Celebrate Women’s Day and Gift These Exceptional Books


Women’s Day – A day that celebrates womanhood with full earnest. Panels, Experts, and Orators come forward to discuss of not just the issues and problems that a woman face in everyday life, but how she is taking huge steps in every field, which once was stereotyped to man.

However, our fight is never on moving ahead of a man, but to accept a woman as equal as him! For instance, earlier if any woman wished to write a book, she either had to burn her dreams to smoke or if she dared to write one it was with a “Psuedo name.” Well, times have changed forcing a woman won’t lead her to shut her voice, but to give birth to a rebel a rebel that can kill anyone with her silence and work.

So, today on the occasion of International Women’s Day we have brought you a list of books that are about woman and are written by women. Sounds much like democracy!

  1. Agatha Christie, The Man In the Brown Suit: The title may not seem to be feminine. However, Agatha Christie is one such profound woman write who has not just stepped forward along with the male writing but has created her own style. The book is about the heroine who effortlessly mocks at herself. However, she gets herself into an international crime, and the story revolves around her life story.
  1. Octavia Butler, Kindred: The story goes as the lead woman wakes up in the hospital and the police officials question her husband. The book narrates how she travels back in time, and she repeatedly comes in contact with a person, having a relation with her. This book strongly reports about power and violence.
  1. Jane Austen, Emma: What are we talking about today? Women empowerment? How can she raise her position in the society? Well, this contemporary book talks about how a woman can be true to herself and have her own opinions, along with it how she should readily accept her mistakes open to learning new things. One thing that a few of them often ignore in the shade of “Feminism.”
  1. Margaret Drabble, The Milestone: This is the story about a woman named, Rosamund. How she brings up her baby, teaches and nurtures her. Along with it she takes on her PhD also not longing for any man in her life. The author beautifully expresses the style and writing in the book.
  1. AmrutaPatil, Kari: So, after a lot of womanhood, there comes this book where a lesbian protagonist tries to explore the different leads of friendship and relationship along with the loneliness and loss. The book is dark and gripping yet tagged as “memorable” by its readers. She has exceptional writing and style that expresses an exquisite world of the women.

So, these are the light, strong, yet exceptional books that are about women and written by women. We still say the fight isn’t about who is ahead but about equality.


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