iPhone vs Android Phone

Android vs iPhone

Buying a smartphone is one of the most difficult choices to make in today’s technology-savvy world. It becomes even harder if you have to choose between Android and iPhone. Picking one isn’t easy, as both offer great features and above all, both are smartphones that are widely used.

However, there are differences that you need to know, when you have to pick one – iPhone v Android. Let’s do a comparison of iPhone vs Android phone, read on to know what to look when making a choice.

Android vs iPhone: Hardware

  • Hardware is the soul of a smartphone and this little thing of importance will help you make a choice between iPhone and Androids.
  • iPhones are only developed by Apple, while Android software is available to many phone-makers, some of the big names include Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola etc. And this is the reason why Android phones are available at different prices, sizes, qualities and features.
  • Now when you are buying an iPhone, you need to pick only a model of your choice, on the other hand, with Android phones, you need to pick a brand along with the model.
  • Above all, not all android phones can compete with iPhone in features and quality, however the models that are priced higher can be as good as an iPhone.
  • Both iPhone and Androids could give hardware issues, but the problem is more common in Androids. So the ball is in your court, what do you like to buy, variety or quality!

Android vs iPhone: Compatibility of OS

  • With iPhones, you always have the latest version of operating system, on the other side Android providers are usually slow at updating their OS to the latest version. Even if we talk about the support offered to older versions of OS, we find iPhone a clear winner.
  • So, if you are a true technology lover and want your smartphone to work with the latest OS with no hurdles, iPhone is your calling.

Android vs iPhone: Security

  • If security of your smartphone is a matter of concern for you, than iPhone is unbeatable. And the why’s are- most of the viruses, malware etc. attack Androids, less or no cases reported for iPhone yet. However, iPhone is not immune from such malware, it is just that the being an open platform makes Android face it on a much higher level.
  • Above all, the statement from Sundar Pichai “We can not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom. When they talk about 90% of malware for Android, they must of course take into account the fact that it is the most used operating system in the world. If I had a company dedicated to malware, I should also be addressing my attacks on Android.” helps you make a choice.

Android vs iPhone: Support

When your smartphone does not work well, you need a support from the manufacturer.

  • In case of Android, you get support from the phone company from which you bought the phone, from manufacturer as well as people choose the retail shop from where they purchase the phone. On the other hand, when any malfunction in reported in your iPhone, you need to take it to the Apple Store near you, where a trained specialist takes care of the issue.
  • Android comes with multiple support options, some of which are hard to trust, so iPhone is unquestionably a winner here.

Android vs iPhone: Battery Life

  • We are living in a busy world, where our phone is more like our personal assistant. So, battery life is a critical factor in making a choice. As Androids and iPhone differ in terms of hardware, it’s hard to compare them on battery life, but let us give it a try to help you choose one after iPhone v Android comparison.
  • iOS is well optimized to make the most of the battery per mAh rating, on the other hand the situation is complex with Androids due to the wide variety of hardware and models. But yes, you can buy Android devices with ultra-high capacity batteries that work longer than iPhone on a single charge. So, here Android wins over iPhone!

vs iAndroid vs iPhone: Peripheral Compatibility

  • You get the widest choice of accessories with Android phones because of the USB ports it uses. On the other hand, Apple uses its proprietary Lightning port o connect with other devices.
  • Androids are a step up when it comes to peripheral comparability, as Android users do have to limit their choices.

iPhone vs Android: Screen Size

  • In the world of iPhones, iPhone X with 5.8-inch screen is the biggest screen size you can buy. On the other hand, Android phones come in a variety of screen sizes, that you can buy as per your need.
  • If you want a smartphone with bigger screen size, go for Android phone.

Android vs iPhone: Selection of Apps

  • The number of apps offered by App Store less than the Google Play. Apple has strict policies for apps, while Google Play is flexible.
  • App Store offers less apps but cares more about security, where on the other hand the Google Play, has even seen a fake version of Whatsapp downloaded by millions of people.

Android vs iPhone: Voice Assistant

  • Voice interfaces and Artificial Intelligence is the new world of mobile. Google Assistant on Android is the most prominent intelligence voice assistant that the world has seen. It is exceptionally powerful, it know everything that Google knows, and none knows better than what Google knows.
  • Apple’s intelligent voice assistant Siri is limited to simple tasks, but Google Assistant is ready to handle complex tasks. The bad news is that Siri can handle simple tasks and the good news is that Google Assistant is also for iPhone now.

Android vs iPhone: User Experience

  • Both Android phone and iPhone have their own sets of good and bad when it comes to user experience. Where customization is limited with Apple, on the other end Android is super flexible. However, iPhone sticks to high-quality, security and balance; whereas Android offers the seamless customization which might also mean inviting potential risks.

It’s a tie between quality and flexibility, the choice is yours!

iPhone vs Android: Resale Value

  • With the growing smartphone market, you get to know a new phone launched every day. This makes you move to the upgraded one by reselling the old and putting the money towards the new buy.
  • In the race of re-sale value, iPhone is a clear winner, as the re-sale value of iPhone is more than Androids. The variety and multiple brands offering Androids is a reason that reduces its resale value.

Android vs iPhone: Cost

  • Cost is definitely a concern for most of the smartphone users, if it isn’t a bar for you, iPhone is your choice. But the flexibility of phone choice with cost is offered by Android, you get from the cheapest to the costliest. On the other hand, the cheapest iPhone is also costly for many.
  • The average cost of an Android phone is less than an iPhone. So, Android gets a point here.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the choice stays with you, so you check the above comparison and make a choice. If battery life, variety, cost and screen size is a matter for concern, Android is your calling. If security and support is your priority, you got to choose none other than iPhone. Both iOS and Android are widely used feature-packed platforms, they have differences but the similarities are more, and we love both.

If you are buying a new smartphone, this iPhone vs Android phone comparison will help. Let us know what is your choice? Tell us in the comments below.

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