How to crack UGC NET Exam?


The National Eligibility Test (NET) for students applying to the PHD program, conducted by University Grants Commission (UGC), is one of the most admired pursuit. People who clear this exam has an opportunity to take their career to new heights. If you hold a master’s degree you can appear for the UGC NET Exam. A systematic preparation and assiduous effort is required to crack the exam. The UGC NET can be achieved with the right planning and perfect preparation strategy.
Here are some tips for all those who are targeting the UGC NET Exam, which help make your preparation better.

1) Cover the vast UGC NET syllabus

The UGC NET exam includes a vast syllabus, you need to start your preparations in advance to clear it. You need to be mentally prepared for a dedicated study. It’s always good to start with current affairs, followed by general knowledge and other relevant subjects, as you need to have detailed information about the subjects.

2) Understand the exam pattern

Understanding the pattern of the exam paper while making a preparation strategy is very important. In doing so, refer UGC NET website for exam pattern, or you may refer previous year papers.

3) Rank the subjects for study

You should prioritize the subjects based on your interest and ability to adapt. You should rank the subjects you feel you are weak at and you feel you are strong at, and study them based on an order, moving from easy to tough. It’s always easy to master simple concepts and once you are good with the basics it will be easy to understand the complex one. Start with what you know and master them first, it will help cover the syllabus in a much better way.

4) Read to understand the subject

Never try to study a subject just for memorizing, but try developing an interest and in-depth knowledge about the subject. This technique may take long time, but it is very effective and guarantees better results. Once you understand the thing, it will stay in your mind forever.

5) Appear for mock tests

Mock tests are the best way to make your mind ready for the real exam. Give mock tests on a regular basis before the real exam, it will boost your confidence and strengthen your exam preparation. Keep an eye on your time management while giving mock tests. Noticing time management will help you figure out the sections that will need more time and efforts and can be targeted first. It will give you an idea about what type of questions you need to attempt first that can help save your time for the complex questions.

If you think it’s difficult for you to prepare for the UGC NET exam on your own, you can join a reputed coaching centre for guidance. This external help will enhance your learning efficiency even in case of complex subjects.

I will suggest you to avoid investing time on new concepts, when you are in the final stage of your preparation, else it may lead to devastating confusions.

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