How to dress perfectly for an Interview


Dressing for any formal occasion is very hard and when that occasion is an interview where your future depends on your first impressions, then your choice of attire becomes all the more important. We should always go by the motto ‘first impression is the best impression’ while attending an interview.

What you wear to your interview creates a type of perception of who you are and what type of choices you have. Therefore, choosing your attire for interview is critical.

To reduce you confusion and panic on what to wear to present yourself as the perfect person to be hired, I am here to give you a few tips on how to dress for an interview.

1. Be formal

I know we all like to dress casual and comfy but interviews are occasions where your professionalism is measured by your attire. So dress formal but not too stuffy, for men I suggest a simple suit and for women I suggest a good pant suit or a well-tailored simple salwar kameez with dupatta.

2. Avoid flashy

When wearing a shirt and tie with your suit make sure that their colour or pattern is subdued thereby giving a sophisticated look. Otherwise your tie or shirt might spoil your whole look and elegance you are going for.

3. Scent yourself

It is good to have a perfume on you that add to your whole look but make sure that the perfume is subtle and not pungent. If it is too pungent your interviewer might just get pissed or irritated therefore take care.

4. Minimal makeup

Makeup is a norm nowadays therefore it is common for interviews but while applying makeup make sure that you go for subtle rather that in our face bold. This is because you want to appear posh and sophisticated rather than a party type.

5. Pay attention to your hair

I know bed head is sexy but it is not at all appropriate for an interview. Therefore make sure to wash, blow dry and groom your hair thoroughly so it adds to the whole formal and sophisticated look you are going for.

6. Hands

Shake hands are quite normal during interviews so pay extra attention to your hands by trimming your nails, moisturizing your hands etc. For women I advise them to keep their nails long if they like but either don’t polish them or apply a simple colour like nude on them.

7. Fresh breath

After going through so much work to look formal and posh you don’t want a stinky breath to taint your interview. So before going to the interview make sure to clean your mouth thoroughly and while going also make sure to carry breath mints, so you can pop one in your mouth before you enter the interviewer’s cabin.

8. Shoes

Make sure that your shoes are formal to match your whole look otherwise sneakers on a suit is just plain wrong. For women I would suggest heels but comfortable and easy to walk in ones rather than high heels that make it a pain to walk in.

9. Accessorise

Make sure to accessorise yourself appropriately with a watch, belt, broach etc. For your certificates or any other files I recommend you get a good briefcase or file bag that is easy to carry around and looks cool.

So don’t fear, follow these simple tips and arm yourself with a good amount of self-confidence and I assure you that you will rock any interview.

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