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Police jobs are regarded as one of one most courageous and prestigious jobs in society. Joining the police department is every kid’s dream at least once in their childhood time. The police department is responsible for making every citizen feel safe and secure. So, police jobs are directly connected with social services too. If you are passionate to serve needy people, police jobs are one of the perfect career choices for you. The police department has various roles and vacancies for the aspirants. The job seekers generalise the different police department jobs, but they all are different, and so is their section procedure. In this article, we will discuss the different types of police department jobs, their selection criteria and procedure.

The police department plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order in society. The department controls the crime rate, investigates the crime scene, and catches the criminals. The department needs courageous and intelligent officers in different departments and posts. The department has to handle crucial and complicated cases, and criminals so intelligent minds and courageous young blood are what the entire police department needs. A healthy body and good physique are other essential requirements to join police jobs. Despite having all the qualities, getting police jobs in India is not easy. The recruitment process for the police department involves written and physical tests. Let’s scroll down the page to know more about different types of police department jobs.

 Types of Jobs Available in Police Department

In India, the police department comes under the state government. The state government has to employ the police to stop, investigate the crime and prosecute the criminals. However, the central government can financially help the state modernise its police department by providing it with the latest weapons and other equipment. The central government has some departments like C.B.I., I.B. and a few others to join as police officers. Here have a look at the different types of jobs available in the police department;

· Constabulary

The aspirants can enter the state police department by qualifying the recruitment tests conducted by the state recruitment bodies on the constabulary posts. It is the lowest rank in the state police, and selected candidates for constabulary are to follow the instructions given by their seniors. They can be sent to the traffic police department also. The recruitment of the following three levels is conducted under constabulary recruitment;

  1. Sepoy
  2. Constable (CT)
  3. Head Constable (HC)

· Upper Subordinate

In upper subordinates next three designations come. The police recruitment board of the state invites the applications and conducts the recruitment exams. The recruitment procedure is different for all three mentioned designations of the police department. The recruitment exam is basically conducted for the first two posts. The recruitment on the last post is generally promotion based.

  1. Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (A.S.I.): A.S.I. is the lowest designation in upper subordinates, and he has to follow the instructions of S.I. and P.I.
  2. Sub-Inspector of Police (S.I.): SI is usually the first investigation officer, and he can file the charge sheet in court.
  3. Inspector of Police (PI): Inspector is the officer in charge of a police station and carries more responsibilities than an S.I. P.I. has to make sure that his area has no or minimum crime rate.

· State Police Service Officers

State Police Service Commission recruits the S.P.S. officers to work under the state government. The public service commission involves recruiting state police officers for a higher level. For the recruitment of lower-level officers in the police department, the department initiates a recruitment process. A few states like Andhra Pradesh and others have police recruitments boards to recruit the most suitable candidates after conducting a written and physical fitness test. Candidates selected through State Public service commission can also get a promotion and upgrade to be an I.P.S. These officers are also known as Promotee I.P.S. Here is the order of promotion for directly recruited State Police Service Officers;

  1. Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P.)
  2. Additional Superintendent of Police
  3. Superintendent of Police
  4. Senior Superintendent of Police

· I.P.S. Officers or Indian Police Service Officers

I.P.S. is selected through the UPSC civil services exam, which is one of the toughest exams in India and the world. On clearing the exam, the aspirants get a chance to serve the nation as an I.P.S. officer. After prelim and main examination, the selected candidates get training, and then they become eligible to get posted in any part of India. The promotion order for an I.P.S. is as follows;

  1. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  2. Additional Superintendent of Police
  3. Superintendent of Police (S.P.)
  4. Senior Superintendent of Police (S.S.P.)
  5. Deputy Inspector General of Police
  6. Inspector General of Police (I.G.P.)
  7. Additional Director General of Police
  8. Director General of Police (D.G.P.)

How to join Police Department? 

To apply for police jobs, you have two exams to clear; SPSC (State Public Selection Commission) and UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). As suggested by name SPSC conducts the recruitment procedure to fill the requirement of a state’s police department, and UPSC conducts exams to select I.P.S.

If you want to know to be a police officer, you will first have to check your educational qualifications and the types of job you want to get in the department. Here we have compiled the types of jobs in the department based on education.

After 12th

If you want to join the police department, you can apply for the constable or head constable post. SPSC releases the recruitment notification for these posts. The minimum education qualification to apply for the mentioned posts is 12th from any stream.

After Graduation

After graduation, you have more options to join the police department. UPSC exam is a prestigious one then gives you a chance to be an I.P.S. officer. On clearing the prelim, mains and interview for I.P.S. exam, you get a post of S.P., A.S.P., and Assistant Commissioner of Police or D.S.P. S.S.C. conducts the exam to select circle inspector and sub-inspector. SPSC also conducts an exam for assistant sub-inspector, and you can appear in it after completion of graduation. Generally, head constables got a promotion on this job.

Who Should Apply for Police Jobs?

If you want to know how to be a police officer, you can try after 12th and graduation, depending on the type of job you want to get. The main responsibility of the police department is to maintain law and order in their territory. To apply for police jobs, one must be physically and mentally strong. The job in the police department is crucial and does not have defined working hours. You must also develop patience so you can be calm in difficult situations. Though police departments are attractive and challenging departments to work and, it’s also directly connected with serving the people. Still, like any other job, it also has some pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them;

Pros of Police Jobs

  • All police department jobs are prestigious, and people treat the policemen with respect.
  • Government offers a good salary and other financial and non-financial benefits to the police department.

Cons of Police Jobs

  • The police department always has pressure to perform well and quick. The policemen are always ready to serve the people. Lack of sufficient staff at a few places makes the department’s role more crucial.
  • The salary for constable and grade 3 employees is low compared to the work pressure they face.
  • Job in the police department is challenging as the S.I. and Inspectors face the criminals and catch them.

The Bottom Line

Police jobs are the dream career for many of the youngsters in India. After reading the article, you must have understood the two ways to join the police department; first as an I.P.S. officer and second through SPSC. We hope this information on the types of jobs in the police department must have helped you find the right way to get a police job. In case of any further queries, use the comment box to reach us.

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