Seven Fierce Women Authors You Must Read

must read fierce women authors

The world has changed rapidly, unlike decades ago women are now moving parallel to men in every sphere of life. They are stronger and independent. They are everywhere, right from your workplace to your gym, they are walking neck-to-neck with men.

Women are a perfect example of work-life-balance, but no matter what you achieve the society will always think you less than your male counterpart. Some have moved out of the taboos, but a big number still needs the courage and strength to break the barriers of societal pressure to live their dreams.

Not always you get the motivation by reading a motivational book. You need to draw the required motivation for yourself. If you feel dull and bored reading motivation/inspirational books, you need book of different genera to perk you up.

Moreover, you can get the right motivation by reading these books written by the fierce women authors.

  • Jhumpa Lahiri – She is daughter of Bengali Indian Emigrants. Her family moved to US when she was just 3 years. This initial journey of her life is the major reason that most of her work revolve around dilemma faced by Indian community settled abroad. Right from generational differences to complicated identity issues, she has tried to let her voice reach people in the form of books. The characters in her story draw inspiration from the real life experience of her family living in the US, far away from the country of their origin. Her books are a small world in itself that perfectly picture the struggles, biases faced by immigrants as well as well as the immigrant psychology and behavior.
  • Jane Austen – She was always way ahead of her times and her work reflects the same. All her novels portray her female characters in the most astonishing way, and their struggle to reach a new height is well presented in all her books. All of her novels are extremely motivating and are a must read for every woman fear breaking the societal barriers to fly free. One of her most notable work is Pride and Prejudice.  
  • Arundhati Roy – When talking of powerful female authors, Arundhati cannot be missed. A perfect blend of societal issues with fashion and her personal opinion is what her books has to offer. Her debut novel, The God of small Things received was widely read and appreciated. Her controversial book on the Godhra Train subject is another of her must read books. She is an author who highlights the political instability in a very beautiful way.
  • Indira Goswami – Indira suffered from depression for a long period and had been suicidal a number of times. Writing was her way of survival. She brings the human side of the struggles that our mother country went through by her writings. “Pages stained with blood”, “The Moth eaten howdah of a tusker” are surely out of this world, and you will never get tired of reading them.
  • Anne Lamott – A combination of alcoholism, single motherhood, religious faith and political interests is reflected in her work. Her work is truly fierce that has the power to penetrate your heart. The irony, chaos and humor is used in a way in her writing that you find it nowhere else.  
  • Virginia Woolf – A wide thinking feminist and a powerhouse of words. Virginia Woolf is known for strong female creative characters that are no less than awesome. Once she said “A women must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Such a writer she is with power thinking adding sparks to the words.

  • Kiran Desai – She is daughter of author Anita Desai. Her stories are known to take you to the situation through words. When it hurts the most, you feel like reading the work of Kiran Desai. Her second book, The Inheritance of losshas won numerous awards. Even Salman Rushdie has appreciated her work. You haven’t read any from her, go grab one and you will feel the magic of words.  

Wrapping It Up

We have discussed some of the widely read fierce female authors. Let us know of their work that you have read and admire. Who is your favorite writer? Would you like to make any addition to this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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