How Important It Is to Select Right Stream in Class 11

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Class 11th brings excitement to learn new things but a responsibility to choose the right stream. Career guidance becomes a must for the students when they reach class 11th. Students of all state education boards and the CBSE board have to choose one stream from Arts, Commerce and Science. Generally, the students’ criteria to select the right stream after 10th is to select one with maximum possibilities from career perspectives. The fact is all three streams have endless possibilities for the students. Let’s understand how important it is to choose the right stream in class 11th;

Importance to Select Right Stream in Class 11th     

Sometimes students choose a stream in class 11th based on their marks in class 10th. Most of the times, students take help from their parents and friends. To choose the right stream in class 11th, the students must take professional help. A wrong decision at this time can take you to a wrong career.

In class 9th and even in 10th, the students live in their dreams to be a pilot or teacher. After 10th, all of a sudden, the students have to choose the right stream for further studies. It is probably one of the first most crucial decisions that a student need to take. If you appear in the CBSE board exam for class 10th, you might not start to think about the right stream in class 11th. But it would help if you took it seriously to decide about your stream in 11th standard. It is a must to choose the right and suitable stream in class 11th as they will create a base for your career.

We understand how confusing it is to choose a stream in class 11th. The peer pressure and advice from family members can influence you, and you can land up in the wrong stream. Here we are to help you with this daunting task. Choosing a stream is challenging because students because don’t know much about the options. So here is the necessary information about subjects in class 11 CBSE. Read it to understand the options you will get in class 11 CBSE and what will be the career options after completion of your studies in different streams;

Streams To Choose in Class 11th

Most of the state education boards and CBSE offer three streams to the students in class 11th. Students choose a stream 11th class and study the preferred subjects for two years. The three streams that you will get in class 11 CBSE are:

  1. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Bio)
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts/Humanities

Please scroll down the page to know in detail about them. 

1. Science (PCM or PCB)

Science stream has a reputation of most difficult stream in class 11th and 12th. Students learn Science till 10th standard, so they are aware of the basics of this subject. Most of the students want to pick Science in 11th standard because they are aware of the subjects and the careers it offers. Many students get advice to go for 11th Science if they want to be a doctor or engineer in their lives.

 Many people connect Science with academic intelligence. If you have scored 90% or more marks in class 10th, you must go doe science in CBSE 11th. You must ignore this criterion of marks before making a subject choice in class 11th.  

Though these are prevalent notions, they are far from reality. Choosing Science has nothing to do with your academic intelligence. You must select the science stream if you have a good understanding of its subjects. The topics you read in class 10th are just essential of the Science and in 11th and 12th the complexity level of the subjects increases. If you are curious to know the secrets of the physical world and your logical thinking works well, you must go for 11th Science.

Subjects in class 11 in Science

In class CBSE 11th class, the subjects are divided into two categories; Medical and Non-Medical. Here are the subjects that you will have to study in CBSE 11th and 12th;

  • Medical Category: In this category, you will have to learn Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and one optional subject.
  • Non-Medical Category: In this category, you will study Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and one optional subject.

Career Options for Science Stream Students

When you decide to take a stream for class 11, you will have to choose them from a career perspective. The Science stream offers various career options. Science subjects are known to provide stable and high paying careers. The science stream is divided into two categories, so the career options are different for the students. Here have a look at the career that you can choose after studying Science after 10th.

  • Medical: For medical students who have learnt Biology in CBSE 11th, the best career options are in the medical field. The field is progressive, so opportunities are endless in it. India is a developing country, so its medical field needs a good number of qualified professionals. Medical professional such as doctors, surgeons, B. Pharma, M. Pharma qualified professionals are in demand in India. Students can also pick teaching as a profession. Allied medicine fields also have opportunities for medical students.
  • Non-Medical: The students that go for Maths in 11th instead of Bio can pick engineering as a profession. They can also take the entrance test of NDA after the 12th to get an entry in Defence. The Maths students can continue their further studies and be a teacher to teach this complex subject to the next generation. Aviation, IT, Architecture, and many other industries have opportunities for PCM students.

2. Commerce

Commerce is a job oriented subject that offers a study of business and financial transactions. Like Science, this stream also has some myths. Most people believe that Commerce is the best match for an average student. Those who score 60% marks in the 10th standard can pick it. As the stream offers knowledge about business and its finance, it is also beloved that it’s the best choice for students from business families. But in reality, both kind of thinking are far from the truth.

Commerce stream is suitable for anyone interested in economy, finance and calculations. Here the students learn how the business world works in the finance domain. The subject teaches the students about what the taxes are and how the money rotates in the market. The commerce stream has information about business, finance and trades.

Subjects in class 11 in Commerce

In this stream in CBSE class 11th, you will have to study Commerce as the main subject. Along with this, you will study Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics, English and Economics. You can pick any other topic instead of maths in the 11th commerce stream. In Business Studies, you will learn about how businesses work in the public and private sectors. Accountancy is keeping a record of incoming and outgoing cash and money. Economics is all about the GDP of the countries, their economy and budgets.

Career options with the Commerce Stream

After 12th with Commerce, you can be a CA, CS, or pursue further education to get a job in a company as an accountant. Students with a commerce background prefer to go for MBA as further studies options. Investment banking, Bank PO, Entrepreneurship, and stockbroking are the other lucrative career options that a student with Commerce can choose.   

3. Humanities

Humanities is an exciting but most misunderstood stream for CBSE 11th students. People think that this stream is for weak students. A stream that offers various subjects to study and has multiple career opportunities must not be categorised for vulnerable students only. In recent students have started to show more interest in the 11th Arts stream. The books students read in this stream work as a base for the preparation of competitive exams. SO if you ate interested in studying any of the below-given subjects, then go for humanities without thinking about the myths related to this stream.

Subjects in class 11 in Arts

Humanities offer a wide range of subjects to the students. Here the students study subjects like History, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics. 

Students can choose any one form history and Geography, Economics and Political Science. Students are to choose one optional subject as well. The optional subject can be Maths, Physical Science, Legal Studies, Fine art etc.

Career options with Arts/Humanities Stream

Though the people relate this stream with low grades in 10th standard but it offers unlimited career options. The most sought-after career option for the students of the arts stream is teaching. They can pursue further education to be a teacher. In India, we all know the demand for highly qualified teachers is high and considering the development work, it will not slow down in the future. Humanities students perform well in competitive exams of government jobs as they have well-versed knowledge of main subjects. Law, Civil Services, Social Work, Teaching are the best career options for the Arts and Humanities students.

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