Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 10 Episode 2 Questions and Answers

KBC 10 Q & A

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is one of the most loved Indian television quiz show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Those who dream of sitting on hot seat and meeting Mr. Bachchan. You need to prepare for it well. KBC Season 12 is finalizing the candidates.

Here we bring you the questions and answers from KBC season 10 episode 2. KBC questions for all episode of season 10 will be uploaded soon. By visiting the KBC Questions & Answers section on the website, you can easily get all the KBC questions and answers for season 11 of the show.

Test your KBC skills here:

KBC Questions for Episode 2 Season 10

Question 1: Which Indian state had India’s first Muslim woman chief minister?

A. Kerala

B. Jammu & Kashmir

C. Goa

D. Assam

Question 2: Which of these is the name of a zodiac sign as well as a National Award winning Hindi film actor?

A. Mesh

B. Dhanu

C. Mithun

D. Kumbh

Question 3: In the abbreviation PNR, used while issuing rail or air tickets, what does R stand for?

A. Reservation

B. Record

C. Registration

D. Recognition

Question 4: Which of these creatures is scientifically not classified as fish?

A. Rohu

B. Katia

C. Hilsa

D. Jhinga

Question 5: Which is the only one of these which comes in different sizes called mini, micro and nano?

A. Trucks

B. Credit Cards

C. Cars

D. SIM Cards

Question 6: Which global retailer bought 77% of Flipkart for over 16 billion US dollars in 2018?

A. Amazon

B. Rakuten

C. Walmart

D. Tesco

Question 7: In February 2017, ISRO created a world record by launching how many satellites through a single rocket?

A. 34

B. 96

C. 104

D. 154

Question 8: Which is the largest joint in the human body?

A. Elbow

B. Hip

C. Knee

D. Shoulder

Question 9: Who among the following mythological figures got his name because of his ability to move his chariot in all directions?

A. Adhiratha

B. Dasharatha

C. Jayadratha

D. Partha

KBC Season 10 Episode 2 Answers

Check the correct answers for the KBC questions here and share your score in the comments below. If you questions and answers for other KBC episode, let us know through comments.

Answer 1: D. Assam
Answer 2: C. Mithun
Answer 3: B. Record
Answer 4: D. Jhinga
Answer 5: D. SIM Cards
Answer 6: C. Walmart
Answer 7: C. 104
Answer 8: C. Knee
Answer 9: B. Dasharatha

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