is easy, at the top of the page you will find company tab and using the search function you will be able to find companies by their names or their industry type. You will also be able to see news about people who have taken new positions in the firm or have left the company, which entails that the positions people left may be open to apply for.

Facebook, the most visited websites on the web, can also be used for job search. The easiest way to find a job on Facebook is by asking your family, friends, and networks if they are aware about any available positions in their firms, this will help them know what you are looking for and will remind of you if they come across any relevant opening. Facebook pages can help you know about upcoming jobs, as many companies use it for reaching out to the right customers. You can also like and follow your dream company, following it will help you get notified if they have any vacancies. There are many location and job specific Facebook pages that help you in finding a job in your local area and in your area of expertise. You can also join Facebook groups which focus on job openings, related to a particular sector, or include all types of job openings.

Google+ can also be used for searching a job. Your Google+ profile and circles play a major role in getting you a job. The work and story sections allow you to include information both for prospective employers or recruiters, and also for search engine Google.
No matter which social media channel you use, always make sure that you keep a professional profile on it, which perfectly reflects your skills, experience and working abilities.