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Banking is the financial backbone of a country. Without proper functioning of our banks, there would be chaos. India is one of the largest countries in the world, has the second highest population in the entire world has to have a robust network of banks. This is actually the case. We do have a wide range of banks in India with numerous branches of each bank spread around the country.

Banking can be a blooming career opportunity for youngsters in India. They generally create a lot of vacant posts to be filled every year. Hiring young and fresh recruits will also be beneficial for the functioning of these banks. Hence employment rate of banks is very high in India. Posts like PO, specialist officer, .clerical posts, accountant etc. in a well-established bank are considered good.

We shall be talking about the top 10 largest banks you shouldn’t miss you to apply for in 2018.

State Bank of India

This government-owned bank is the largest bank in India with around 3 lakh employees working in the entire country (2016). By 2016, it had a revenue increase of ₹1.85 trillion and a profit of ₹127 billion. Not to forget, it is an international Bank and serves outside the country too.


This is a public bank with 87,555 employees by the end of 31st March 2016. It was founded in 1994 and its headquarters is situated in Mumbai. It operates within the country and has an asset amounting to $ 66.7 billion.


This is private sector bank which has around 75 thousand employees working for it. Its headquarters is also located in Mumbai. It is an international bank and serves clients worldwide. It had total assets of around $109 billion by 2016.

Punjab National Bank

This a public sector bank owned by Government of India. Its headquarters is situated in New Delhi. As per the government sources it has around 70 thousand employees by March 2016. Until March 31st, 2017 it had over 80 million customers and around 7 thousand branches.

Axis Bank

It is a private sector bank based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It had 56,084 employees by March 2016. It had an annual income of ₹ 83.5759 billion in the same year. Now it’s the third private largest bank in India.

Canara Bank

It is also a public sector bank and is based in Bangalore. Total employees by 2016 were 53,506.

Bank of Baroda

This is a public sector bank with its headquarters in Vadodara. It is an international bank. It has 52,470 employees as by 2017. It has more than 5000 branches all over the country.

Union Bank

A government-owned bank with headquarters situated in Mumbai, it employs 36,377 workers by 2015.


This is a government-owned bank with 16,555 employees by March 2015. It’s based in Mumbai.

Bank of India

This is a public bank based in Mumbai and has branches all over the country. It is one of the oldest banks in our country.

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