11 Fun and Interesting Career Options You Want to Pursue

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Are you looking for some interesting career options? The unconventional career options keep the creativity alive. They work as fuel to enjoy every single minute at the work desk. The Indian youth is not afraid of experimental career options and wants a challenging one. A decade back, the dream of youth used to be a banker, doctor, or engineer. But, with time, start-ups become an innovative and different career option. So now the youngsters pick a road of their interest to make a career.

India is a young country, and 50% of the population is under 25. Considering the population of India, the youth has the power to bring a revolutionary change in the country. The non-traditional and interesting career options will help them in this. Unemployment has become a problem for the country. Most people consider government jobs as the only employment. When more people get success in unconventional careers, this thinking will change too. So, if you are one of those who could not get fit in any regular job; know about the 11 fun and interesting careers for you;

11 Fun and Interesting Career Options

Following are the interesting career options that can help sure you to take your professional heights. The unique career options for you have endless possibilities for you to grow. The uniqueness of the profession will motivate you to keep earning more things and performing better. So without further ado, let us know about these 11 fun and interesting career options;  

1.      Personal Trainer


COVID-19 made us realized one thing which we forget long back; your health is the real wealth. People want to be healthy, fit, and fine. So the boom is going to hit the fitness industry. To get the right training, trainees will have to take coaching from a qualified trainer. So the demand for personal trainers will be rising in the near future.

The Indian fitness industry is upgrading it with certified trainers. So, if you are interested in Yoga, or physical exercise, you must enroll in some certification in physical training or nutrition or Yoga. A certified fitness professional can earn a handsome salary which depends on the skills he posses.

2.      Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is one of the highest paying jobs. It needs creativity, exceptionally good It skills. If you are crazy about computers and knack for hacking, then you can be an ethical hacker. IT and non-IT companies hire professional hackers to find loopholes in their internal security. Now the government offices also hire hackers to make sure that their data is secure. The best part of the profession is it pays well. But get entry into this profession only if you are interested in hacking and computers. Its one of the most interesting career options for computer geeks. 

3.      Fashion Designer


Fashion is something which changes with every season. So if you are highly creative and have a keen interest in clothes, fashion, and trends, you must think of making a career as a fashion designer. Fashion designing has various branches where you can get a job. For example, you can design a costume, work as a textile designer or be a sketch assistant. The fashion industry pays well, and you can have a secure career and future while working for your passion. If you want to be in limelight, its one of the best career options for you. 

4.      Digital Marketer


Online presence has become a must for all kind of businesses and start-ups. So the companies approach digital marketers to promote their businesses. The present time is the best to have a career in digital marketing. The digital marketer must create engaging content on different social media platforms to promote their clients’ products. In the digital marketing team, more than one specialists work. Content marketer, SEO, SEM, Graphics Designer, etc., can work in the digital marketing team.  

5.      Chef


Who doesn’t love to eat delicious food, so the demand for expert chefs is high? It’s a lucrative career option that offers job stability and a good salary. Career in food service gives you a chance to travel to many tourist places. The profession is best for creative and hardworking people. Working in the kitchen is not easy, but if you are passionate about cooking and a good team player, it’s the right profession for you.

6.      Nurse


The demand for nursing professionals increased in recent years. The pandemic has made the countries realized the importance of advanced health care structures. So the nursing staff is in demand. Nurses are the backbone of the health industry. A qualified nurse has an opportunity in both the public and private sectors.

Moreover, a nurse can also get a nursing job abroad. Indian nurses are in demand in countries like the UK, the US, and the Middle East. So if working overseas is your dream, enroll in a nursing course from a recognized institute.

7.      Writer


There was a time when writing used to be considered a hobby, not a profession. With time, this thinking changed, and writing has become a well-earning profession. Its still a field for creative minds. If you love to write stories, then you can get write them and get them published. Good writers are getting popularity and good money from the publishers. Technology has opened many other ways to get your work published, like writing a blog. You can get famous by just engagingly writing your thoughts. You will have to struggle in the initial days of your writing career, but you will get famous soon if you have potential.

8.      Stylist


The Indian fashion industry is still growing, so professionals have endless chances to grow with the industry. If you are passionate about looks, hair, and overall appearance, then you have the potential to be a stylist. A stylist has to work with fashion designers, photographers, models, and others to give them a good look for the event. A contemporary works in the glamour industry, so remuneration and fame is endless here. If you are good at your work, you will get famous with just word of mouth.

9.      Farmer

You must be thinking that farming is a traditional career option and nothing interesting is involved in it. You’re mistaken. In India, we still use traditional farming techniques, and we can grow more crops if we follow the proper techniques. Organic farming has brought a revolution to the sector. All we need to do to promote farming is to look at it as a profession and business. If more youngsters join farming, India can be a leading country to export agricultural products worldwide. So get admission in agriculture courses and plan farming as your career option.

10.  Politician


India needs young and energetic politicians that can take the country forward. Its an irony of the country that youngsters want to model social media influencers but hesitate to talk about politics. You can start your career in politics by raising your voice for your local problems or participating in college elections. Its an interesting career option that pays you later on, and you will have to struggle a lot initially. But when you find that your work is making society better for a few, you get satisfaction.

11.  Tattoo Artists


Youngsters are crazy about tattoos. A few years back, getting inked was very popular and now removing tattoos are also getting popular. For both of the works, a tattoo artist is required. If you are creative enough to apply the tattoo to others, you must think about making your career in this field. Its an interesting career option, and for creative minds, it’s the best. To be a tattoo artist, you will have to take formal training. However, it will enhance your skills as an artist, and you will get to know about the complete hygiene process after applying a tattoo to your client.  Its one of the most interesting career options for the tattoo lovers and artists.

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