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If you are passionate about Dancing but consider it only a hobby, we have exciting news for you. You can have a full-fledged career in dance. Those who believe that a career in dance is a short-term career opportunity are wrong. Career in dancing can give you much more than what you are expecting from a 9 to5 job.

Dance has been a part of Indian tradition and lifestyle. We have gracious classical dance forms, and we have also adopted western dance forms. But the irony is most of the dancers don’t think to have a career in dancing. However, the pressure to earn well and get a stable job kills an artist. But now things have changed, and dancers can have their career in dancing. Firstly, you will have to enroll in dancing courses to have a career in dance. Let us know how you can build a career in this art form;

Career in Dance

In India, dance is an ancient art form and a career option too. However, it wasn’t considered a decent option in the old-time. But now, it has both reputation and acceptance. Those who are passionate about dancing now can have a career in this field. People are scared to pick dancing as their profession because they don’t know many things related dancing career. So, first, let us discuss if dancing is a good career option or not;

Is Career in Dancing a Good Option?

Dance is a wonderful art form that involves sharp expressions and nice moves. It is present in all cultures around the world. Therefore it is known as the oldest art. Dancing is mainly performed for entertainment purposes. So the career in dancing is related to this field only in theaters, movies, and other kinds of entertainment mediums. Dancing is a creative career option, so make it a career choice only if you are truly passionate about it. You will also need plenty of patience to wait for your career to flourish in the dancing field. To have a career in dancing, you can learn any classical, folk or international dance. Now, let’s focus on the career options available in dancing;

Dance Teacher

You can start your career as a dance teacher. To be a dance teacher, you must have very good dancing skills, patience and a desire to teach others. Then, you can have your institute where you can teach kids and youngsters some dancing moves or offer your services to any dancing school.


A choreographer is required to assist the performers in a dance sequence. Its a high paying job that has a name and fame too. So, to be one, you will have to have very good dancing skills and creativity. A choreographer works in movies, television serials, stage performances and even in marriages also.


You can also be a performer as a good dance performer is always in demand. A good dancer has sharp moves, a good appearance and fine expressions. But one thing you will have to develop is confidence. So, if you are confident and know your art, be a performer.

Career in Dancing – Scope

When you think of having a career in the field, get ready for lots of hard work and patience. As we stated above that dancing is connected with the entertainment field, and India is a country that celebrates everything. So career scope is good in dancing. You have three career options to kick start your career in dancing. However, many other career options are also connected with dancing.

Now, let us talk about stability, then work always available for talented people. The salary depends on your skills and the place where you are working. The film industry offers the best remuneration to choreographers and dancers. You will have to work on your confidence, presence, and soft skills to be a dancer. A strong and big network can help you to be popular in any field related to dance.

How to Become a Dancer?

So, if you are passionate about dancer and think it’s the best career option for you, then put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a real struggle. A good dancer knows about various dance styles. So you must enroll in a dancing course to know more about dancing and the origin of different styles.

Dancing courses in India can be divided into three categories; Classical, Modern and Fitness. In addition, most of the schools have started to offer formal dance education to the students. So, the earlier you start a formal dance education, the better chances you will get to have a career in dancing.

Post-school formal dance education is not compulsory to have a career in dance. You get practical knowledge of different dancing styles. Dance education makes you think of some creative steps that can enhance the beauty of performance without running the dance form. You can have a UG or PG degree in Fine Arts program in dancing. Various Indian universities provide dance courses to interested students after 10+2. Here have a look at the courses and eligibility to get admission in Dance College;

Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission in Dance Courses

The eligibility criteria for admission in dance courses vary for a degree, diploma, and certification courses. If you want admission to a dance course after the 12th, the UG course will suit you the most. To get admission in the course, you must have cleared 12th in any stream.

To get admission in the PG course, it’s a must that the student is a graduate, preferably in dance. After the PG course in dancing, the students can also go for a Ph.D. under the supervision of an experienced lecturer.

If you want to go for short-term courses, you will have various diploma and certification courses. In addition, many private institutes run by famous choreographers offer courses to the students with the practical and theoretical knowledge of dance and its different forms. There are no minimum education criteria to get admission to these institutes.

Courses in Dancing

Here have a look at the available courses in dancing;

UG Courses:

After 12th, you can get admission to the following dancing courses;

  • BFA in Dance
  • BFA in dancer and performing Arts
  • BA in Dance, BA in Dance and Movement Arts

PG Courses: 

After graduation Degree in any stream, you can enroll in any of the following courses;

  • MFA in Dance
  • MFA in dancer and performing Arts
  • MA in Dance
  • MA in Choreographic Inquiry
  • MA in Teaching Dance
  • M.Ed in Dance Education

Diploma Courses:

If you want to get enrolled in short term courses, then any one of the following diploma courses is the best for you;

  • Diploma Course in Dance
  • Short term Diploma in Dance Education
  • Diploma Course in Dance Performing Arts
  • Diploma in Fine Arts (Dance)

Students can also get admission to private dance academies run by professional dancers and choreographers.

How to Get Admission in Dancing Courses

You will have to contact the university or institute to get admission in UG, PG or Diploma course in dancing. However, most universities invite online admission applications. That makes the complete admission process easy. Its better to keep checking the university’s website frequently to know the admission date in the dancing course.

A few institutes offer admission based on the candidates’ marks in 12th, and few other universities arrange the entrance exam. Here are the top five colleges to get admission in degree courses in dance;

  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Rabindra Bharti University
  • TAFT
  • University of Mumbai


Dancing is a good career option that offers name, fame and money. So if you admire the art of dance and big names in choreography are your career ideal, and you too want to be like them, it is the time to shine.

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