Your Future is Bright with These Career Options in Aviation Industry

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Aviation is an attractive industry that offers huge salaries to its employees.  The career opportunities that aviation industry offers include handsome salary and wings to fly in the sky. Although the growth rate is very slow globally in aviation industry and accordingly the employment graph is also low. But in India aviation industry is growing and in the future, it will bring many job opportunities for aspirins. All the career options in aviation industry carry the same charm.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the career options in aviation industry and educational requirements for that.

Career options in aviation industry

Aviation industry in a huge one and it offers different types of jobs. For every job in aviation industry, you need to have a bachelor degree in that particular field. Here are the career options in aviation industry that you can choose.


It’s the first career choice that comes in mind when we think about the career options in aviation industry. Both government and private airlines hire commercial pilots. In aviation industry, this post gets one of the best salaries.

But being a pilot is not an easy job. The salary of a pilot is based on his flying experience so yes, for fresher’s it’s a bit challenging to get a desirable job.  To be a pilot you need to start your preparation from class 11 only by choosing Maths and Physics as core subjects. If you have commerce then also you can be a pilot. For that, you need to apply for on-demand exams through NIOS.

To be a pilot you can take admission in any government recognized flying school or you can also join the Cadet Pilot programme run by a few private airlines like Jet Airways.

Test Pilot

This job profiles also includes flying the air machines but not with passengers in it. Test pilots are those who fly the brand new aircraft and approve them. This is not so popular career option in aviation industry but offers a handsome salary. To get this job you need to go through to the same journey of being a pilot.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An aircraft maintenance engineer is the one who ensures that the aircraft is in the position of flying or not? Aircraft maintenance engineer checks the aircraft and certifies it fit for flying. The job responsibilities of aircraft maintenance engineer include inspection of aircraft before and after each flight.

Air Traffic Controller

This is an important but stressful career option in aviation industry. The main job of an air traffic controller is to have an eye on the positions of different aircrafts within their radar. Now technology has become advanced and this made the job of ATC a bit less stressful but still, this field needs more techies.

Flight Attendants and Grounds Crew

The job of flight attendants includes the welcome of passengers, tell them about the security actions in case of emergency and offer them help. You can choose this career options in aviation industry after 10+2 with any subject. To be a flight attendant you need to be very polite and humble. On ground crew also need the same qualification and qualities.

The Bottom Line

If you also want to pick a career in aviation industry then gear yourself up and start your preparation in this direction. For any query related to this or any other career option, you can write to us in the comment box.




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