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career in stock market

The popularity of stock market careers is rising nowadays. Gone are the days when stock market careers used to be a part-time occupation. Now you can consider one of the career choices. Like any other field, in the stock market also different career choices are available for an individual. 

Earlier the work in the stock market used to be complex. Due to a lack of transparency, most qualified job seekers didn’t consider working in the equity market as a career option. But now people know how the stock market runs and what kind of benefits they can get by investing their money in it. So the demand for people with vast knowledge in the stock market has risen. 

People have many reasons to invest in the Stock market. Money transactions have become more accessible now, and different media platforms also keep sharing expert advice about investing in the share market. The banks’ interest rates have been deducted, so people want to invest in the equity market. As the interest of the people diverted to the stock, so many individuals have career choices in this field. 

Career in the stock market is considered to be an uncongenial career choice. Career in the field has endless opportunities, and they are increasing. Let’s dig more and know what the career options in the Indian stock market are. 

Career Options In Stock Market

Looking for different career options? The stock market can be your destinations. Here the job seekers with different educational background can have stable career. In recent years the job and career opportunities have arisen in the stock market. The job seekers have the option to join a job or to have a start-up related to stock market trading. If you are keen to be an entrepreneur, establishing a start-up can be an innovative career choice. Here are a few career options in the stock market that you can pick; 

1.      Investment Advisor, one of the best career options in stock market

The first career option that comes to mind when we talk about careers options in the stock market is an investment advisor. The demand for investment advisors is high in the money market and its one of the highest paying jobs in the stock market. Career of an Investment advisor consultant has the potential to earn name and money.

If you are interested to be an investment advisor in the stock market, then you will have to first register with SEBI. After the registration, you will become RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), and then you will become entitled to give investment-related advice. In India, no one can officially give investment advice other than RIA, and you must not take it.

To be an RIA, you must have completed your post-graduation in finance, accountancy, commerce, business management or economics. The job seekers with a PG diploma in all the aforementioned and other related topics like insurance, capital market etc., are also eligible to be an RIA. Graduate candidates in any stream with working experience of 5 years in financial products or portfolio management can also apply to be an RIA. More information available on SEBI website. To be an investment advisor, you must know the stock exchange and shares of different companies. Once you become a registered investment advisor, it becomes easy for you to have your firm guide the customers about different investments in the equity market.

2.      Research Analyst

Inequity market research analysts is considered to be an essential and profitable career option. As the title suggests, the SOP of this job is to research the nature of the equities. The demand for research analysts is high in investment advising firms. Considering the present value of the share market and people’s interest in investing, professional research analysts can get good earning. They are the experts that do the buy and sell analysis. Their research helps the RIA and retail traders to make future trading decisions. the research analysts guide the fund managers to select the suitable assets to buy and sell. to have your career as a research analyst in the stock market, you must have detailed knowledge of the stock market. More experience will increase your worth. If you have completed CA or CFA, then you can start your career as a research analyst in the stock market.  


3.      Stock Broker

A stockbroker can be considered as the first step to get entry into the stock market. The stockbrokers are presented in the Indian stock market since its start. According to the rules, you must have a Demat Account for trading in the stock market. Though now many private banks have removed its necessity, most government banks want their customers to have a Demat Account then do trading in the stock market. The stockbroker can do this trading on your behalf. Most new investors take the help of any individual stockbroker or stockbroking firm to invest in the share market. The best part of this profession is that it doesn’t require a particular set of qualification. 2 years of experience in a stockbroking firm after graduation makes you enable to be an individual broker. If you clear the NISM exam, then it becomes an advantage to be a stockbroker. CFA, CA, FRM are the other courses that will help you have a strong portfolio, but they are not a must. Your salary can be 2-3 LPA for the initial years, which will increase upto 8-9 LPA in the next few years.

4.      Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

High Net worth investors with high risk-taking capacity need PMS. Investment companies hire professionals with good knowledge of the stock market. The portfolio managers are responsible for investing the money of their clients in shares and other securities. The portfolio manager offers excellent compensations. To be a professional portfolio manager, you must gain 5-6 years of experience in the stock market. You can be a portfolio manager after the completion of your graduation in any financial courses. A significant experience in equity investment will help you to be a well known Portfolio Manager. 

The Last Word

Indian stock market is in the growing phase. Earlier, only the industrialists or rich people used to invest in the stock market, but now the middle-class man also loves to take the risk of investing in shares. The more investors signify, the more career options in the stock market. So if you have a commerce background or you want to work in the stock market, it is time to make your career in it. You can always write to us for any other query related to career options in the Indian stock market.

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