Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 9 Episode 7 & 8 Questions & Answers

KBC questions answers

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 9 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan where general knowledge questions were asked to the contestants. Here we have listed all the KBC 9 questions and answers from episode 7 and 8. By giving a try to these KBC questions, you can prepare yourself for the next KBC season 12. Know the type of questions asked by Amitabh Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati.

These general knowledge questions asked in KBC season 9 will prove helpful in various Competitive Examinations and Interviews. There might be some questions that were according to that time and might differ now.

KBC Season 9 Episode 7 Questions

Question 1: What kind of creature was Bakasur, whom Kansa sent to kill Sri Krishna in his childhood?
A. Bird
B. Snake
C. Lizard
D. Deer
Question 2: Which is the second most spoken language of Nepal?
A. Bajjika
B. Nepali
C. Maithili
D. Bhojpuri
Question 3: Who are the only married couple elected to the 16th Lok Sabha?
A. Prakash-Brinda Karat
B. Pappu Yadav-Ranjeet Ranjan
C. Priya Ranjan-Deepa Dasmunshi
D. Sukhbir Singh-Harshimrat Kaur Badal
Question 4: Which of these stages is one of the four stages of human life in ancient Indian tradition?
A. Dronacharya
B. Brahmacharya
C. Vasudevacharya
D. Kripacharya
Question 5: In which of these two sports is the term ‘free hit’ used?
A. Football, Squash
B. Badminton, Tennis
C. Badminton, Cricket
D. Hockey, Cricket
Question 6: Which airport in Maharashtra is named after Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar?
A. Pune
B. Nagpur
C. Aurangabad
D. Solapur
Question 7: Which of these snakes is not poisonous?
A. Cobra
B. Krait
C. Viper
D. Python
Question 8: What color is the cartoon character “Minius”?
A. Black
B. Yellow
C. Green
D. Pink
Question 9: What is the name of both a variety of tea and a hill station?
A. Shimla
B. Darjeeling
C. Mussorie
D. Dalhousie
Question 10: Which of the following is a word used in Arabic for a writer?
A. Munshi
B. Nirala
C. Mirza
D. Gulzar

KBC Season 9 Episode 8 Questions

Question 1: Which animal was declared a national heritage animal by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India in 2010?
A. Elephant
B. Rhinoceros
C. Blackbuck
D. Tiger
Question 2: Which of these can be generally found in cones, cups and bar varieties?
A. Cake
B. Samosa
C. Pizza
D. Ice cream
Question 3: Which of the following is the title of a film made in 2018 starring Rani Mukerji?
A. Khansi
B. Dakaar
C. Hichki
D. Hansi
Question 4: Who was the author of “Varna-Paricha”, which is still considered to be the first book for children to learn the Bengali alphabet?
A. Rabindranath Tagore
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Sharat Chandra Chatterjee
D. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Question 5: According to “The Arabian Nights”, which of the following appears when Aladdin rubs a magic lamp?
A. Dracula
B. Yeti
C. Genie
D. Werewolf
Question 6: Which of these Gods and Goddesses were incarnated as Mohini?
A. Vishnu
B. Shiv
C. Parvati
D. Laxmi
Question 7: Which pair of these celebrities, and the constituency from which they contested 2019 Lok Sabha elections, is correct?
A. MM Chakravati, Jadavpur
B. Hema Malini, Rampur
C. Urmila Mantodkar, Mumbai South
D. Nusrat Jaha, Asansol
Question 8: Which of these mountains has two sub peaks, of which the eastern peak is known as “Sunanda”?
A. Kedarnath
B. Panchachuli
C. Kamet
D. Nanda Devi
Question 9: Nandita Das has directed a film based on the life of which of these authors?
A. Khushwant Singh
B. Amrita Pritam
C. Saadat Hassan Manto
D. Ismat Chugtai
Question 10: Which holiday falls on the second day of the tenth month of India calendar year?
A. Independence Day
B. Republic Day
C. Gandhi Jayanti
D. Buddha Purnima

KBC Season 9 Episode 7 Answers 

Answer 1: A. Bird
Answer 2: C. Maithili
Answer 3: B. Pappu Yadav-Ranjeet Ranjan
Answer 4: B. Brahmacharya
Answer 5: D. Hockey, Cricket
Answer 6: B. Nagpur
Answer 7: D. Python
Answer 8: B. Yellow
Answer 9: B. Darjeeling
Answer 10: A. Munshi

KBC Season 9 Episode 8 Answers 

Answer 1: A. Elephant
Answer 2: D. Ice cream
Answer 3: C. Hichki
Answer 4: B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
Answer 5: C. Genie
Answer 6: A. Vishnu
Answer 7: A. MM Chakravati, Jadavpur
Answer 8: D. Nanda Devi
Answer 9: D. Ismat Chugtai
Answer 10: C. Gandhi Jayanti

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