Five Best Aircraft Jobs For You


Aviation Industry looks attractive, and it also pays well. India’s sky has witnessed the ups and downs of this industry in recent years. But still, the charm of aviation is well maintained. Whether it is the polite voice of a pilot that echoed in a plane when you start your journey or a sweet smile of the air hostesses, everyone seems so satisfied with their respective jobs. So in this article, we will discuss the aircraft jobs and the required eligibility to get them.

In recent years the middle class has become more prosperous, so travel by air has become common for more people. This will also bring a revolution in the Indian aviation industry. Now many companies are planning to explore this industry. So in the future, you can expect more jobs on a plane.  

When we talk about aircraft jobs, mainly two jobs come n our mind, a pilot’s career and flight attendants’ job. But the fact is that the aviation industry needs a vast staff to maintain and run it. So without much ado, let’s know about the five best aircraft jobs that you can take up to have your career in aviation industry.

5 Best Aircraft Jobs For You   

Since childhood the sky looks like a mystery and we all have a hidden wish to fly in it. Jobs on a plane can fulfil this wish of yours. Whether you work on a plan or work as a supporting ground staff having a connection with the aviation industry makes you different than others. To work closely with planes, you can opt-out one of the following careers;

1. Commercial Pilot  

Flying a commercial flight is a big responsibility and the airlines also pay well for this job. Operating a commercial plane on thousand feet above in the sky is an exciting and competitive job. To become a commercial pilot you will have enrol in the flying school after 10+2. Here you will have to take a written test followed by an aptitude test and personal interview. After completion of your course and training, you can apply for the commercial pilot license and apply for the pilots’ vacancies released by the airlines.

2. Commercial Air Traffic Controller 

 Our sky is getting busier day by day. As more people have started to prefer the air travel to save their time so the number of flights has also increased. When there is traffic in the sky the importance of Air Traffic controller increases. ATC is a high paying job of aviation sector. To be a commercial air traffic controller you need to have Engineering degree in telecommunication, electronics, radio engineering and other relevant streams. It’s a must for you to pass your bachelor’s and master’s in engineering with a minimum of 60% marks. Along with the educational qualifications you will have to be physically fit too and your vision should be 6/6. Your career will start from Junior ATC Executive and its growth chart can go up to GM and Executive Director of the airline.   

3. Flight Attendant Job

One of the most attractive job in an airline is of flight attendant. The charming personality is the key to get this job, but along with this, you will have to be able to give a quick response, and you must have a strong presence of mind to tackle any situation. Mastery is spoken English and pleasant personality both are the minimum requirement to get this job. If you know any foreign language than it will be considered as an additional qualification. The educational required for this job in aviation industry is 10+2 with degree in hospitality, or other graduate degree.  

4. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) play an important role in aviation industry. No commercial pilot will get permission to fly the plane until AME doesn’t approve the plane’s maintenance. If you are passionate about working in the aviation industry, then AME is the best route for you. Though AMEs work on the ground but they get a very handsome salary. To be an AME, you will have to pursue in 4 years license program. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) offers the curses for AME, and to get admission in this, you need to have the same qualification as you need to get admission in B. Tech. 

5. Aviation Doctors

If you feel that the aviation sector offers most of its critical jobs to the engineers only then you are wrong. A doctor or medical professional can also join this industry. Physical fitness plays a vital role in the selection of the candidates in different posts in an airline, and the companies get this fitness test by their doctors only. So the airlines need to hire the doctors as well for regular checkups and health checkups at the time of joining. To get this post, you must have completed the MBBS from a recognized university and has experience of a few years.

Wrapping Up

Aviation Industry will grow more in the coming years, and it offers various opportunities to the youngsters. It is the industry that needs more young people in comparison to other sectors. So if you love to fly, then get a pilot’s job or flight attendant’s job to get wings. And you want to be a part of this growing industry; then you have a plethora of opportunities on the ground as well.

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