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Quit India Movement
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On 9th August in the year of 1942, Mahatma Gandhi announced the’ Quit India Movement’ against the Britishers at the Bombay session of the All India Congress Committee.  This movement is also known as ‘Bharat Choro Aandolan’.  Since this movement was announced in the month of August, so it is also called ‘August Kranti’.

Indian soldiers in World War Second

During the World War Second in 1939, Congress Working Committee passed a resolution which stated that no Indian soldier will take part in World War Second. As a response to this resolution, the Viceroy issued a statement that this war is for the reinforcement of the peace in the world and if Indian soldiers will fight on behalf of the British army, British administration will make some friendly modification in its rule over India. Indian leaders did not agree to this. In return for support from Indian soldiers, Congress wants the British government to give India the full independence, which was not accepted by the British government. Somehow Mahatma Gandhi was also against this. He doesn’t want the independence on the ashes of Britishers.

In Second World War Japan and the British army were fighting against each other. When the Japanese army reached and conquered Burma, Indian soldiers had to directly involve in this war. Meanwhile, thing remained disputed at the administration level.  To resolve the issues between British authority and All India Congress Committee, the British government sent a delegation to India under the leadership of Stafford Cripps. This delegation was called Cripps Mission. But between Cripps Mission and All India Congress Committee, things remain divided thus the talks failed. This made All India Congress Committee take a strong and harsh step against the British government in the form of Quit India Movement.

When Gandhi said ‘Do or Die’

By the time of 1942, Mahatma Gandhi became the hero of the struggle for the independence. Indian people started following his words. Mahatma Gandhi spoke at the Gowalia Tank Maidan in Mumbai. His speech was full of anger. He said his fellow countrymen to do or die.  His speech left a strong impact on the listener’s mind. He called to the people of the nation to ‘Do or Die’. His words worked like magic for Indians. Mahatma Gandhi asked his fellow countrymen to adopt the way of non-violence and don’t follow the British orders.  On the very next day of the announcement of Quit India Movement, Mahatma Gandhi along with Pt. Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Abdul Kalam Azad were arrested. Congress was declared as an unlawful association. Its offices were sealed and all the funds were frozen. This step of arresting the leaders of Congress without any trial made India more united. Although many other groups like Hindu Mahasabha and All India Muslim league was not participating in Quit India Movement, still it became one of the biggest movement for the independence of India.

Failure of Gandhi’s Quit India Movement Was a Success

The Quit India Movement was started with the vision of immediate independence for India. Although this movement could not get its vision but it proved to be the milestone of the journey of independence of India. Many people lost their lives and many more were arrested by police. As result, Quit India Movement failed. But it played a crucial role in Independence on India. Indian civilians had got strong faith on the leadership of Congress. This movement showed the power of unarmed civilians to the British.

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