India Climate Change Knowledge Portal: All You Need To Know

India Climate Change Knowledge Portal

Global climate change has been a major concern for all, the change in climate has resulted in shrunken glaciers, planting, flowering and animals. The global climate change has told many lessons to humankind and the chances are yet unpredictable. For that concern, India Climate Change Knowledge Portal has been launched. Let’s know more about the portal and its features.

Why India Climate Change Knowledge Portal Was Launched?

  • Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, has recently launched the India Climate Change Knowledge Portal.
  • The portal will share all the information with the government at both International and National levels to address issues regarding climate change.
  • The portal will work as a single point of information source that will offer information regarding the government’s various climate initiatives.

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What is Climate Change?

As per the NASA website, Climate change is a change in the weather of a place, which could be the temperature of the place, amount of rain that the place usually gets in a period of time, etc.

Climate change can also be said as a change in the climate of Earth. This change could be the change in the usual temperature of the Earth or it could be a change in when and where snow and rainfall on Earth.

The website states climate usually takes hundreds of millions of years to change or it could change in just a few hours.

With the start of the pandemic, the world has also seen a drastic change in climate as well. Even the winters have arrived earlier, unlike past years. The world is seeing a complete overhaul in temperature. This is what climate change is called.

More About Climate Change Knowledge Portal

  • Information on ministries’ adaptation and mitigation actions will be provided by the portal.
  • The portal includes updated information on the implementation of actions of the ministries.
  • There are eight major components of the portal, The eight major components of the portal that include India’s climate profile, NDC goals of India, adaption action, National Policy Framework, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, mitigation actions, report and Publication, and International climate negotiations.

Indian’s Contribution To Climate Change

India has shown its concern over climate change and has taken actions for not letting these changes impact the lives of people. Here we will discuss India’s nationally determined contributions.

  • India has worked to reduce GDP’s emission intensity by about one-third by the year 2030.
  • India has been working to gain forty per cent of installed capacity of electricity from non-fossil fuel sources.
  • The country aims to achieve 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of additional carbon sink of carbon dioxide equal to forest cover for tree cover by the year 2030.

India Became Only G20 Country That Has Achieved 2C Target

  • India is the only G20 country that is working continuously and is on track to meet the Paris agreement signed in 2015.
  • The 2C target is for keeping the Global average temperature rise within 2 degree Celsius when compared to that of Pre-industrial level till 2100.
  • Before the 2C target, the target was 1.5 degree Celsius under the 2015 Paris agreement.
  • A reports from TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), states that 19 other leading and emerging economies including China, European Union and the US are way far from the 2C target.

The Causes of Changing Climate of Earth

Not just a single reason but multiple reasons are there that can lead to change in climate. Let’s take a look at some stated by NASA:

  • Distance of Sun from Earth. The sun sends out energy it could be more or less. This could lead to climate change.
  • Oceans change and this could be another thing that can bring climate change.
  • Volcano eruption can lead to climate change.
  • Humans can also bring the change in climate is what scientists believe. All the actions of humans like cooking food, burning coal, driving cars etc are the reason for this change. All these actions put gases into the air which causes air to heat. This leads to change in climate of a place as well as of Earth, as stated on the NASA website.

Wrapping Up

Climate change is a global concern for a reason and India has been working right on track to achieve its climate goals and 2C target. Its every persons responsibility to contribute to nature and save the Earth. We have to take care of the place we live in.

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