A Complete Guide to a Fresher: What to Wear For an Interview?

dress code for interview

Interview, being a one on one interaction and selection process for a job draws great amount of attention to what the person is wearing. Students who take up career counselling after graduation are also briefed on how to dress up for an interview. A well dressed person creates a better impression in the mind of the interviewer and has better chances of getting hired.

Interview is a final stage of the selection where the person appearing for it is judged based on his dressing sense, confidence, posture and overall personality. A well put together outfit boosts confidence, corrects posture and gives the personality a better colour. Hence it is an extremely important aspect of preparation for an interview.

Generally for a job interview one needs to dress up in formals from head to toe. Sometimes it also depends upon the sector or the kind of industry one is trying to get into. Some sectors like the IT, Manufacturing, or the hospitality sector expect the individual to dress up in formals. The entertainment industry, media house or television is not very particular about the nature of the dress. However the way the individual presents himself or herself in of very high importance irrespective of the industry.

So here are some ways in which individuals can work towards being presentable on the day of their interview.

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For Women:

  • Usually for women the dress code for an interview is either western formals or Indian formals.
  • Western formals are blouse and pants, blouse and skirt, pant suits, blazer and skirt etc. Indian formals include sarees and salwar kameez.
  • Some sectors have a specific dress code and almost all of them include Indian formals. Apart from the various kinds of outfits a women can prefer for an interview the colour palette of the outfit is also extremely important. Bright over the top colours should be avoided at all costs.
  • For a job interview in the field of IT one can opt for simple blouse and trouser, a blouse with a formal skirt and a cardigan or just a plain kurtha and pants will also work.
  • The other most important aspect of dressing up for an interview is that it needs to very comfortable as most times the discomfort in the outfit reflects in the face. And also like it is always believed that a comfortable outfit boosts confidence. Hence comfort dressing is very important.
  • If the individual is going for a job interview that is of higher position, dressing appropriately is a prerequisite. More than any other kind of interviews the importance for dress code for such is very high. Such kind of dressing is popularly called as power dressing especially for women.
  • For such interviews the individual is expected to wear formals like suits either with a skirt or the regular pant suits. One can also choose to wear Indian formals. Sarees are the most preferred kind of Indian formal more specifically cotton sarees.
  • These kinds of outfits can be enhanced with accessories like a tie or a scarf which is very minimalistic. It needs to be noted that going over the board should be avoided at all times. Over accessorising and choosing bright and whacky colours like orange, yellow, the fluorescent shades should be avoided.
  • The other part of dress code for an interview is the footwear. Appropriate footwear that is comfortable should be worn. Again, bright, sparkly kind should be avoided. This way the person going for the interview will have better chances of being hired and will also create a positive impression not just with the interviewer but also the entire working staff of the organisation.

For Men:

  • For men usually the dress code for job interviews in India is western formals. It is either a regular formal shirt and trousers or a classic suit. But for most interviews the regular formal shirt and trousers are preferred.
  • Hence for most of the companies and organisations the dress code is very much the same. Just like it is for women, the colour palette of the outfit is very important and bright flashy colours should be avoided.
  • Men too can accessorise their outfit with an appropriate tie, cufflinks, a watch etc. The right amount of accessories can make the entire out more put together and make the person look very presentable. This way the individual going for the interview will create a decent impression with the interviewers.
  • For interviews in the regular desk job which do not have much public exposure the person can go for casual formals like a simple shirt and trousers; tie can be avoided.
  • But for job interviews for high positions and have regular meetings and interactions with business professionals the individuals are advised to dress up slightly more formal. In such cases a classic suit is always preferred over the regular formal shirt and trousers. Tie, cuff links, pocket squares are great accessories. And finally wearing the right kind of shoes is also very important.
  • Formal shoes should be worn and regular sandals and sneakers should be avoided for any kind of job interview.
  • A perfect outfit or a dress code for a job interview is the one that is a correct mix of perfect outfit, minimalistic accessories, and polished footwear. All these together make for a decent look for a job interview of any kind or standard. It amplifies the impression the personality creates and also boosts confidence in the person going for the interview.
  • It is always better to have a checklist of the things to wear before going for an interview.  So here are some of the important things one needs to wear or carry along for an interview.
  • A proper formal shirt and trousers. Make sure the outfit is a perfect fit. An ill fitting shirt is not very pleasing to the eye.
  • A decent watch which is not sporty and colourful. The ideal and traditional analog watches are a better bet.
  • Appropriate accessories like cufflinks, rings, bag to carry required documents. Make sure they are not too over the board or excessive in term of colour and size.
  • Appropriate shoes are a must. Shoes need to be polished and sparkly clean. Such things reflect levels of discipline one possesses.
  • The individual is advised to wear formal style spectacles and the need to be clean.

Pro Tips To Look Presentable For an Interview

Since looking presentable and well put together is extremely important during an interview here are some pro tips to ace an interview look.

  1. Always wear ironed clothes for an interview. Crumpled outfit is an awful turn off for an interview. It reflects the discipline we have in our everyday lives.
  2. Wear muted or earthy colours like backs, browns, beige, off whites, blues etc. Colours like reds, oranges, pinks and other bright fluorescent shades should be avoided.
  3. Accessories like scarves, belts or ties should also be in tune to the outfit and not very flashy or bright.
  4. Avoid overdoing anything. Completely avoiding accessories is better than overdoing them. Do not clog the look with too much accessories.
  5. Shoes should be formal. Small heels are advised over high heels for women.
  6. Before deciding what to wear for an interview research on the dress code of that particular organisation or company. It gives a better idea as to what is right for the interview. Many companies are not very particular about dress code and some are very particular. This helps in avoiding over dressing or under dressing for the interview.
  7. Stick to basic and simple style in terms of jewellery, footwear etc. For example the footwear should be comfortable while walking hence high heels should be avoided.
  8. Get to know about the target company and their preferences in terms of dress code. Some PSUs are not very into formal dressing unlike the corporate companies.
  9. Shop for the interview clothing well in advance to avoid last minute rush if at all alteration is required.
  10. Go for a trusted tailor to ensure good fitting.
  11. Avoid pungent and strong deodorants or perfumes.

Personal Hygiene and Makeup

With all the skills one acquires to crack a job interview, personal hygiene and make up tops the list and is of high importance. For men it is extremely important to look groomed and have a clean shave and dignified haircut before an interview. An over grow beard is not advisable. For women hair needs to be washed and neatly combed or done. Colouring of hair should be avoided at least for the interview. Nails should be neatly cut or trimmed with muted coloured nail polish. Glitter of any kind should be avoided.

A well-groomed person is generally assumed to be very disciplined and sincere with work in general. Hence there are considerably high chances of being hired when the individual going for a job interview is groomed and looks put together. Hence individuals who present themselves with better personality have high chances of being hired.

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