10 Amazing Books for a Healthy Lifestyle


Most of us must have heard the famous phrase ‘Heath is Wealth’, but not all of us have fully implemented it in our lives. We are too busy with our office work, deadlines, studies, and other responsibilities keep us occupied, and we put health on the back seat. When we think about health, we search for some health tips and try to apply them. But reading books for health is a better and more reliable way to stay fit and healthy. So here we have the top 10 books for a healthy lifestyle.

Books are our best friends, and they remain so in the present internet era. You can trust the books’ content published by reputed publishers. You will find various choices in books for the health segment. Confusion is evident with so many options. Listing out the top 10 books for healthy lifestyle want an easy task for us. But in the present time, when COVID-19 has taken so many lives, health has become the priority. So we are bringing the 10 best books for health. Scroll down the page to make the following reading list for a healthy body;

10 Must Read Books for Healthy Lifestyle

We have so many mediums for entertainment and to gather knowledge, but none of them can replace books. In fact, we should make sure that we keep a few books ready on our list. The world is full of phenomenal writers who have written the best content in all genres. Health is one of them on which a lot has written which we need to read. So here we have the top 10 books for a healthy lifestyle.

1.      The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

You can start your journey to read books for health. Its written by an American author, so it has more information on Americans’ eating habits and food. But it’s a non-fictional book that has a detailed analysis of the impact of environment and animals welfare on available food choices. So you can somewhere connect with the book as Indians also following the American food habits.

2.      Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is one of the world’s most-followed Nutritionists. She is very active on different social media platforms. Her book has detailed information on healthy eating habits. If you want to lose weight and develop healthy eating habits, the book is perfect for you. Its one of the most recommended books to people with Indian eating habits.

3.      The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington 

We all know that sleeping 6-8 hours is one of the basic requirements to lead a happy life, but many of us couldn’t experience a night of peaceful sleep. The book talks about the consequences of sleep deprivation, lack of sound sleep and dreams and their effect on us. Read the book to understand how your sleep affects your performance at work, relationships and mood. It’s high time for us to understand the importance of sleeping to lead a happy life.

4.      Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To by David A. Sinclair 

No one wants to be old and fragile, but it happens with all of us. Ageing is an inevitable process, and the book tells you its significance. In the book, the author describes ageing as a disease and says it can be treated. By reading this book, you will learn about further research on slowing down the ageing process.

5.      The Effortless Sleep Method by Sasha Stephens 

Its another book on sleeping on the list. The book is a perfect read for insomniacs. It’s a convenient and influential book. We all know the importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle. Those who cannot sleep properly at night could not spend their day well. The book tells the sleeping methods for a sound sleep. Its an empowering book that has answers to all the queries of an insomniac person. If you find it difficult to sleep properly, then it’s a must-read for you.

6.      The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Don’t be surprised to see the name of The Slight Edge in the list of top 10 books for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a philosophical book that discusses how the dreams of a few people come true one after another. The book is recommended for better mental health. When you feel good, you stay healthy. The book falls in the category of self-help books, and everyone should read it.

7.      Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky

Fibres are essential for a healthy body and a sound digestion system. The book describes the role of fibre in our food and aso tells the facts of some myths related to fibres. There is a general conception that fibre reduces the risk of heart disease, eliminates constipation, regulates blood sugar, and does many other health benefits. The book eliminates all the myths associated with fibres and educates the readers that a fibre-rich diet is unnecessary.

8.      Get Moving! by Shwetambari Shetty

The book is published by Penguin and written by an author known for her unique dance fitness workouts. The book discusses how the human body behaves in the present lifestyle where we get everything quickly and suggest tips to be healthy and fit. At the present time, physical movement has become minimal. You will get the daily workout planning with the book along with a healthy diet chart. It’s good reading for those who have to sit at one place for longer hours. After reading the book, you can frame your daily workout to keep your body fit and healthy.

9.      The Insta-Food Diet: How Social Media Has Shaped the Way We Eat by Pixie Turner

The book’s author is a nutritionist, so it has all the original ideas for better health. Pixie Turner has been known for its online trending fitness advice. After reading the book, you will get to know the effect of social media on people’s eating habits and its dangers. She also tells you the ways to avoid brainwashing from social media on healthy eating habits.

10.  The Coronavirus: What You Need to Know about the Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed everything around us and made us more careful about our health and hygiene. The book is an easy and authentic way to find the facts associated with the myths of the disease. The book addresses the FAQs and relevant queries related to Coronavirus and its effects on the human body. The book is written by three doctors, Dr Swapneil Parikh, Maherra Desai, and Dr Rajesh M. Parikh. 

The Last Word

We hope these amazing 10 books for a healthy lifestyle will help you make the right decisions about your health. Though you can get information from the internet, reading books for health is a better option to get informed about good habits. You can start your reading from any book given on the list. They all are equally helpful in their genre.

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