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Computer diplomas

For every human being in the world, there are three necessities by birth; food, water, and shelter. However in recent times of tough competition even these three are not sufficient. There are many sub-branches grown of these necessities. A human life is never a satisfying life anymore. In older years people were not much ambitious and used to be happy with two times food and a living home. But in recent years everyone has become greedy for more and more. Whatever money one earns it’s not making him happy. He wants more. All are used to run in the rat race of no happiness and joy. All want to have either a high paying jobs or a heavy income through their work. Some people get it in a legal way and some in illegal. Where illegal money ends up, we all know. But if one thinks of high paying work either job or business, and then there are a lot of ethical ways to get it.

Ethical ways of high earning:

  • Medical Professional (Doctors & Surgeons)
  • Information Technology
  • Management Consultant
  • Senior Post in Corporate
  • Investment Banker
  • Lawyers
  • Merchant Navy etc

Apart from the above field, one who is highly efficient and with magnificent abilities can earn in crore per year in an ethical way. Though these jobs give you a high salary, the money involved in the education of it is too high. A common person cannot afford to spend this much on education. The best way for most people is to get the best quality of knowledge with minimum expenses on education. Those with high ambitions and a focused mindset their goals right and do what best they can.

In recent times, a computer is the best field to achieve your big dreams. One can search for the best computer diploma courses and select the best suited for his interest. Based on the expert level achieved in these diplomas one can get a relatively high paying job. It is not a thumb rule but as of now the situation in the computer field is much better than other fields like engineering and polytechnic. There are many courses one can opt for.

Computer courses for career:

  • Web designing: Those who want to work independently have a great opportunity in a web designing course. It needs developing and managing of website. Various companies opt to hire a web designer to manage their website and such demands generate good earning opportunities. This is mostly a one-year course and the student receives a Diploma Certificate in Web Designing.
  • VFX and Animation: With an increase in demand in visual effects for TV and films, one can get good earning by taking up this course. People like to watch animation movies nowadays. Therefore the people who have completed this course find a job in the film industry pretty easily.
  • Hardware and Networking: If one completes this course from a reputed institute then there is a job guarantee. Many hardware and networking institutes are having a good placement record. There are two types of courses, short and long.
  • Software and Programming Languages: Learning computer languages and programming is a very high skill work. Top IT companies in India as well as abroad, mainly the US demand good program developers.
  • Tally: Tally is accounting software. Many big companies and Governments have adopted Tally to store and transfer financial statements. It is essential to update this software as and when required. Tally ERP 9 is a course in Finance and Accounting. Many job opportunities are there in companies.
  • Cyber Security: As the digital transaction is increasing day by day, the cyber crimes are also on the rise. To ensure the safety of online banking, paying bills, shopping, etc, ‘security specialists’ are hired. Those who complete the course in cybersecurity can get the job in banks, companies, etc. Also, there is an option to work as an independent security auditor or ethical hacker.
  • Microsoft Office and Typing: This is a very basic course. Those who are just starting to learn computer can start from this course. It consists of MS Office, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc. Typing also can be learned along with this course. One may get data entry work in offices or companies.
  • Diploma in IT: this course can be pursued either after the 10th or 12th. This is a three-year long full-time diploma. Those who want to build a career in the IT sector can opt for this long course over other short courses. Also, these diploma holders can directly get admission in the 2nd year of degree engineering program.
  • Diploma in Computer Science: This is also a traditional diploma course. This is a three-year course and the minimum qualification required is 10th. 12th science stream students can also take admission in this. The course has a good wide range of education in hardware, software, computer application, and programming. This course offers good software and programming skill. Like a diploma in IT, here also students can get entry in 2nd year of engineering degree by completing with good marks.
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance: This course includes a thorough knowledge of computer hardware parts like CPU, mouse, Printer, etc, and its maintenance. Complete repairing of hardware parts is taught in this course. Assembled computers are made by these hardware professionals. These people deal with accessories of the computer and can do repairing of the parts.

There are several short and long-term courses and certifications in the computer field but all do not guarantee to give your high salary. There are some specific high paying diploma jobs which can give a high payout. These jobs, however, require highly skilled, motivated, and hardworking people who can turn their chances into opportunities and perform an exceedingly great job. 

Potentially high paying jobs:

  • Computer and Information Scientists and Researchers: This provides you the right platform to become a theorist and investor in the field of computer science and information technology. You can invent new technology with your deep study. You can possess in-depth knowledge of business, scientific, engineering, and technological fields and get a high research position in governmental agencies, engineering firms, academic institutes, and private software publishers.
  • Data Modeler: Binary process of computer needs developed conceptual, logical, and physical data models. Data Modelers are those system analysts who work closely with the team(s) of architects who develop data models. The data modeler device a system to convert mass data into essential and redundant ones to improve the data transfer system speedily.  
  • Computer System Analysts: Computer system analysts have to work with programmers, software engineers, network security specialists, and management teams to co-ordinate and customize computer systems, return reports, cost benefits, and other information management tasks. They are IT industry planners, designers, developers, and installers. In most of the organizations and companies, they have to align the information technology as per the need of the company or organization.
  • Business Continuity Analysts: These are a kind of Disaster Management officers of the IT industry. The business continuity analysts protect the company’s general and confidential data in case of blackouts or disaster. The business continuity analyst performs the task of information security and risk and also have to train the employees about the ethical way of handling software systems.  
  • Systems Software Engineers: Software application engineers are the experts who develop middleware, software systems, business applications, games, and network control systems. They apply the theories and principles of computer science combined with mathematics to develop design, test, and maintain the software systems that run on the computer.
  • Computer Programmer: Computer programmers are those who work with software engineers and system analysts to convert software programs into logical instructions. They write the program necessary for the particular software. They use computer languages like C++ and Python to increase overall productivity.
  • IT Auditor: Firms and organizations hire IT auditors to control overall operations, practices, and accounting. They have to keep the information on the system operations within the firm or the organization. IT auditors have to keep surveillance on the mismanagement, fraud, and inefficiency in using the devices of the company.
  • Systems Security Administrator: A System security administrator are specialized IT professionals who maintain server security, design and implement system structures, design and upgrade software, and observes server activity. Systems security administrator also manages firm or company’s online transactions and advertising.
  • Network Security Administrator: Network security administrator is a member of the IT team who maintain and protect computer system and data within the organization or the firm. The job involves installing, supporting, and maintaining computer systems and servers. They also carry out project management, light programming, and training to those who operate computers.
  • Professional Hackers: Professional hackers protect to his customer from cybercriminal hacking. He has to ensure the system of the customer is not feasible for any kind of cyber attack. Professional hackers are experts in computer programming and software and hardware and use all available skills as and when requires.


Even though the field of computers is very wide and there are several job opportunities, one must understand to work with passion. If someone desire, the high-paying jobs are there but for those who work to their dream. For getting the high-paying diploma jobs you must get sufficient and required knowledge or guidance about the best computer diploma courses which will open a gateway to your path of getting high salary jobs.   

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