iPhone: Evolution of the Modern Day Apple


iPhone is a line of smart phones invented and marketed by Apple Inc. It is considered to be one of path breaking inventions in the 21st century. It was launched in the year 2007 and 13 years hence it becomes the most purchased and sold mobile phone brand in the world. Apple also launched many other mobile devices as well as laptop accessories over the years.

Over the ears Apple has launched 13 versions of the smart phones and has improved its operations by leaps and bounds. Along with the 13 new smart phones the company has also released 13 different versions of their operating system iOS.

History of the Apple iPhone

June 29th is significant in the history of technological advancements in the world. Months after announcing its release the then CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs launched the first generation iPhone on this day. On this day, Apple launched its first smart phone iPhone in the year 2007. Each of the 13 versions of the smart phones that were launched ever since had a specific unique feature. All these phones can make calls, send messages, take pictures and videos, browse the internet, play music etc. The subsequent versions of the phone have some game changing properties. As discussed in the website the unique features of each version are:

  • The first generation iPhone was described as revolutionary in the mobile phone industry. It was the very first phone to come with an internet connection and a camera. It could only handle 128mb and camera was 2.0 megapixels.
  • iPhone 3G was the next version. It was more or less similar to the first one but it could access 3G internet connection which meant seamless internet connection.
  • The next version was iPhone 3GS which came with 32 GB internal storage. The camera was upgrade to 3Mp and an App store was also launched. It changed the entire course of events for the iPhone.
  • iPhone 4 was launched in the year 2010 and was the first phone in the world to have a front facing camera. This feature made way for the groundbreaking photo clicking technique called the “Selfi”. It could handle 52 MB memory but still 32GB was the maximum storage.
  • The next version was called iPhone 4S which came with a drastic change in the photo clarity. The camera came with 8Mp camera which changed from 5mp of the iPhone 4 version. With this version the storage of the phone was increased from 32 GB to 64 GB. However its memory was kept at 512 MB on. It also came with a voice assistant called Siri. This version of the iPhone was the most sold phone at that time. It sold 4 million pieces in the first week itself.
  • iPhone 5 version had the biggest screen by then nearly 4 inches. The storage was left unchanged but the memory was improved to whooping 1 GB. iPhone introduced its first LTE connectivity. This improved the internet connectivity drastically. 5 million units of this version were sold in the first week itself.
  • The next versions of smart phones were iPhone 5S and 5C. The iPhone 5C version an affordable variant ad had a plastic shell. Apart from this most of the features of the previous version were left unchanged. However iPhone 5S was introduced with many changes. It came with dual flash, slow motion video.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone6S were launched in the year 2014. The major change that was bought about in these versions especially the 6S one was the size of the screen. HD display was introduced and 148 GB store was made available.
  • The next version was called iPhone 6s plus with came with significant changes. The camera was changed from 8Mp to 12 Mp. The memory was increased from 1 GB to 2 GB.
  •  iPhone 7 and 7 plus were introduced in the year 2016. These versions came with storage of 256 GB from 32GB of the previous version. The iPhone7 plus version was quite a hit owing to it’s improve picture zoom quality. The Apple company has introduced ear pods which are wireless and the company also announced that it was eliminating its headphone jack.
  •  iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were introduced in the year 2017. This version also came with wireless charging and the company slowly made the user get rid of headphone jack.
  • The next versions were the iPhone X and its sub variants like iPhone XS and XS Max. Completely skipping the 9th version iPhone has launched it X version. These versions of the iPhone came with better photo clarity and portrait mode front camera.
  • The next popular iPhone version was iPhone 11 which was the least expensive of the company’s annual line. It came in different colours and most interesting feature of this version was second camera at the back with 12 Mp. It also has wide and ultra wide lenses.
  •  iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the latest versions launched in the year 2019. These versions came with 3 cameras at the behind with 12 Mp HDR camera lenses. iPhone 11 Max Pro is the most expensive version till date. The size of the phone is the only difference between both the versions.

The Bottom Line

After all these years of continuous innovation and exploration in the mobile phone technology Apple has coma long way in revolutionising technology. It has condensed every aspect of life and logistics in life to a palm size gadget. The other gadgets of Apple like the Mac Book, iPad, iWatch etc have been path breaking in their own market and fields.

Many other technological companies in this field take cues from the versions of iPhone. The company also is known for its security and safety features. It is almost impossible to hack and steal data from an iPhone. All these innovations and development have made Apple the most profitable company in the whole world.

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