What Are Temporary Files And How To Delete Them From Computer

What Are Temporary Files

Computers are available with different configuration but what if high configuration processor is also working very slow. Then, there is a need to increase the speed of the computer to make it use effectively. You can speed up your computer by deleting the temporary files.

What Are The Temporary Files?

These files are also known as foo files which are been created by the operating system. These files are created when you are running or even have completed some task using any applications. These files are not permanent files and are not created by the user and this is one of the reasons why many times users ignore it. These files are created by the operating system and have temp extension but today there are many other such files which do not have such extension.

Temporary files take up the storage space in your disk space and thus occupies memory which indirectly effects the processor. These files are mostly created while using the internet or running high-configuration programs on the system. There are many programs that create such files and delete them immediately after completion of the work. Still, some files are not deleted by themselves and thus slow down the processing of the computer.

In such a situation, it is very important to delete such files from your computer and thus clean up the space. Sometimes, these files are used to recover data but in many scenarios, it ends up disturbing the processor and reduces its speed. So, it is better to delete such files which will indirectly help to speed up the processor and get your work done quickly.

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How to Delete Temporary Files From Computer

Temporary files are deleted in different ways depending on the operating system of your computer. There are various methods to delete such files, the easiest is to run a commands to clean up the space.

To delete temporary files from your computer with Windows XP, 7, 8 or even 10, opt for disk clean up utility. It is one of the best ways when you are willing to delete temporary files from your computer.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean the temp files:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • In the search box write administration and click on administrative tools option.
  • Click Disk Clean up from the given options.
  • Select temporary files and temporary files from internet option to delete all files. After selecting both options, click OK.
  • Lastly, click delete files, which will confirm your request and delete all temporary files and folders.

To delete the temp files you can also click on Windows button, write %temp%, you will see the temp files stored on your system. Now Select all and Delete. You won’t be able to delete some files if you have any programs running on your system.

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Which Files Should be Deleted From the Computer?

Temporary files are created in every drive and so before deleting from any of the drives make sure you close all your programs. In many situations, you are unable to delete temp file form computer and it is because computer program or software is using such files. Therefore, before trying to clean computer close all programs and then try to delete files and feel the change. You can delete all type of temporary files from all your drives, which also included files created through using the internet.

Bottom Line

Speed is an important factor and none can compromise on the speed of the system. Who would like to work on a system that hangs every minute? No one! We all like working on a system that works smooth and loads quickly. Temporary files just eat the memory space and are of no use. Just imagine a computer full of temp files, this sounds scary, right?. Now, can you imagine what would be the speed of a system if there was no option to delete temp files from the computer?

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