Perfect Jobs for Fashion Obsessed


Do you know what is ‘in’ and ‘out’ in fashion and what’s buzzing the trends? Do you master the skill of color combination? Do you love makeup? You love being dressed differently? Or do you have your own style statement that is loved by people around you? If the answer to all this ends at you. You are surely a fashion obsessed and the ideal job for you would be something related to fashion.

If you do not know how you fit in the wide world of fashion, we are here to help you. We have clubbed some best careers that might fit your skills. Career in fashion is not always about being fashion designer or model, there is more to it. Read on to know!

Fashion Publicist: Maintaining a brand’s image is the key role handled by a fashion publicist. Being a fashion publicist you have to build relationships with journalists, influencers, and celebrities to publicize the image of brand. You as a publicist handle, promote and manage brand image. They are the ones who bring brands to people, by making their client’s brand being worn by celebrities on and off the red carpet. They are the people working off the camera to get the brand to a greater height.

Production Manager: In fashion industry, not only the looks matter, but also the quality of trendy designer fashion apparels. Production managers are an integral part of fashion world; without them the on-time delivery of products is next to impossible. They are the people who administer the manufacturing process of the textiles and apparels. They are also responsible for maintaining the quality of product, and managing the supply chain. In less words, they oversee the process from raw to finished product.

This doesn’t sound easy nor does it is. This position comes with a lot of responsibility, and hence is of high-pressure in nature. Production Managers are the people who master the art of scheduling and budgeting.

Social Media Assistant: No fashion house can survive without advertising and marketing. It involves a lot of images and depends on marketing, so it does make sense that the upstart fashion houses to the most established fashion brands use the power of social media to reach more people and market their brand. If you own the skills of curating photos and giving it a perfect caption, then social media assistant is the job you must go for.

Fashion industry still spends a lot on traditional marketing, but they know the power of advertising and media marketing. They do have their decided budgets for both type of marketing, but they prefer spending less on print media. The reason behind this is the global reach offered by the social networking platforms to even the smallest of companies.

Costume Designer: This is undoubtedly a very interesting career for those who equally love fashion and films. If you have an artistic eye, can visualize the how a character will justify the look of the role it will be playing. The role of a costume designer is not just limited to designing apparels but to create characters for theaters, films or stage production.

Makeup Artist: Fashion industry is huge and looks fascinating too.  It’s not only about the clothes you wear, but also about the type of makeup and hairs you carry with those clothes. Fashion designers doesn’t work alone, but they work with makeup and hair artists to give a story to their brand.





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