Tips to Crack an interview


Everyone has to face interviews at one point of time in his or her life. Every high paying and reputed job today requires an interview to crack. It is very much clear that personal level communication matters a lot in today’s scenario both in the private and government sector. Here are a few basic things which should be in your mind while sitting for an interview.

Your appearance – one of the major aspects of interviews is your personal appearance or how you present yourself before the jury. Your appearance includes both your personal grooming and your dressing sense. Personal grooming involves a decent hairstyle, short hair is appreciated in every professional job, use a mild deodorant and avoid bad breath by brushing. Tidy and ironed clothes are a must. Remember not to wear too bright clothes. Stick with your formals and if you are wearing a tie, be sure where your knot is placed. Never ever roll your sleeves and always tuck in your shirt properly. Do not wear tight trousers but the ones that fit you well. Always remember to polish your shoes. And do not go for anything other than your black formal shoes, keeping your chest out and shoulders sideways.

Posture- Posture tells your state of mind and tells a lot about your personality. At times you are not aware of your posture but it speaks a lot about how attentive and how interested you are in the conversation. It also shows one’s discipline. Therefore, always have an erect posture, while sitting, standing or walking. Walk with a confident gait with short strides. While sitting, never cross your legs and never shake your legs, it is considered a bad sign in body language study. While answering the questions make a direct eye contact and do not look sideways.

Fluency and use of language – You need a good command over English to crack most of the job interviews. All companies want fluent English speakers. That is why you need to work on your speaking skills. Speak in English with your family and friends. Practise in front of a mirror. Give yourself a new topic daily and speak on it for 1 minute.

Being precise – If you keep your answers to the point, you shall get more marks in your interview. If you do not know the answer, say you don’t know, do not beat around the bush.

Do not over stress – It is understandable that you need to take your interviews seriously but do not over stress; this might hamper your communication in real life and make you stammer. Try to calm yourself the night before the interview and take a good sleep. Have a light meal before the interview and drink plenty of water. Drinking water increases the focusing ability of an individual.

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