Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode-3 Questions and Answers

KBC 11 questions and answers

The third episode of the popular quiz game show Kaun Banega Crorepati,
kbc season 11 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, was aired on August 21, 2019. The game started with contestant Saroj Sisodia from Rajasthan, who managed to win 6,40,000 INR.

She got confused about the 13th question which forced her to quit the game. After her, the new contestant on the hot seat to play Kaun Banega Crorepati was Ravi Jain from Uttar Pradesh. Ravi Jain ended up winning just 10,000 INR. A new contestant will be seen on the hot seat today, August 22, 2019.

Those who missed the KBC Season 11 Episode-3 can find all the questions and answers from the show here. Put your GK at the test and trying answering these honestly without looking at answers. You may be one of the contestants in the next season, stay lucky!

Question 1: Which of these is a common type of Yogasana?

A. Asanol
B. Shavasana
C. Sushasan
D. Akarshan

Question 2: By definition, a botanist is mainly concerned with what?

A. Boats
B. Robots
C. Plants
D. Bottles

Question 3: Which of these ingredients is not traditionally used in making the offering called “Panchamrit” or “Five Nectar’s”?

A. Ghee
B. Milk
C. Honey
D. Sooji

Question 4: Giraffe is a native to which continent?

A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Antartica
D. South America

Question 5: In the Ramayana, Meghnad and Akshyakumara were sons of which queen?

A. Ruma
B. Sulochana
C. Mandodari
D. Amritaprabha

Question 6: Which of the follow is not a “giri durg” or a “hill fort”?

A. Kumbhalgarh
B. Nahargarh
C. Mehrangarh
D. Junagarh

Question 7: In the Mahabharata, which of Bhim’s wives was the mother of Ghatotkach?

A. Draupadi
B. Hidimba
C. Balandhara
D. Kali

Question 8: Who was the only cricketer to be awarded the Arjuna Award for the year 2018?

A. Smriti Mandhana
B. Mithali Raj
C. Harmanpreet Kaur
D. Jhulan Gowasmi

Question 9: Who is the author of the Hindi poetic work “Hunkar” and “Urvashi”?

A. Maithali Sharan Gupt
B. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
C. Bhartendu Harishchandra
D. Makhanlal Chaturvedi

Question 10: Which of these playing cards typically has the highest value?

A. Ghulam
B. Badshah
C. Rani
D. Nahla

Question 11: Which letter is pre-fixed to the word “commerce” to describe businesses like Flipkart?

A. a
B. i
C. e
D. u

Question 12: Which of these names means the “colour red” or “red coloured”?

A. Rohit
B. Hardik
C. Vijay
D. Shikhar

Question 13: On which real-life case is the Netflix web series “Delhi Crime” based?

A. Nirbhaya case
B. Nithari case
C. Arushi case
D. Jessica lal case

Question 14: After the success of Operation Vijay, what is 26 July celebrated as?

A. Flag Day
B. International Human Rights Day
C. Shaheed Diwas
D. Kargil Vijay Diwas

Question 15: Who won his 12th French Open men’s singles title in 2019?

A. Roger Fredrer
B. Rafael Nadal
C. Dominic Thiem
D. Noval Djokovic


Answer 1: B – Shavasana
Shavasana, Savasana or Corpse Pose is one of the simplest yoga asanas that to kill all that stress, anxiety and depression. 

Answer 2: C – Plants
Botany is the study of plant and Botanists are scientists who study plants, including flowering plants, and plant-like things such as seaweed and moss. 

Answer 3:
D – Sooji

Panchamrita or Charnamrit is a mixture of five foods used in Hindu worship and puja, mostly in North India, usually includes cow milk, honey, liquid jaggery, ghee and yoghurt.

Answer 4:
B – Africa

Giraffe is native to African Continent, it is native to many African countries, including Niger, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Chad, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and Angola. 

Answer 5:
C – Mandodari

In Ramayana, Ravan had 7 sons, they were Indrajit (Meghanada) Atikaya, Akshay Kumar, Narantak, Devantaka, Trishira, Prahstha. Mandodari bears three sons, they are Meghanada (eldest), Atikaya, and Akshayakumara. 

Answer 6:
D – Junagarh

The Junagarh Fort is the most famous fort in Bikaner, Rajasthan by
constructed by Raja Rai Singh.

Answer 7: B – Hidimba

Answer 8:
A – Smriti Mandhana

Cricketer Smriti Mandhana received the Arjuna Award 2018
given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

Answer 9:
B – Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

“Hunkar” and “Urvashi” are the popular poetic work of one of the most prominent Hindi poet, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar.

Answer 10:
B – Badshah

Answer 11:
C – e

Businesses like Flipkart and Amazon are known as eCommerce. Such businesses are indulged in buying and selling of good online.

Answer 12: A – Rohit

Answer 13:
A – Nirbhaya Case

Answer 14: 
D – Kargil Vijay Diwas
Named after the successful Operation Vijay, Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated in India on 26 July. On this date in the year 1999, India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistan.

Answer 15: B – Rafael Nadal
Two-time defending champion Rafael Nadal won his 12th French Open men’s singles title in 2019 by defeating Dominic Thiem.

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