Top 10 Career Options After Completing Your Nursing Degree In India


Nursing is one of the best career option to serve humanity. It’s one of the noblest and respected professions. The nursing profession is full of opportunities, and it never faces recession. All the countries around the globe keep upgrading their medical facilities. So the demand for talented medical professionals is always high in all nations. After BSc nursing, the students have various career opportunities that offer good salaries and well-established career. Career counseling after the 12th will help the students to choose the right career path in nursing. 

Most of the students choose to enroll in B.Sc. Nursing after 12th but after graduation, they feel a void. However, various career options are available after B.Sc. Nursing, but students don’t know much about all of them. It’s essential to know all the career options after B.Sc. Nursing or other nursing training. 

The students interested in having their careers in nursing must choose Science (Bio) stream for the 12th standard. After this, they have various career opportunities in nursing on UG, PG, and Doctoral levels. Students want medical professionals to participate in the NEET. It’s an entrance exam to get admission to a medical course. Those who don’t want to be a doctor but want to work to get admission in B.Sc. Nursing. Many universities offer access to this course after 12th to Indian students. If you aspire to work in the nursing field, this article has some vital information. Scroll down the page to know about the top 10 career options after completion of your nursing training in India; 

10 Career Options After Nursing Training in India

Nursing is all about serving the patient. It’s a noble and stable career option. The career opportunities are endless in nursing. Its offers respected jobs not only in India but out of the country as well. In UK and US, the demand for professional nurses from India is high. 

Considering the opportunities available in nursing, many interested students pick B.Sc. Nursing as a career option. Here we will discuss the career options available for the B.Sc. nursing students after completing their graduation course. 

1. Nurses in Private Hospitals 

Indian medical sector is growing rapidly. As India is a developing country, so more hospitals are required to serve India’s massive population. The government hospitals are getting better, but a big part of the population depends on private hospitals to get medical facilities. Hence the requirement of nurses is high in private hospitals. After B.Sc, Nursing students can get a job in a private hospital as a nurse. The fresher and non-experienced students get trainee nurse post and salary is approx. 1.2 to 1.8 LPA for them. The salary of the nurse in a private hospital depends on its location. Usually, the compensation of the nurses is higher in the big cities than in the small towns. Salary for the general nurses gets hike based on their experience in the hospital. 

2.  ICU Nurses

To handle the critical health issue of a patient and emergency, the hospitals need ICU nurses. The ICU is an Intensive Care Unit where a patient gets advanced health treatment. To help the doctors in ICU, the hospital needs ICU nurses. The nurses are well qualified and well trained to operate medical’s equipment in ICU. To get a job as ICU Nurse, you will have to obtain a Diploma course in Critical Care Nursing. The eligibility for the diploma course is B.Sc. Nursing. The diploma course duration is one year, and you can enroll in the course from a government or private institute. The fee in the government institutions will be lesser than the private one. Salary for the ICU nurse starts from 3.25 LPA for initial years and can go up to 9 LPA after earning experience.

3. OT Nurses

OT nurses help the doctors during the surgery and the patients after the surgery is done. The duty of OT nurses starts before the surgery. They are to help the doctors to plan and provide the surgical instruments for the operation. The OT nurses perform a crucial role during surgery, so many hospitals offer training to their nurses interested in surgeries. It’s considered one of the most challenging nursing professions. The salary of OT nurses starts from 3LPA to 3.5 LPA. Like all other professions, it increases with experience.  

4. Home Nurses

If you are curious to know about career opportunities in nursing, then a home nurse is a good option. It is one of the high-paid occupations in nursing. The demand for home nurses has increased rapidly in recent years. To be a home nurse, you must have completed your B.Sc. Nursing. Many hospitals offer home nursing facilities to older patients and patients who cannot walk or eat. Home nurses are to help the patients in dressing, feeding, and washing. They are to have a close look at the progress of the patient’s health. A home nurse’s salary starts from 20-30 K per month, and it can reach up to per hour.

5. Chief Nursing Officer 

Chief Nursing Officer is responsible for managing the nursing staff in a hospital. CNO is one of the highest-paid jobs in the nursing sector. It works like a Head Of the Department. The CNO does the recruitment planning for the nursing staff in the hospital. Many hospitals hire CNOs with expertise and experience in managing nursing operations. The salary for this post starts from 9 LPA.

6.  Superintendent in Nursing 

The superintendent must manage the CNO and help the hospitals invest in advanced clinical facilities. It’s a lucrative career option for aspiring professionals in nursing. 

All the big hospitals have requirements for superintends in nursing. The position needs ample experience and expertise in nursing and management. The salary for this post starts from 8 LPA.

7. Supervisor in Nursing

A nursing home or hospital can have many nursing supervisors under one CNO. The roles of supervisors in nursing to supervising the existing staff and their work and treatment to the patients. They are to plan a roaster for the nursing staff and track their daily duties. To schedule training for the nursing staff is also comes under the SOW of Nurse Supervisors. Most of the hospitals hire only experienced nurses for supervisor’s post. Salary for this post starts from 4 LPA, and it increases based on the candidates’ experience.

8. Paediatric Nursing

To help the pediatricians, the nursing homes and hospitals need pediatric nurses. The demand for pediatric nurses is high in child specialist homes. They are to take care of newborn children and older kids. It is expected from a pediatric nurse to handle the kids well. The nurses are to offer and help the parents to get the prescribed treatment by the pediatrician. For this profession, the aspiring job seekers will have to complete their M.Sc. in Paediatric nursing after B.Sc. Nursing. Salary for this particular post starts from 3 LPA, and it can reach up to 7 LPA.

9.  Nurse Researcher 

Research and development is an integral part of the medical sector. The medical scholars keep working for different researches. So to help them, a nurse researcher is required. The research lab of pharmaceutical companies hires a nurse researcher. Salary for this post starts from 2 LPA, and it has ample career opportunities for the nursing professionals.

10.  Psychiatrist Nurses 

As resemble by the name, a psychiatrist nurse has to help a psychiatrist before, during, and after the sessions. The patients that visit the psychiatrist are among the most fragile ones, so the nurses are to take some extra care while helping them. The awareness about mental diseases, depression has increased in India in recent years. 

So the requirement of psychiatrist nurses is high in India. Salary for this profession is approx. 4 LPA in India.

The Bottom Line 

Career opportunities are never-ending in nursing. Here we have mentioned the top 10 career options in nursing in India. In case you have any queries related to a career in the nursing field, you can write to us. We shall revert you with the right information.  

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