7 Tricks That Will Not Let Your Android Run Out Of Storage Space

Tricks to Boost Storage Capacity of Android

Smartphone has become a basic necessity nowadays and we use these smartphones not only for making and receiving the calls but we send emails, click photographs, make videos and upload them on social sites and do numerous things with it.

Android phones have become the best buddy of many of its users and its really annoying when your best buddy could not store your data in it because of lack of storage space.  We will address this storage issue in Android phone in today’s article.

Your android phone stores your memory and other important document but when its storage space starts to run out the world start to shrink and heart start to sink. The only solution that a normal android user has at this time is, to delete the unwanted or less important stuff from their phones.  Though no user wants to delete any single item from his/her phone, but still has to do it to store fresh items in the phone.

So here we come up with some ways to free up space of your Android smartphones so you can click more memories in form of photos and carry your important documents anywhere with you in your 5-7 inch smartphones.

Tricks to Clear Space on Your Overstuffed Android Device

Here are a few tricks that will not let your phone run out of storage space and you will be able to store data in your Android phone without deleting any important apps.

1. Use Google Photos

Most of the Android phones are filled with photographs. The mobile companies keep improving their cameras so people prefer to capture the moments of their lives from their mobile phones only hence most of the space of your phone gets filled with photographs.

The Google photo is an app that help users to keep their photographs safe with them without occupying the space in your phone. You can download the app from the app store and store your photographs in it.  You need to click on the free up device space to keep your phone free. The data of photograph you have stored on Google photos will not count in your google drive storage.   

2. Clear Cache

All the applications you store in your Android phones create the cache data. This data helps the app to run well but it stays on your phone even after the use of the app. Your phone has many apps installed in it and the cache data they create are huge too. So to utilize the space of your phone, delete this cache data. To clear the cache data you need to Tap Settings > Storage > Cached data, then tap OK and you will be able to get more data occupied by this cache data.

3. Moving Apps to External Storage

Google is trying to make the smartphone free from external storage by giving them more internal storage capacity but external storage is still a popular way to enhance the storage space of the android smartphone. You can push a few apps to external storage to create more internal space in your phone to run it smoothly. If your phone is not having external storage option then you can use USB OTG as external storage.

4.  Cloud is an Option

Cloud storage is a great option to keep your phone free from data. For people who love to listen to music can move to google play or many other apps to listen to their favorite songs. If few users want to store some data like an excel sheet or any file in another format they can go for google drive and can access their data from anywhere without adding an extra burden to your storage.

5. Clean the Downloads Folder 

Like your PC your android mobile phone also has a downloads folder. The folder contains some miscellaneous junk files downloaded from the Web or apps. Most of the files stored in this folder are waste and occupy the storage space of your android phone. You can delete these file to boost up space storage in your phone.

6.  Move Unnecessary Apps to Trash or Zip Them

Your mobile phone has many apps few are frequently used and few are rarely used. Sometimes we download some apps use them twice or thrice and then forget about their presence in the smartphone. These apps occupy storage in your phone which you can use to download and run a more important app. So explore your phone to find these apps and uninstall them.

The other way to boost storage on your Android is to Zip the unused apps. When you need these you can unzip and make their use and zip the others that you don’t need at that moment.

7. Turn on Smart Storage

Android Oreo introduced smart storage to its users. The Android smartphone users with Oreo upgrade can turn on the smart storage option which will automatically detect the high space consuming apps, photos, videos or files of other format and delete them after taking confirmation from you.


Now you know how you can boost up the storage of your Android device. A few smart moves like cloud storage can help you to enjoy having more space with all the required apps on your Android device. So apply the aforementioned tricks and your Android will never run out of storage space. Which trick do you use?

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