Excellent Career Options for Those Having Basic MS Office Knowledge


21st century India is an ocean of opportunities for those who learn to excel in their field of choice. Gone are the days when only engineers and doctors were respected and their job profiles considered to be the most lucrative ones.

However, dominating force India has become in software development, even IT jobs aren’t anymore the most affluent and recognized jobs in India. In fact, if one attains excellence, one can earn handsomely in India. However, there are some basic skills that one should acquire, which is a precursor to gaining hand on anything. One such domain is MS Office.

 MS Office as Basic Skills

It has been long drawn the conclusion that those in India do not possess the basic computer education cannot think of having a job profile suitable to their basic skills. Whichever job you would love to opt for; even for a cab driver, basic computer and mobile application are must get the job done and grow.

However, the pertinent question is the job prospects and scope of growth for those who have only basic computer skills like MS Office.

Data Entry:

This is the most basic job profile in which you are to feed the data sheets needed by various industries to streamline their database in order to process. The data entry job is not a difficult job, however, it requires excellent speed and accuracy to feed the data.


No business can survive without having the books managed properly. Telly is the software that mostly basis itself on MS Office. Also, the customized accounting software is more or less bases itself on basic computing skills. Those who have basic knowledge of MS Excel and MS Words can easily manage the job of accounting with basic knowledge of bookkeeping.

Clerical jobs:

No matter how big company is an administrator or assistant is required to manage the routine paperwork and official management. In India, clerical jobs have vast options for all the businesses in India somewhat depend on the manual process. With an excellent track record in MS Office, one can easily be hired to perform day to day administration job either in the corporate, or NGOs, or education sector.

PPT expert:

One of the most plum jobs for those have basic knowledge of MS PowerPoint and PPT making. PowerPoint is one of the most powerful tools used by various businesses for presentation. If you understand the documentation and precision of details to be published, you can be an amazing powerpoint presentation maker and presenter and can easily earn 25000 plus in metros.

Macro Maker:

A little more than MS Office; you need a bit of an idea of XML as well as DBMS along with MS office to become a Macro Maker. The upcoming Big Data Analytics industry would require many macro makers where millions and millions of data are to be segregated and accustomed to the requirement, which can only be done through the macros. This can fetch not less than 40 to 50K remuneration each month.

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