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RBI Grade B officer job is one of the most prestigious jobs of the banking sector. Reserve Bank of India is a well-known banking organization. Getting a job in RBI, itself a big challenge and when you get RBI officer job then it becomes more lavish. Many IITian and IIM pass outs join RBI Officers jobs for a bright future.

If you want to have a bright and secure career in government banking sector, then RBI Offers Jobs will suit you perfectly. The good part of RBI officer job is that RBI regularly recruits its employees for the Grade B level officers.

If you want to know how it feels to work at RBI as an officer, then you landed at the right page.  Here is the sneak peek of RBI Officer Job Profile.

How it feels to work at RBI as an officer

RBI has been voted as the best workplace in India.  So it’s obvious that more people want to work for this organization. Let’s know why you should join the RBI Grade B officer job. 

Grade B officer job is the highest level of direct recruitment in RBI. If you get selected as Grade B officer in RBI then next promotion in RBI will be on senior positions which cannot be filled by direct recruitment. If you join RBI on the RBI Grade B Officer Job at the age of 28 then there will be a high chance of your retirement from the post of Executive Director/Deputy Governor of RBI.

Let’s evaluate the future prospects of joining RBI.

Career in RBI

RBI offers extensive career opportunities to its employees. RBI is a reputed banking firm not only at the national but on international level as well. Many aspirants join RBI as a launch pad to get a job in World Banks and other internationally recognized companies and banks.  And we have already mentioned above that in this organization you will get promoted as Deputy Governor or even as the Governor General of RBI. 

Work Pressure in RBI

The work pressure in RBI varies from one department to another. In one department the workload may be low whereas in other department is it could be high. But as the RBI has a certain recruitment process so it has enough employees to share the workload.

RBI follows 5 days a week so that’s again a relaxation for the employees and the office premises of RBI is happening where the employee would like to work in a positive mood. Moreover, RBI also encourages its employee’s further studies and all. Leaves are not a big issue in RBI until they are pre-informed.

Work Culture of RBI

Knowledge is rewarded in RBI. If a newly joined employee is exceptionally talented then he will be eligible to get the increment.  But to get this you will have to mention your qualities in your Resumes and proves it to the seniors. In RBI, there is a great emphasis on training. RBI conducts training from time to time to keep its employees updated with all the new developments. Work is the only thing that you can enjoy at RBI. Many websites are blocked here including Facebook, to prevent time-killing. 

Promotion in RBI

If you join RBI as Grade B officer, then you need to be on probation period of 2 years which can be increased up to 4 years. Generally, the first promotion you may get after the 7 years of joining. A Grade B officer is generally promoted to Grade C. Then in about 5years, the next promotion is done to Grade D. The promotion in RBI is based on the interviews. Although the promotions are not based on some written policy they are the trend of RBI.

Salary in RBI

In RBI the employees generally get the posting in metro cities and the offered by can get you a comfortable lifestyle.

RBI arranges accommodation for you in Bank Colony of the city or at some leased apartment by banks. The total CTC (Cost to Company Pay Package) can be up to 13 lakhs. Initially, a candidate can get up to 60,000 as per month salary.

Other allowances from the bank for the RBI Offers Jobs are as follows;

  • Local Allowance for – 5% of Basic pay (maximum 1300)
  • Family Allowance – 4% of Basic pay (maximum 1100)
  • Grade Allowance – starts after confirmation (end of probation)- 2250
  • Special Allowance – starts after confirmation (end of probation)- 2500

RBI officer gets the Monthly Reimbursements for following expenses;

  •  Educational – up to Rs. 2000
  • Household – up to Rs. 2000
  • Telephone – up to Rs. 800
  • Conveyance Allowance – depends on city and Grade.

Following annual reimbursements are also given to grade B officer by RBI;

  • For Medical – up to Rs. 4000
  • For Book Grant – Rs. 4500
  • For Briefcase – Rs. 7000

Apart from all the above mentioned benefits the RBI Grade – B officer also gets the following allowances;

  • Furnishing of residence allowance
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Medical Insurance
  • OPD Expense reimbursement
  •  Education Leaves etc.

The Bottom Line

So, aspirants here we have given you more than enough reasons to join RBI as Grade B officer. Now, you must have started dreaming about a life after RBI Job.  If a job can give this much to you then what are you waiting for? So, start your preparation for RBI officer jobs.

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